AP: 30

Crowns: 5456

black bg.png

Strength:  4

Speed:  6

Defense:  5

Energy:  15


Name:  Korali Mitore

Age:  Unknown

Species:  Unknown

Height:  Unknown

Appearance:  Refer to pic.

Apparel:  Varies

Hometown:  Off-World

Character Skills

Star Saber 

Conjures a sword that floats in the air and is controlled with her mind, cant move more than 2 meters away from her at any time. Costs 1 ENR.

Silence darts 

Conjures a dart that upon hitting the target inflicts silence for 3 posts. Costs 1 ENR.


Triples the amount of Gravity in a 40 foot area for 3 posts. Physical abilities and defense check require +1 ENR more than normal. Speed is hindered by -1. Costs 3 ENR.

Ultimate - Starlight 

Korali conjures antimatter into her palm, and fires it at her target. The resulting explosion removes matter inside of the blast radius from existence, which measures 20 feet in diameter, the epicenter being where the star touches. People caught in the blast suffer from non elemental damage to themselves and special items. Costs 10 ENR.

Special Items

Star ring (Green) 

Replenishes 1 ENR every post.

Star ring (Red) 

Creates a barrier 1 meter around Korali that adds 1 to defense

Star Earrings 

When one is given to another person, allows Korali to telepathically communicate with them no matter the distance or obstacle, as long as both are wearing one at the same time

In life, the monarch of a kingdom, the throne assumed by wit and force. Her death, or what they, including herself, thought of as death, was the last vestige of their external war. Their enslavement broken, she passed into history and fable, the first of her line. Her kingdom has been dust for many years, wiped from the realm by machinations unseen or heard of by her. She had accepted her small existence in the afterlife, until one day she was pulled from it. Forced into corporeal form once more, she awakened in her long forgotten crypt after so long being gone. Staggering from her resting place, she had to learn again what it meant to be alive. Hair of silver sparkled like starlight, grown so long after her death, her body clad in the regal attire it had been buried in. It had tken a few hours before she had the courage to stand upon legs that she vaguely remembered how to use. Stalking through her crypt, passing the long dead bodies of her children, grandchildren and so on, Korali came to the exit of her tomb, the stone door long shut after so many years of unuse. Her hand lifted, a star formed in her palm, miniscule and twinkling in the rank darkness of the crypt. Sending it forth, it exploded in a blinding ball of white light. The door was gone. and in its place a perfectly circular crater, looking as if it had been layered in glass. She fell to her knees as pain slammed through her head, rendering her helpless for a few moments. Such power she had commanded in life, and now this small use was painful...so painful to even conjure. She left her tomb to explore and discover, to find out what remained of her home, and more importantly: to find out why she was alive again.