AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  0

Speed:  10

Defense:  0

Energy:  20


Name:  Konohana

Age:  Unknown

Species:  Phantasm

Height:  Variable

Appearance:  Pale skin, white hair, red eyes that turn violet when aroused and a purple tongue. Teeth are pointed and she usually has a smirk or grin of some kind on her face.

Apparel:   Scanty white frilly dress with matching choker.

Hometown:  Unknown

Character Skills

12 Inch Appendage 

[-1 ENR] One of Konohana's main forms of attack, her absurdly long purple tongue secretes a sticky substance that upon contact with skin will numb the affected area. After two rounds, not washing the affected area will result in numbness of the appendage she licked, blocking use of the appendage for 2 rounds until the effect wears off. Outside of combat, she tends to lick people in areas such as the face or neck, which can result in one or more of the following: temporary paralysis, nausea, arousal, being creeped out or fainting, depending on the individual's constitution and disposition. Successfully licking someone tells her what kind of energy they use, of any at all.

Ravenous Hunger 

[Variable ENR requirement, minimum of -2] Konohana physically consumes ENR attacks like a vacuum. Being unable to match the ENR input of the attack forces her immaterial for 3 rounds. Matching the attack ENR cancels out the effect and gives Konohana 1/4 of the ENR of the attack back to her. Exceeding the attack input absorbs the attack, and gives her half of the input used. Konohana is uniquely capable of absorbing literally any type of energy directed at her, be it telepathic, Eldritch, Corrupted, Holy, Dark, etc. No matter how exotic, she can eat it, and even has a preference, as each has a different flavor. She cannot utilize the energy except as a means to feed herself. She can use this ability to dissipate ENR defenses that cannot match her input.

Ephemeral Whisper 

[Variable ENR requirement, minimum of -1.] Konohana's unique existence allows her to solidify and become immaterial at will. While her lack of weight does not allow her to physically attack, it also means that when she is immaterial, she can not be harmed by any means, except for ENR attacks that can exceed her absorption. Konohana must solidify to interact with anything in Tiberia, and she can pass through any barrier that does not have an ENR requirement, but must match or surpass the ENR requirement of ENR defenses. Landing a hit on Konohana while solid merely dissipates her, forcing her to go immaterial for 1 round. Landing a hit on her with an ENR attack while immaterial forces her to exit the battle for 4 rounds.

Bedroom Eyes/Seductive Laugh 

[Variable, -1 ENR minimum] Konohana's eyes glow with an alluring light. Enemies that look her in the eye must match her ENR input to avoid this attack. Enemies have a moment to turn around to avoid the gaze. Once entranced by her gaze, and if the target can not match her ENR input, half of the target's active ENR pool is erased as if it had been used. If Seductive Laugh is used instead, Konohana's laugh reverberates out 10 meters like a wave, and if the target can not match her ENR input, then ENR abilities are sealed for 2 rounds. Seductive laugh makes the ears tingle of all who are about to hear it, and Characters may initially avoid this attack by covering their ears. Bedroom Eyes and Seductive Laugh can not be used in tandem, or within 3 rounds of each other. 3 post cooldown for both.

Special Items

Crown of the Phantasm Queen 

The symbol of her authority as the Phantasm Queen, this object acts like an extension of her body. It tethers Konohana to phantasms, spirits, ghosts and other immaterial forms, drawing energy off of them when needed. It allows her to tether to living beings that allow it, enabling her to appear at their side with a mental call. +1 ENR per round. When activated, gifts Konohana with 3 additional ENR, but it can only be used once per battle.

Victoria's Secret Compartment 

Hidden in Konohana's volumnous cleavage is a small sigil which allows her to store items inside of her own personal hammerspace. Items smaller than a foot square can be stacked up to 4. Anything larger, up to 10'x10', to include people, has a maximum of two. Magical items and complex machines may be stored as there is no weight limit as long as they meet the size requirement, for a total of six items at a time. There is air for living beings to breathe.

Ruby Choker 

When activated, utilizes a variable amount of energy to prevent Konohana from being fooled or tricked by illusions of any kind. Passive acts as a soul finder, enabling her to see individuals within 20 meters of her by an aura.

Queen of the Phantasm, Konohana is an energistic being not unlike a ghost. Lascivious, devious and mischievous, she has come to Tiberia to watch over a certain individual, and to feast. Phantasms can cross the dimensional boundary between their homeworld and Tiberia at will, and they feed on energy of all kinds. Considered a Null or an Absorber, a Phantasm can devour any energy type imaginable. They love haunting cemetariesand battlefields, and are responsible for a large majority of ghost sightings in Tiberia. What you may have thought was the ghost of a fallen loved one may have actually been a Phantasm tricking you.

Konohana is their current Queen, and has been for a very, very long time. Significantly larger and more humanoid than the spherical, grinning ghosts of her people, she generally only appeared in Tiberia after a massive battle, or when a particularly powerful being had died to feast on the energy. Now that a certain Dragon Goddess has coerced her there for a purpose other than feeding, the Phantasm Queen has no problem very loosely translating her instructions so she can enact her tricky little schemes for a bit of easy fun at the expense of others.