AP: 30

Crowns: 0


black bg.png

Strength:  5

Speed:  10

Defense:  0

Energy:  15


Name:  Kiero Itsukara | Mr. Vali

Age:  22

Species:  Human, Enhanced.

Height:  5'10"

Appearance:  The young man is an athletically slender individual with white, wispy hair and normally dark brown irises. At 5'10", he is a human turned Enhanced, resulting in the appearance of a red glow to his gaze when his abilities are in use. Outside of this, he is tan-skinned and jewelry-clad, with three piercings on either ear and a septum piercing.

Though not usually seen due to the bandages around his neck and the long sleeves of his arms, the young man has several scars of a few different causes, the more prominent and unappealing ones being the oldest. His face and chest have minor scars and discoloration due to a variety of combat scenarios he has placed himself in.

Apparel:  Donning rather outgoing attire, the lad sticks to a brown-black color scheme most often than not.

Wearing a brown leather coat concealing metal plates on either side of the zipper and down the back, he pairs this with a simple black t-shirt, black jeans, and brown steel-toed boots. It is a simple attire most suitable to his powers and preferred vacation stays.

But around his neck, he keeps bandages wrapped over an old scar, and a black diamond necklace hanging over it. If he is seen armed, it is most usually with a singular sword or long knife of some making.

Hometown:  Kazine Island

Character Skills

Kazine’s Vali [Active] 

Referencing his people’s culture, a Vali is a claimed vessel of the lightning goddess Kazine. Specifically, this is the result of an extremely high affinity to electricity. Skilled users like Kiero can show the complete mastery of the electricity manipulation by creating, shaping and manipulating voltage to extreme extents.

Whether summoning lightning storms, manifesting electric constructs en masse, generating and influencing electromagnetic fields, or energizing his own body on a molecular level, he is a well-versed in his affinity. This ability has a minimum cost of 1 ENR, which is subject to increase depending on the complexity and exertion of techniques.

Pure Magnetism [Active] 

Utilizing his body as a base, this user is able to generate and manipulate minor magnetic fields at will. In doing so, he can attract or repel metallic objects or living creatures within a range of [20 meters] at varying levels of success, depending on their size, velocity, or potential obstructions.

[Cost: -1 ENR/Single Use on Targets Sized 1.5 Meters. Cool-down: 1-2 Posts.]

Charged Arsenal [Active] 

Whether from ambient electrical energy or his own reserve, the user is able to generate bright weapons capable of energized destruction. Be it a bow and some arrows to bullets of concentrated energy, blades of lightning with no real edge but heat powerful enough to melt through many metals and anything weaker, to even whips that could both bind and electrocute targets at his whim, he can manifest simple weaponry for offensive tactics. Defensively, he can generate shields or armor plates of electricity, but these only deflect objects conducive of electricity or capable of being affected by magnetism.

[Cost: -1 ENR/5 Constructs. Cool-down: 3 Posts/5 Constructs.]

Drum from Above [Active] 

A technique used to empower physical attacks with concussive shock-waves. This is a mode that sacrifices his sight and hearing for the thunderous roar of lightning. His attacks, i.e. punches, kicks, lightning bolts, would now be accompanied by a powerful shock-wave more than capable of bypassing certain physical defenses to deal rupturing damage and temporarily eliminate a target's hearing and sense of stability.

[Cost: -1 ENR/Post. Cool-down: 2 Posts/5 Uses.]

Boundless [Active] 

A special phase this user enters when he gives in to bloodthirsty urges. Able to maintain full control of his mental state, he experiences a drastic increase in speed and power, as well as the ability to use his secondary ability to it's full potential. Signs of this mode being activated include the appearances of mystical, tribal tattoos along his entire body. (One Post Summon)

} Phase 1: (Black markings) His electrifying power itself will take on a physical form alike to that of a dragon. This is simply the embodiment of his excitement and blood-thirst, as well as an indication that he has given in to his extreme urges.
[Cost: -5 ENR. Grants: +1 STR, +1 SPD, +2 DEF. Duration: 5 Posts.]

} Phase 2: (Red markings) He will obtain the ability to draw out his electrifying ability to it's full potential, able to manipulate it in various ways and give it a solid or liquid state, as well as increase the effects of his other lightning-based powers.
[Cost: -3 ENR w/ Phase 1. Grants: +2 STR, +2 SPD, +2 DEF. Duration: +5 Posts w/ Phase 1.]

Neural Sense [Passive] 

The user is able to sense the neurological activity of any organism within about one-hundred meters of his body due to their brain being naturally attuned to the bio-electricity found in most living things (especially humans and those with similar anatomy). Anything farther than that becomes significantly harder to track.

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Special Items

The Black Diamond Necklace 

At first glance, a simple piece of jewelry. However, upon close inspection, the diamond does not shine under any source of light. Rather, it is pitch-black as it absorbs all light that shines on it, giving it a surreal appearance from afar and sparking the curiosity of countless that notice its more unusual aspects. Kiero usually wears it around his neck, but if he feels it might be particularly unsafe even for him, he pockets his prized possession and guards it with his life. As a result of this and his silence on the topic, no one quite knows how he obtained such an item or why he treasures it so.

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Like countless others, Kiero Itsukara experienced the mind-rending tragedy of his clan being decimated by Carnage forces at a young age. Though he had long since escaped their prison, the organization still has a mental and, more recently, a financial hold over him.

His decade-and-a-half since the events of his childhood were spent traveling and strengthening himself, finding a new family and unexpected love and losing all of it at once. Now, he is a powerful individual who knows far too much anger and chooses never to conceal it. With violence as his trademark, Carnage has chosen him to hunt down a particularly evasive target of theirs who fled to this foreign land.

But he hates it here. The very earth, it seems, restricts him. It cuffs and restrains his ability, suffocating his life source from the moment he stepped foot in the Kingdom of Loria.

Still, a job is a job. Even if he was tricked into doing it.