AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  10

Defense:  5

Energy:  5


Name:  Julian Nustron

Age:  42

Species:  Mutant

Height:  5'11

Character Skills

Mutant Zero 

Julian's mutant genes cause him to evolve and adapt to a situation almost instantaneously, gaining features and traits that increase his chances of survival(example, becoming fireproof in a fire, or growing gills when underwater) the change lasts until Julian survives the situation, and sometimes the changes arent always one he wants to happen. This ability is passive in the fact that it evolves him depending on the situation, however, Julian can actively use it to grow the mutation he wants. For one energy, he can gain a feature or trait for 3 posts and use it accordingly. He must consume 1 energy again if he wishes to keep the trait and 1 energy for every trait after the first.


Julian can watch and copy an action that he has seen moments before. Simple actions, such as cooking, or dancing, are almost instantly learned, harder actions like martial arts require more observing. Julian is also capable of copying and using other opponents nonmagical skills through observation. To copy, he must see the skill being used a minimum of 3 times, however, he must see it more if the skill is complex or powerful. After copying the skill, he can use it for 3 posts as if he was the owner. He may only copy one skill at a time and any buffs that come with it aren't permanent. He can permanently learn out of combat skills however through observation.

Bone control 

Julian can cause his bones to grow and sprout from his body, using them as weapons, defense, or utility. Since he can cause them to grow so quickly, he can use this ability to repair wounds to his bones, but it takes a while(depends on the severity of the wound, can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months). The bones that sprout from his body can be used as spikes or clubs and can extend as far as 10 feet from himself. The bones he uses have different effects, depending on what part of his body he is using(the skull is more round and durable, the stapes are lightweight and can conduct sound vibrations, and the thigh is heavy and long, reaching farther, etc). Growing the bones use 1 energy, and can be further manipulated for 1 energy afterward.

Decibel 200 

Julian's vocal cords had developed unnaturally, allowing him to hit ranges that are normally impossible for humans. He can sound like he's speaking through a megaphone, or on a higher pitch that only animals can hear. Julian is also capable of weaponizing his voice, sending out an earsplitting scream that can rupture eardrums up close, and cause momentary dizziness and deafness at 30 feet away. It consumes one energy to unleash the powerful screech and leaves his throat sore for a while afterward. The attack also hits him and his allies, so it's a double-edged sword

Animal Kingdom 

Much like his Mutant Zero ability, Julian can use his mutant blood to give him animal-like traits. This ability functions the same but instead of other mutant abilities, he can use traits and features displayed by animals, adjusted for human use. Upon activation, he can assume traits from one species for 3 rounds. After which, the ability switches to a different animal. He cannot assume the abilities of the same species within the next 3 mutations but can consume 1 energy to extend the duration of the mutation by 1 post per energy. He cannot assume the traits of magical beasts or artificial creatures.

Special Items

White Eva 

A sleek silvered 9mm rhino with a silencer. Holds 6 bullets that can be shot with great accuracy, thanks to reverse recoil and lower axis. Can be fired with precision and reloaded quickly


A pocket knife that can extend outwards into a 6-foot claymore and used to slice targets. The sword is unbalanced, as it doesn't possess a crossguard and has a really short handle, but that's because it's actually a one-handed sword. Julian can swing it around with deftness normally impossible without the use of magic or otherwise. However he can't use it if his strength falls below half.

Julian is the younger brother of Damon Nustron, a proud family of mutants that date back several hundred eras. Along with his brother, Julian is considered Patient Zero for every mutant that roamed tiberia, his DNA paving the way for more mutated individuals to rise. After the explosion of the factory, Julian fled from history, while his brother fell into the heap of it. While Damon became a fighting legend, Julian kept to the sidelines, watching and waiting, but for what only he knows