AP: 36

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  1

Speed:  13

Defense:  7

Energy:  15


Name:  Jedt Hazzard

Age:  27

Species:  Human

Character Skills

Element Charge 

By spending 1 ENR he can charge his rifle and pistol with one of the following elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning and Holy.

Pinpoint Weakness 

By hanging back and observing a foe for one turn, he can assess the place to shoot for massive damage. For this to resolve, he must not attack the turn he uses this skill. This skill uses no energy.

Clear Veil 

For three turns, Jedt becomes invisible to the naked eye. However he can still be located through hearing, scent or magic sensing skills.

Glyphic Cannon 

A powerful energy blast that is output from the Longinus rifle and boosted by the power of glyphs on the rifle. The power of the blast is determined by how much energy is put in with the minimum being 1.

Special Items


A single shot Rifle best used for sniping. Contains a special circuit that allows the users mana to flow through the bullet and fire elemental shots. They are capable of breaking through barriers and armor but the bullet takes one full post to reload.


A pistol sidearm Jedt uses for quick debilitating attacks. The bullets are made of magic conducting metals which can be charged with certain elements through a special conduit built into the pistol. It is capable of 10 shots before being reloaded.

Spada Sword 

A short sword forged with an alloy that contains consecrated silver. Perfect for maiming demons and undead. However it is less powerful than his brother’s Ascalon and is hardly used except for quick kills.