AP: 50

Crowns: 39,700


black bg.png

Strength:  11

Speed:  19

Defense:  12

Energy:  8


Name:  Jean

Age:  Unknown, looks like 27

Species:  Gifted Human

Height:  1.78m

Appearance:  White hair
Lilac eyes
fair pale skin
well fit

Apparel:  It can change, she often will wear far more provocative and seductive apparel than Renessa, wearing from shorts, dresses and whatnot. even Renessas combat suit would be adapted to be a two pieces suit, with a bra looking top and leather black jeans as bottom.

Hometown:  Earth, Renessas brain actually

Character Skills


Able to move and manipulate other inanimate objects to her will to an immense degree, employing this power offensively and defensively;

Levitation: Jean can also use her telekinesis to levitate, occasionally using this skill as a means of transportation even able to make herself hover upside-down. She is also able to telekinetically take people with her while levitating herself. (-1 ENE)

Force-Field Projection: Jean can generate telekinetic shields or barriers to block, contain, and impede targets. To protect herself and others from harm. She can also project such fields as a means of offense, releasing them as waves of concussive force able to damage solid concrete. (Depending on how big the force field is, it will cost up to -3 ENE)

Telekinetic Maneuver: Users like Jean, can alter an object's directional course, e.g. changing what number a dice lands on, push an object away, attract and repel objects around them, hold them in place, grip, deflect and reflect attacks, change the trajectory of projectile, move objects of small and/or massive size.
(Depending on the dimensions of the asset, element or attack to move will cost from -1 ENE up to -3ENE)

Molecule Manipulation 

Just like Renessa, Jean is able to Manipulate everything down to a molecular/atomic level. The only difference between them is that Jean knows how to extend the use of this ability to a far new level. Often demonstrating this ability by a variety of techniques that stem from the same ability.

Energizing: Jean has the power to take the potential energy stored in an object and convert it to kinetic energy thus “Energizing” that item with explosive results. The only limitation to this ability is the time required to charge the object, the larger it gets, the more time it takes to charge it, Most charging takes place through direct skin contact, the power of the explosion is dependent on the mass of the object, This ability can be used to accelerate an object's kinetic energy instead of converting its potential energy.

Shapeshifting Jean can shapeshift her form, transforming and reshaping herself down to their genetic and cellular structure. She can impersonate others by successfully copying voice, fingerprints, eyes and the whole appearance or enhance her own body for combat, either by copying the material her body comes in contact with and becoming a humanoid form made out of said material. Users, like Jean, with particularly flexible abilities can manipulate or deform their form at will, combining abilities, traits, etc, even being able to form limbs into weapons and reforming after being blown apart by explosives.

Molecular Transmuting The power to alter the forms of objects state, consistency, weight and even material. Shaping the item to whatever she desires. Cannot affect another person or their belongings without permission (-1 ENE, per every time she uses this ability.)

Molecular Dispersion & Assembly : The power to split the objects molecules and send them through space, oftenly used to store them in floating space, commonly used on items or herself (as a transportation way) can always opt to not assemble the particles back to their original state and just destroy them.

Corruption Manipulation  

The ability to induce, withdraw and change energy from affected targets
Jean is able to withdraw energy and life from anything that touches the Corruption; Plants, Livestock, Environment, Materials and Individuals.
Often demonstrated in different stages of infection

Corruption Inducement :
Works whenever the user touches something (Usually done by touching bare handed, often looked like black oil spilling off her hands and in some extreme cases, black looking glow on her hands that can be shot forward like a beam (Needs previous Corruption Withdraw) ) and with intentions of rotting it or manipulating it to an aggressive extent, resulting in polluting the target's appearance by engulfing it with an oil greasy looking tar causing necrosis and eventually death.

Per every 10 meters or object corrupted Jean would gain +1 ENE. If the Opponent were to touch the corruption poison, Jean would steal +1 ENE from the victim. If the victim's highest stat reaches 0, it would be considered fully corrupted, dead

Once dyed black, Jean will be able to use her Molecule manipulation powers on said contaminated assets, elements or environment without the need of cost of energy. (See Molecule Manipulation for more information)

Corruption Spread:
Once made contact, the corruption will continue to spread, across the environment, a kilometer at the time, pacing up the necrosis when shown negative emotions around it. During this stage, a physically and emotionally painful experience for living targets to endure awaits as the poison can react towards the nervous system, clogging veins, reduce oxygen intake, etc. as for the emotional aspect, negative emotions can overwhelm, slow, distract and hallucinate through excruciating pain in some cases.

The corruption spreads out every 10 meters per turn. ( +1 ENE) (See Negative Emotion Empowerment for more info)

Stage 3:
Closing stage
At any moment Jean can withdraw the presence of the corrosive material from Plant, Livestock, Environment, Material or Individual that has come up in contact with, She can do this willingly without being able to restore the damage it has caused from any but absorb it to be used as an offensive attack later on.
(See corruption inducement for more)

Negative Emotion Empowerment: 

User becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. by quintessential negative emotions, such as anger, hatred, sadness, envy, depression, arguments, fear, etc. of oneself and others, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing their existing powers. Some users , like Jean, will be able to draw sustenance from the negative emotions or even induce it to slow,overwhelm or distract opponents.
For this to happen, Jean must create first a designated area, marked by her. (See Corruption Manipulation for more info)
Expansion keeps widening until 5 stages are met, then the ability will cease.
(Max Radius:
10M per post expansion,
-If Charges ability for 1 post before activating it, s she can start at 20M and go out.
-If Charges the ability for two posts before activation, can start at 30M and go out.
80M is the max. with full expansion.)
Depending on the amount and time of exposure and intensity the emotion the victim goes through, can result in:
(+1 Turn) Triggers the Corruption Manipulation Stage 2: Quickening the spread of the venom either in the surroundings or the infected person, In this stage, the opponent going through one of the emotions listed below, will have the corresponding stat affected (If the emotion is not listed, Dice will be thrown to determine which stat shall be affected)
Anger (and similar) (-1 DEF)
Fear (and similar) (-1 SPD)
Hate (and similar) (-1 ENE)
Sadness (and similar) (-1 STR)

( +2 Turns) At this moment the opponent becomes slowly overwhelmed by the negative emotion inducement, making it easy for the victim to go through disorientation, affecting directly to their depth perception, weakening any upcoming attack, feeling dizzy, exhausted, nauseous and even vomiting in some cases. (- 1 STR)

(+3 Turns) By this point the victim will start experimenting mild cases of Dementia (Hallucinations) Slowing the opponent down (-1 SPD)

(+4 Turns) Continuing with the emotional wreckage, at this moment, the victim will begin to feel the physical repercussions of the Negative Emotion inducement, The nervous system will begin to constrict the nerves causing random nerve jabbing, Muscle tension and in some cases the feeling of drowning or heart attacks.
(-1 DEF)
(+5 Turns) A severe lack of strength will be apparent within the victim via excruciating physical and emotional pain, making a direct impact on any extraordinary or gifted ability by weakening powers. Those experiencing this fatigue will undergo a -3 ENR as a consequence.

Prolonged exposure will most likely cause the individual to go mad, looney or insane, Telepaths, Empathic manipulators and therapists are the best way to treat the side effects of the Negative emotion inducement.
As a cost to using this ability, Jean suffers from severe physical exhaustion that makes her body barely able to keep up with it's internal functions, an extremely painful and costly side-effect.
(Cooldown: 5 posts in total.)

Skill 5:

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Skill 6:

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Special Items

Deployable suit 

A Golden bracelet often is worn on the right wrist, a suit would deploy out of the bracelet as another coat of skin covering completely the user. the suit can be matched with the abilities of the user.

Ch-Ch-Ch- Cherry Bomb! 

Cherry bombs are an explosive weapon, consisting of an explosive charge, a detonating mechanism, and a firing pin inside the grenade to trigger the detonating mechanism. Once the soldier throws the grenade, the safety lever releases, the striker throws the safety lever away from the grenade body as it rotates to detonate the primer. The primer explodes and ignites the fuze (sometimes called the delay element). The fuse burns down to the detonator, which explodes the main charge and in this case, a hidden surprise behind every explosion as a consequence.

Wicked bombs in which the only purpose is to cause panic and havoc for no one knows which surprise each bomb will detonate. Each bomb comes with side effects that will last 1 turn. They can be detonated by plucking the safety lever or activate them remotely through a detonator; a silver-coated Zippo lighter. They cover an area of 50 meters in diameter.

Each cherry bomb holds an explosive surprise after the main charge is released. Depending on the rolling dice, The surprise of each cherry bomb can be:

1.- “Glitter and Gold”
After the main charge is dispatched the bomb would release a significant amount of metallic stringed confetti and glitter. Will cause temporary blindness. ( cuz, come on, try having glitter on your eyes without suffering)

2.- “Gender Reveal!”
Releasing colored nonlethal fumes for coverage purposes. (Will most likely cause wildfires, and disorientation for the victim.)

3.-“ A Splash of Paint”
Painting bombs, Exploding with acrylic paint. (Pacing the opponent down, -1 Speed, Floors are slippery!)

4.- “Jokes on you”
A colorless and odorless powerful laughing gas that will cause uncontrollable spasms of laughter, (And Pain at the same time, try laughing so hard.) hyper-stimulating the laughter receptors of the brain, leaving the victim unable to breathe and pass out. The gas in the area lasts for 5 turns before it dissipates.

Depending on the amount of exposure the victim comes in contact with the laughing gas can result in:
(+1 Turn) Giggles and laughter. (If only exposed for a brief moment, gas can cause side effects just like: Shivering, Headaches, Fatigue, Nausea or Vomiting.)
( +2 Turns) Uncontrollable spasms of laughter and pain.
(+3 Turns) An analgesic effect which may cause numbness and uncontrollable trembling of limbs.
(+5 Turns) Overdose of sedate, passing out, and eventual death. Prolonged exposure or constant inhaling of the gas will most likely cause permanent brain damage. Oxygen must be administered to the affected who have not been exposed for far more than 3 turns to restore to the original state.

5.- Rocket-Man.
This Cherry after delivering the first charge or explosion will consecutively release several lines of Fireworks into its surroundings, colorful explosions, and flares (Have you seen a Disneyworld night show? Well there's no mouse around this time.. or castle, or food.. you get the idea.)

Each Cherry can be modified into a corruption state. (See Corruption Manipulation for more information) releasing its surprises and dispatching charges with a pitch-black color and a far more deadly intention.


Length: 1.25 meters, 1.60 meters with the blade ejected. Basic features: Solid Iron painted black silver touches (Sort of futuristic aesthetic), 35 cm Razor-sharp blade ejects from the end of the club.
Weight: 25 lbs (Weight may change, See Molecule Manipulation for more information)

A black solid iron Kanabo (Literally: “Metal Stick”) a flat war club that can spike up any moment Jean desires to modify its structure, Darling can change its appearance above the handle from spiked, studded, or flat ( 8 columns of spikes with 10 rows and about a centimeter large each.)
A 35cm razor-sharp blade hidden inside the Kanabos mechanism and released upon pressing a button on the handle of the club. The blade is black colored, covered in what seems to be poisonous tar leaking from it. (See Corruption Manipulation)

Worn out scratches here and there, mostly for the side of the weapon where Jean had painted a label on her own handwriting in cursive letter with bright purple painting the text reading “Bye-Bye!” with a bunch of star drawings around the text and a lipstick mark printed onto the side of the text.

Contact Lenses: 

A pair of contact lenses surgically implanted within the individual’s eyes. Both lenses are tightly responsive to a chip integrated in the brain which is programmed to create formulas for elemental alloys and combinations for her personal usage. (Made by Henrietta)

With Accelerated perception ,allowing them to perceive what would normally be moving too fast to see and respond accordingly, the lenses will identify any Elemental and/or biochemical composition in every state of matter: solid, liquid, or gas. This includes but isn’t limited to weapons, structures, atmospheres, and others. The lenses cannot not only identify the intrinsic molecules but understand the volume, density, strengths and breaking points of the determined materials,environments and people.

Additionally, the individual can study and pinpoint facial expressions and body language. This facilitates reading of lies, correlate and separate emotions, and obtain silent information about targets.

Crafted to fit Renessa’s unique abilities, these objects cannot be removed by any means unless surgery is performed. Should the chip or the lenses receive any damages, a self repair process will begin by activating Jean’s elemental replication of its alloy.

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Jean comes from Renessas multiple personality disorder, jean is a far more badass, fearless, carefree woman.

total wild card.