AP: 36

Crowns: 31,782‬

black bg.png

Strength:  6

Speed:  14

Defense:  8

Energy:  8


Name:  Jean

Age:  Unknown, looks like 27

Species:  Gifted Human

Height:  1.78m

Appearance:  White hair
Lilac eyes
fair pale skin
well fit

Apparel:  It can change, she often will wear far more provocative and seductive apparel than Renessa, wearing from shorts, dresses and whatnot. even Renessas combat suit would be adapted to be a two pieces suit, with a bra looking top and leather black jeans as bottom.

Hometown:  Earth, Renessas brain actually

Character Skills


Able to move and manipulate otherwise inanimate objects to her will to an immense degree, employing this power offensively, Jean can also use her telekinesis to levitate, occasionally using this skill as a means of transportation. (-1 ENE)

Molecule Manipulation 

Just like Renessa, Jean is able to Manipulate everything down to a molecular/atomic level. The only difference between them is that Jean knows how to extend the use of this ability to a far new level. Often demonstrating this ability by:
Changing appearances
Changing its inanimate objects state, consistency, weight and even material.
Shaping the item to whatever she desires.
(-1 ENE, per every time she uses this ability.)

Corruption Manipulation 

The corruption works whenever Jean touches something barely and with intentions of rotting it, everything would dye black causing necrosis and eventually die. Jean is able to withdraw energy and life from anything that touches the Corruption; Plants, Livestock, Land, even Living creatures, absorbing any type of energy regardless of the strength or potency. If completely covered with the corruption the victim would cease to live. Once dyed black, Jean will be able to bend, shape or manipulate whatever it was touched by the corruption.
Once made contact, the corruption will continue to spread, across the environment, a kilometer at the time, pacing up the necrosis when shown negative emotions around it.
Per every kilometer or object corrupted Jean would gain +1 ENE If the Opponent were to touch the corruption poison, Jean would steal +1 ENE from the victim. If the victim's highest stat reaches 0, it would be considered fully corrupted - dead.

Special Items

Deployable suit 

A Golden bracelet often is worn on the right wrist, a suit would deploy out of the bracelet as another coat of skin covering completely the user. the suit can be matched with the abilities of the user.

Cherry Bombs 

A Collection of exploding devices called Cherry Bombs, red-colored bombs with a small skull painted on the side of the sphere.
Wicked bombs in which the only purpose is to cause panic for no one knows which surprise each bomb will detonate. Each bomb comes with side effects that will last 1 turn.
Depending on the rolling dice, The bomb can be either:
1.- Bombs with shit tons of metallic stringed confetti and glitter. (Will cause temporary blindness, cuz, come on, try having glitter on your eyes without suffering)
2.-Fume Bombs; Releasing colored nonlethal fumes. (Causing the victim to disorient.)
3.- Painting bombs, Exploding with acrylic paint. (Pacing the opponent down, -1 Speed, Floors are slippery!)
4.- A corruption bomb, the most dangerous, poisonous tar waiting to be detonated and kill everything that touches once it’s released.

Jean comes from Renessas multiple personality disorder, jean is a far more badass, fearless, carefree woman.

total wild card.