AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  7

Defense:  10

Energy:  3


Name:  James

Age:  N/A

Species:  Unknown

Height:  7,2 without armor. 9,3 With Armor.

Appearance:  A hulking figure of muscle and ferocity, James was known as a legend on his homeworld, he fought from being a basic everyday guardian to a champion of his people, and with the title of champion that required many battles to be fought and won. His new set of armor came with it.
Ever since that day many years ago, he has never been seen without his armor.

Apparel:  A 9-foot behemoth of a man is all people see from James's armor, just a mountain of shielding and armor plating with a variety accessory design like the fur around his neck, no-one has seen him without this armor in over a decade, so his real appearance is not common knowledge.

Hometown:  Tabitha (Off-Realm)

Character Skills

Code of the Juggernaut 

James' people were a race of warriors who possessed the ability to activate these skill trees locked within known as 'Codes' every code was unique to each warrior and it was common knowledge that only one code was active to each one.
James' code was 'Juggernaut' giving him the strength that rivaled seismic events and a body that was tougher than his own planet's durability. He was a force to be reckoned with, and reckoning to whatever force challenged him. (small moon level was his planet.)

Cat-like Reflexes 

James is and was, an extremely fast reactor to all things around him and all things caught by his senses. Out of all his race, he had the fastest reaction time, however, his size makes his actual movements more sluggish than they would be normally if he was nimble and small, this made him practice speed-planning as he wasn't always fast enough to move physically. (+1 Speed)

Primal Warrior 

Being of a race that valued strength and combat capability as well as technological advances, James' race grew to have a natural resistance to Magic and energy-based materials, in fact since they were a barbaric race looking to conquer, they often made technology with their blood infused into the ore to make their weapons able to slice through basic magic.

Code of the Stormbreaker 

James' was the only member of his race to learn more than one code, this code enables him to summon powerful Arc-light into his body, giving him the ability to focus it into certain points such as his fists, enabling him to have explosive punches that deal electrical damage to whatever they hit.
(1 Energy cost per charge, Charges can be combined by using both fists or two weapons at the same time for a more destructive effect.

Special Items

Warlord's Crucible 

A heavy, towering set of armor that was given unto James after he became a champion among his people, The first layer being of a leather-like material gathered from the hide of his fallen brethren and infused with their blood, the armor plating is made from the hardest materials at the center of their planet, making them more durable than materials that could be found on earth.
It is packed with a 5-inch wrist-blade on the right arm and is resistant to magic due to the blood infusion of his brethren. (Armor is extremely heavy and will not allow him to traverse weak platforming that cannot support it)

Warlord's Mantis 

A heavily armored transport vessel that James uses for interplanetary travel, it was crafted over hundreds of years by his people, layering the armor layer by layer until it was a gigantic hunk of space-tank, However in all the armor-plating, it holds no onboard weapons, only designed for travel and escape.

Breaker of Storms 

A special war-hammer/Axe that was made specifically for James, it is larger and heavier than any normal-sized war-weapon, designed to match Jame's stature as well as infused with his own blood, making it able to be called to his hand from any distance, but it will fly to him and will not teleport, so it can be diverted mid-calling.

Warlord's Shield 

A Shield latched onto his left arm in the wrist-area, it is made from the same material as his armor and is made to have a spiral folding ability, meaning it can fold to a simple wrist-attachment, or unfold into a full-sized warrior shield.

James, a powerful warrior from the land of Tabika, a world/small moon lightyears away from Solace originally, it was inhabited by a warrior-race that fought for glory and would invade other planets nearby for conquest.
James rose the ranks of his people by fighting in many wars, both on planet and off-planet, he fought his rivals to the ground during tournaments, and slaughtered those who inhabited planets that conflicted with his, after more than a decade of service and outstanding power, he was gifted special equipment to help him fight on a more technologically advanced level.
After receiving said equipment he quickly became known as a Warlord for his ferocity in battle and his usage of his codes. When the cataclysm happened to Tiberia, a similar event happened on Tabika where a hole threatened to devour them. The elders of the planet would have seen it coming from a mile away with their codes of prophecy and time so they would have sent James off-world to find a new planet to live within, one he could rule himself, and thus James was off, so he was long gone when the cataclysm devoured his brethren. He held no family or children so he did not leave anything behind except his clan. However James, once free. decided to look for a place to live peacefully, or a degree of peacefully, he still wanted to hunt and fight. But. he no longer desired to siege and conquer.