AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  5

Speed:  10

Defense:  5

Energy:  10


Name:  Honey Bee

Age:  24-ish

Species:  Human/HoneyBee

Height:  5'6

Appearance:  Golden hair, bronze colored eyes, the wings of a large bee. Honey appears as a brightly colored being with a positive posing, her skin is a fair and full of life color.

Apparel:  Usually seen wearing a combo of black and yellow, often with sweatshirts, or she does wear a maid-outfit when working in her shop, still black and yellow in shade though.

Hometown:  Haven

Character Skills

Toxin spread 

Using her wings and 1 Energy, Honey can emit a deadly toxin powder that lines her wings and can be showered to an area by the flapping of her wings, this powder is a toxin that does not affect plants or people who have consumed her Honey, it is an ability she uses to kill bugs and stuff off of her crops in her garden in her backyard, it also accelerates nectar and pollen production. This does not affect Honey Bee in any negative way if she breathes it or absorbs it through any nectar she got from any flower. (Note, the toxin requires prolonged exposure to affect someone and can be nullified by puking it back up, removing it from their body, or consuming Honey Bee's honey.)

Honey <3 

Honey Bee requires no other sustenance to survive other than her own honey which she produces, it solves thirst and hunger and is like super vitamins to an immune system that was structured to be like a giant bee, it keeps her fed, watered, and healthy.

Pure Honey Bee Honey 

Honey Bee's body can make a unique recipe of Honey, one that not only heals wounds, feeds the person consuming it, hydrates them, and gives them a calming effect. but it also can be mass-produced in her body. To create it, she is required to consume Tree Sap and Nectar from flowers. If applied to an open wound it can also slowly heal the wound and provide a cooling feeling to the pain.

Honey Bee's blood nectar 

This honey is mixed in with Honey Bee's blood and provides a rather bitter and sour flavor but still feeds and hydrates, the difference, however, is that this honey is meant to be medicinal for sickness, the added ingredient stops it's a normal healing process and provides ailment relief to any disease or sickness on the physical plain. (She often donates jars of this to Haven's infirmary for free.)

Special Items

Bee a good maid outfit 

Maid outfits designed to fit female workers and color them in black and yellow to match Honey Bee's theme of bee coloring, nothing special about them, except they are fashionable and are not skimpy. Skirt length goes down to knees and it has leggings, Honey Bee makes them herself.

Bee less naked 

Honey bee has crafted an underwear line of bee colored underwear, sometimes basic bras and panties and sometimes sexy Lingerie, she sells these in her shop along with honey, but she keeps these in the back for modesty's sake to whoever buys them.

Bee less exposed 

Honey Bee also crafts clothing period, nothing of top-tier fanciness but she can sew and craft basic clothing so she often has a supply that she also sells in her shop.

Honey Bee is a native to Solace, and a native to Haven, her mother ran a rather successful honey shop that not only paid rent, but put a smile on people's faces because of the delicious product. Her mother taught her how to make the special recipe within her own body and Honey Bee took over the business and house when her mother passed away. She is a sweetheart that loves to help her community and enjoys interacting with her customers.