AP: 30

Crowns: 0

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Strength:  10

Speed:  8

Defense:  5

Energy:  7


Name:  Hollyn

Age:  23

Species:  Elemental

Height:  5'4"

Appearance:  Hollyn has soft ash blonde hair that has taken on a touch of golden these days. Her fingers are always finely polished and painted shades of pink, and she often sports neon pink duct tape around her fingers in place of thimbles to protect her fingers while she sews.

Apparel:  Often opts to wear dresses, skirts, or shirts long enough to pass as such. Prefers thick heeled shoes, and is always wearing a pink article of clothing. Dresses in flashy, feminine garb. She has been seen lately wearing her nails with the pink tips groomed to a sharp point.

Hometown:  Venes

Character Skills


Due to glass being a descendant of sand, Hollyn is known to control and manipulate it. She can destroy, reform, and shape glass to her will. This ability uses -1 ENG (-2 if large quantity) and has a three post cool down.

Rock Solid 

Hollyn can open the ground and manipulate it over the feet and ankles of any normal-sized human to trap them. She may also use this to hold objects to the ground and cause minor sinkholes of depressions in the ground.


Hollyn has increased sensitivity to her ears, feeling the vibrations of footsteps on the ground up to three-quarters of a mile away. She can also pick up on voices across buildings, making out words if those speaking reside on the same floor. This, however, creates issue in the case she hears piercing or loud noises, sometimes striking her with agonizing pain that causes - 1 STRENGTH and - 1 ENG.

Casual Arson 

Hollyn can manipulate existing flame, extinguish it, and feed it more energy to enlarge it. She can also withstand higher temperatures and fire in brief intervals (<5 minutes). She is not immune to the effects of smoke inhalation. Cost is (-3 ENG, -1 STRENGTH), lasts three posts rounds in battle, and has a three post cool down.

Special Items

These Boots Were Made For Stabbing 

All of her heeled shoes are built with blades that can protrude from the heel. Her flats are built with steel toes.


favoring a lighter blade because of her smaller stature, Hollyn carries a katana secured to her back.

Sewing Kit 

Hollyn is a well-trained seamstress and creator, carrying with her a kit for both mending fabrics and stitching wounds with precision.

Family Ring 

A masculine, sterling silver ring with a fat emerald gemstone she wears around the middle finger of her left hand, once belonging to her father

Hollyn, surname unknown for both she and her elder sister, Sola(ra), was born an Earth Elemental. Under the watchful and cold eye of her parents, she and her sister were placed at odds to see which would be the more powerful Elemental. She fell short time and time again, growing frustrated as the responsibility of upholding the family's reputation as humble -- yet powerful -- Elementals and soldiers fell to her after her sister's departure. Expectation for her was high, causing her to drop out of school to take on working as a seamstress and hopeful clothing designer to keep a well-flowing income to her family. If Hollyn was not working alone in a dark workshop tirelessly, she was training with her blade or hand-to-hand with friends of her family, typically Venes soldiers, or alone. At age twenty, after hearing of her sister being alive, she broke the mold and left Venes to pursue clothing design, supported by Gohan, whose family once held throne in Ruby City. Finding her ferocity over time, she doubled back to Venes to confront her parents upon discovering a minor affinity for fire manipulation. It ended bloody, with a bottle of bubblegum pink nail polish and a pool of blood spilled on pristine white carpet. Hollyn only stuck around until the polish dried to cover up the blood stained under her fingernails, swiped anything valuable, and dropped a lit match into the puddle of nail varnish before leaving.