AP: 50

Crowns: 163,100


black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  18

Defense:  10

Energy:  12


Name:  Henrietta Bretodeau McCue

Age:  Subject suggests over 70s. Current status remains unknown.

Species:  Koradashev. Performed tests indicate changing anomalies in its core composition. More data is required.

Height:  6'4 (1.93 M)

Appearance:  Obsidian dark hair, neon violet eyes, white skin as paper (presents an immense lack of melanin), freckled cheeks.

Apparel:  Varies

Hometown:  Silika, Renancites (Off-Realm)

Character Skills

Lightning Thief 

With a simple kick, punch or touch on her enemy's body, Henrietta is able to steal energy and use it to her favor, leaving the opponent weak and dizzy, lowering their speed (-1) for two posts. She takes two ENG from her attacker, but after the second touch, she will double the amount of stolen points every time this ability is performed. This ability allows her to stack all the stolen energy and save it for later. Henrietta can give ENG to her allies if she wants to but with one condition, this will have the same effect of dizziness and weakness on her for the same period of time (rebound effect).


By focusing and charging her energy, she can shoot powerful bolts of lightning through her arms and hands, and even mouth. The lightning only causes temporal shock and immobility, if more energy is used in this attack, the consequences could be unconsciousness and burned nervous system.

Rain of Spears 

It consists of either an arrow or a small lightning bolt being shot to the sky right above the targets, making fall a rain of millions of electrical spears on the desired objective (these have the same speed as a bolt of lightning). This rain reaches a radius of 25 meters (82 ft.). The formed bolts have the same damage as common arrows and spears, being able to cut, pierce and destroy whatever they touch, and electrify those that get hit by them for 2 posts. If her opponent's bodies get hit, they will be illuminated by green electricity, allowing her to sense where her targets are located while the effect still active.


Henrietta's experiences with infiltrating, manipulation and destruction of electrical systems has greatly improved her ability to deal with new systems and technology that she has not previously encountered before. Allowing her to even penetrate hardened systems. Transforming her body into an electrical current, she can pass through any conductive surface or even through the air in order to reappear elsewhere or trigger infiltration of electrical systems. Used in conjunction with Eidolon, this ability will make it seem as if Henrietta has disappeared into thin air, while she is secreted within an electrical system. While within electrical systems, she can increase her electrical output to trigger connected functions (triggering an electrical lock, detonating an attached explosive, manipulating other connected systems and their components), or to cause complete system failure through electrical overload. This ability can nullify negative effects upon her own electrical nervous system by forging new connections for the nerves and essentially overloading her own body (nullifies paralysis or other immobilizing effects). When used during battle, this ability can be triggered up to three times before she must recharge (requiring one post of charging, to use Shortcuts again) and can be used to transport other beings through the same electrical current for the cost of __ Energy, though the ability has no cost for her alone.

Eidolon: Henrietta's knowledge of electrical interaction and technology allows her to emit an explosive field of electrical interference and gamma radiation (rays) that will pass through dense matter to a distance of up to 25 meters without weakening, inundating them with over 250,000 volts of electricity. Doing so allows her to freely enter into any electrical systems encountered in the radius of the interference field. This allows her to freely move through the electrical systems consuming and assimilating the data that is stored, which can be accessed in her conscious mind during the ability and after it has been completed. This includes knowledge contained in programs and subroutines, as well as the structure and raw information from the systems. Allowing her to recreate programs and data at her leisure and manipulate their code on the fly.

CyberKlatch: Within the radius of an active signal network, Henrietta can connect herself to it as long she is inside its perimeter. This allows her to infiltrate without direct touch, transport to the nearest source of information transferral, and use it as a bridge to exchange/manipulate/hack information. Additionally, a strong network hotspot can be created if she offers energy for it.


Those that recieved an electrical attack by Henrietta or had contact with her energy will share the damage, creating a net that connects all the targets with her. The taken damage will be passed to the others in an endless cycle. If either of the opponents gets hit by another type of attack -from a different user or her, and either melee or energy- the damage will increase and be shared again. For example, if one gets a wound in the abdomen, the rest of the opponents will get it too. However, if its only one target, the effect of next attacks that the enemy receives will be the double of the normal (the subject must be shot twice by one of her ENG attacks to activate the effect). Since Henrietta is connected to the enemy, she can damage herself to damage the enemy. But, if the enemy receives damage, she will not get it. The effect lasts four rounds and it will require a cool-down of two to be performed again. The only downside of it is that if her allies recieve her attacks, they will fall under the spell and suffer the same consequences as her targets.


Henrietta uses her energy to electrically charge her body, requires one round to build up the charge, at which point she can discharge it at will. This charge can be transferred to objects, weapons and surfaces to set traps; these are activated once the opponent has contact with them. Dynamo, when triggered, will daze an opponent for three rounds. A Dazed opponent will be unable to use abilities or attacks that require focusing of attention or energy. (At the start of opponents turn, roll 1d6. Odd roll results in no change of dazed state, even rolls will end the Daze after that round). However, a consecutive hit by Dynamo while the target is dazed will cause secondary effects, such as paralysis of either arms or legs. Odd roll adds the penalty and 3 more rounds, even roll will bring the target to a dazed state. A third consecutive strike will block one stat in the default order. the If the dazing fails, Henrietta will have her 1 ENG back.

Cyclonic Acceleration  

Henrietta can convert other people's stats into her own SPD by using one of her abilities, Lightning Thief; starting from ENG, then STR/DEF. In order to do this, her SPD will cut in half first to get the extra points. Though, she is able to build her own SPD without end by moving constantly and not attacking in the process. Every post equals +3 SPD until it is converted into either a physical attack or transfer the kinetic energy for other abilities. The buff for running disappears once she stops moving.

Spheres of Supression 

This ability is the pinnacle of Henrietta’s control over electricity. The enemies caught within one of the three spheres that extend from Henrietta in a thirty-foot diameter suffer effects based on which of the three spheres that they are occupying. The effect of each sphere stacks upon the previous one. Once the initial charge for Spheres of Suppression has been generated, it will create a cascade effect that will maintain the spheres until they have been fully discharged, without additional focus.

Sphere One [30ft-20ft]: Enemies that enter into this sphere will be able to feel the electricity sparking across any conductive surfaces, causing metal objects to gradually begin to heat up from exposure. The density of the electrical and magnetic fields that this sphere creates throw off the trajectory of metal projectiles and those made of energy that pass through it. Enemies within this sphere will suffer vision impairment due to the electrical forces at play.

Sphere Two [19ft-5ft]: Once within twenty feet of Henrietta, the electrical forces increase again. Enemies who enter into this Sphere will find their bodies struggling to overcome the electrical force as the electrical activity interferes with the electrical pulses of their nerve endings (Stat damage that reduces their physical stats as long as they are within this Sphere. Increased effect of Sphere One.

Sphere Three [5ft-6in.]: Closing within five feet of Henrietta while Spheres of Suppression is active is a dangerous prospect. When crossing this threshold an enemy will feel the electrical energy dancing over their skin. This warns of the danger of having the electrical field discharge upon them. Anyone within this central sphere will be randomly targeted by lightning bolts leaping from Henrietta’s body (unless she chooses to suppress this function of the ability), each bolt being imbued by one of her other electrical abilities at random ( up to 1d3 bolts of lightning, roll for ability activated with the bolt). For each bolt that leaps between Henrietta and an enemy, the Spheres of suppression will collapse one step. (IE: After two bolts make contact, the range of the Spheres and the effects will be reduced accordingly. Requires 1 round per bolt to rebuild charge.) An increased effect from Sphere one and Sphere Two.

Touch [6in-0in]: Coming into contact with Henrietta during the duration of Spheres of Suppression can cause the entire electrical charge of the Spheres to collapse in upon her, grounding the charge and channeling it into the enemy. The electrical discharge is so great, that it can interfere with the function of an enemies brain, interfering with their mental faculties from the massive charge. This has been known to cause temporary amnesia, paralysis, unconsciousness and even death in wounded opponents. (Once discharged through touch, Spheres of Suppression will immediately end and Henrietta must once again gather the electrical charge in order to recreate the spheres.)

Sovereign Ascendance 

Due to her genetics construction, Henrietta is immune to sicknesses, bacteria, and viruses. Poison, anesthesia, and drugs have no effect either. Her body functions the same way as a Star with the same system of nucleosynthesis, producing constant energy to keep her active. This regenerates +2 ENG per post until her pool reaches its maximum limit. Notwithstanding, she can interchange the gained energy to heal wounds and repair limbs; the more lethal these are, the more energy she must invest. [1 point for minor wounds and shortage of limbs, 2 points for full limbs, 3 points for greater injuries and threats.] Alternatively, the round could be spent canceling a previous status effect [restoring drained stats, etc] on the basis of the amount of duration of said effect with ENG. Abilities with energy disruption/blocking will be executed flawlessly only if the ENG investment exceeds her own base. In addition, Lightning Thief alters this skill by modifying the limit base stat, if it increases, the range of recovery will do it too. Cannot generate energy in the same post as casting an ENG skill.

Heyday Esurience  

Henrietta’s natural energy has reached a critical density due to her constant and aggressive nucleosynthesis. As a result, any time that her energy values are calculated when it comes to cancellation, overpowering, absorption, redirection, etc. her expended energy during the interaction is treated as if it were quintuple the spent value. Likewise, because of the incredible density of the energy produced by Henrietta, her energy will interact with all energies regardless of compatibility (holy, unholy, gravitational, time, elemental, magical, etc. Henrietta’s energy is treated as if it is a matching type when it comes to cancellation, overpowering, redirection, etc.) A tertiary effect of this ability is that the density of her energy is exponentially greater when it is within range of her aura, making it too dense to be absorbed (energy-drain immunity). This skill can be activated at any time. It has a duration of six posts, and a cooldown of three. However, it can be extended for X extra posts if X energy is spent.


Henrietta has reached the first phase of her true potential. The constant nucleosynthesis causes the user to undergo metamorphosis, breaking the body as a chrysalis and exposing a humanoid made of dark black plasma with no facial features save hollow eyes. The hair transforms into four, flexible energy tendrils, neon in appearance - able to extend up to a total range of her base ENG in metres, as well as augment pre-existing limbs to improve their own reach. The tendrils can emulate blades depending on movement. Henrietta also gains the ability to fly outside of battle, or levitate along surfaces during combat. The nature of her energy is unknown despite appearing as plasma, rendering it difficult to forcibly control her body through that medium. Due to her composition, she can also pass through solid matter, though she cannot cause harm while doing so. While active, Henrietta is no longer considered a biological organism, thus does not require sustenance such as food or air. Activating the ability cleanses her of any debuffs active on her physical state. Additionally, she greatly resists unenchanted physical attacks, taking little to no damage from them. However, she is unable to use any of her Equipment while the Suzerainty is active, and she will automatically revert back to her physical state once her ENG is reduced to 0. She cannot re-activate the ability until she has recovered at least half of her base ENG, though transforming additional times after the first will reduce her DEF by -4 each time, leaving her more vulnerable. She can recover her DEF through external means. Should her DEF reach 0 during her transformed state, she will become unstable, and be rendered unconscious.

Polydimensional Crook  

The recognition and assimilation of the universal energy has made the user transcend to a new plane of more dimensions. Henrietta no longer belongs to a three dimensional world or is attached to a single timeline of action. Because of this, she cannot be affected by time manipulation skills/abilities, technology, portals, etc, making her able to move fully through stopped time naturally without spending resources. Her new multidimensional body is capable to move on different planes, facilitating the transportation from one place to another without leaving any trace of energy or matter. For the cost of 1 ENG in battle she is able to detach her body from the current plane and become intangible, making her unable to interact with the current existence plane. This includes hitting or affecting the opponent. The movement does not recognize spatial limitations, any direction of displacement is possible, and cut long distances. This skill can be used to travel between parallel worlds and different timelines for a higher cost of +3 ENG where the user can reside for an undefined period of time, although a companion/ally can be dragged to this for another energy point. The effect can be deactivated at any moment if only Henrietta uses it, however, it will reset the cost to activate it again.

Lightning Seal 

Henrietta's familiarity with different types of energy has grown to the point of allowing her to create a feedback loop between an enemy and their own energies and abilities. When this ability is triggered (as a counter to enemy attack), the energy used to attack her is fed back into the opponent. Not only does this reflect relevant damage from the singular attack, it has the added effect of temporarily negating the corresponding ability of the opponent. A negated ability cannot be used until Lightning Seal is reactivated on an additional opponent or on a different ability. It can be used three times before taking three posts of cooldown.


While the anomalistic origin remains a mystery, JeNaSeQuois is a perfect symbiotic synergy that transcends energy, spirit, and biological RNA to create physical evolution between partners at the cellular level. The appearance is denoted by their counterpart's energy emblazoned upon their flesh. A signature of kinship and bearing of universal knowledge. Despite the limits of this physical mutation being unknown. At its base level it grants the users access to a wide range of symbiotic abilities into eventual evolutionary mutations genuine to the couples. Symbiotic abilities include the pooling of their energies (including its power), swapping their energy on the field (i.e. ki to electricity to plasma, etc), immunity to these energies, shared vision, and access to eight of their counterparts abilities (including genetic) for their own disposal. Such an invaluable gift also acts as a double-edged sword for if one depletes the other's resources (i.e. energy) they can be left depleted and vulnerable. In battle, this works up to 100 meters diameter while outside of battle its capabilities can extend this bond indefinitely with continued metamorphosis.

Koradashev’s Parasite 

The constant exposure so several existential planes have forced a repetitive physical and mental adaptation at a genetic level in the user. Henrietta can absorb, copy, and morph features that will assure her utmost survival by consuming other creatures or energetic material, this extends to stealing biological and obtained knowledge -the mind itself-, physical capabilities and appearances to be a perfect doppelganger. Her senses have been highly sharpened making her reflexes and learning process to match the speed of light. For every directed attack or event, Henrietta will develop a resistance to the nature of it until it no longer harms her. The process begins once she is first exposed to it and will be completed after 5 events occurred. The effects of the adaptation will prevail in and outside battle, however, if the process is interrupted due to the end of the battle, it will resume once the user meets the changing factor again. Each attack or event will be treated as an individual key to developing resistance if they differ in nature. Example: a fire attack from an ice attack. This ability does not apply to damage at a physical level, like bullets or projectiles.

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Special Items

Golden Pirate Sword 

A long, sharp sword with some emerald gems on the handle. She found it in an old chest from a dead, Pirate King. This sword has the power to control the air currents and guide them wherever the owner wants them. This power can only be used when the person is in a ship or places with exit to the sea. Otherwise the sword can be used as a dangerous melee weapon, or just to chop some wood.

PSE Tactical Assault Crossbow TAC15i 

A deadly weapon that can be used for users with excellent marksmanship. The scope of it provides a perfect view for the most distant or closest target, making you feel like you are in a hunting season. The arrows cause great damage just like a sharp dagger, being capable to pierce almost everything, especially when the shot goes with a good speed.

Lairgnen Gorm 

A tactical sword with sapphires embedded in a line on the silver-white blade. The sword can resist all type of attacks related to the element lightning. Its sharp blade can cut almost everything going from wood to a hard metal. This weapon works as a channel and extension of the user's body, an extra limb. Being able to extend the range and activate any ability of any element. Lairgnen Gorm is a simple masterpiece created by Gaias. The sword has a delicate and versatile look, but it can offer more than you could ever imagine. Once it claims an owner, this will respond to the call if it gets lost or is away from the carrier and go directly to their hands.

Amethyst NightOwl  

"You are The Shape of My Heart Till Reality Falls Apart Across 1000 Dimensions We're Cruisin' Together Forever" -N.V.- Luxurious, state-of-the-art rose-gold watch personally engineered for Henrietta. The left-half clockface swaps between a diamond moon and starlit night to a serene camellia adorned day with the right-half revealing exposed inner mechanics hard at work. All of this encased in a rotating bezel flowing into an interchangeable claw strap. Clamped to the wrist the strap details a speckled, amethyst droplet design to dapple yet accentuate the complexion. The watch, while mechanical, is capable of displaying a holographic overlay upon the clockface giving the user full access to contacts, intel, gps, etc. especially of hacked systems- maintaining all its predecessor's functions. The true marvel of this timepiece lies in its ability to only operate through Henrietta's electrical signature. Activation also systematically allows Henrietta to access the hidden arsenal in its bezel. Galvanized, the bezel turns into a miniature railgun delivering pellet sized rounds controlled by Henrietta at the speed of light (or slower). Each individual munition having a respective effect:

1. Tranquilizer- Heavy sedative
2. Sonic Round- Anti-armor penetrant that pop with atom eliminating, convussive force once they pierce an object.
3. Voltracker- Adhesive round imbued with electricity Henrietta can track indefinitely, paralyze or shut down a system for a turn.
4. Tickler- Series of ten explosive rounds released from one cartridge for crowd control.
5. David- The David to any Goliath system. Small time A.I. uses a multitude of algorithmic hacking functions (i.e. any malware, reverse encryptions, direct overload, etc) that intelligently guarantee to obliterate and bypass a single security protocol/defense measure. More energy used the faster the hack. Once per battle.

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