AP: 32

Crowns: 38584

black bg.png

Strength:  0

Speed:  10

Defense:  22

Energy:  0


Name:  Helimun Valezeros

Age:  Appears to be 25, though is much older

Species:  Unknown

Height:  5'11

Appearance:  Helumin is normally seen to be thin, having very little muscle mass due to the inner spirit being reverted into his stand. However, despite being thin, he is still seen to have muscles, and what he loses in strengths is made up in agility. Helumin is also seen to have bright fiery red eyes that stands out like a major wildfire, and rich long white hair that is silky, thick and luscious.

Apparel:  Clothing may vary based on what is available, however the most common clothing is formal attire, being an iron-pressed button up shirt, a sharp dress coat, neat dress pants, and slip on smart shoes. Colors may also avry for the clothing.

Hometown:  Unknown, the Ancient Realm

Character Skills

Flames of Aeternum 

Helumin is not the average individual, but no one ever is, right? With over half of his lifetime spent learning to manipulate flame, and a detailed process of becoming a member of fire, the embodiment of Helumin is, quite literally, one with the flames immune to being extinguished by any form of water and/or anti-flame source. Activating this move with the use of 2 DEF, Helumin’s body becomes internal flames, and because of this, Helumin can use his body in a vast variety of ways. Some ways Helumin can use this ability includes:

Body Control: Because this ability is pure flame, Helumin can manipulate parts of his body to become flame, allowing him to avoid any bullet wounds, cuts and or poisonous attacks that require the weapon to be inserted into his body. In a more offensive manner, the flames can be tamed and manipulated into fiery traps that can firmly grasp an opponent and do burning damage (if the enemy is not immune to fire/burning damage) Heat Control: If Helumins body is entrapped in ice, metal, or by specific individuals holding him down, Helumin can increase his body heat to over 1500 degrees fahrenheit, resulting in the ability to melt away any prisons and burn anyone who dares lay a hand on him with severe burns, and even melting their skin and flesh off.

Flame Consumption: Being near any source of flame will not only be rendered useless for Helumin, but he will actually gain +1 DEF per post for every post he is engulfed in flames/ near a heavy source of flame. In the more offensive manner, Helumin can pick fire up and either move it to another location with ease, or even make particular items have flames, like bullets or arrows, to add fiery damage on top of any other weaponry.

In order to keep this ability activated, Helumin must sacrifice 1 DEF per 4 posts, and will end only when his DEF runs out.

Ashes of Aeternum 

A more advanced version of the previous ability, this state allows Helumin to have the ability to manipulate ash to his will. In order to do so, Helumin must sacrifice 3 DEF to begin the process, and some of the ways Helumin can use this advanced state includes: Harden Ash: Helimun can manipulate the ash to become as hard as steel, ranging from minor projectiles like needles and shards, to much larger constructions like minor walls if there is enough ash in the vicinity. Helimun can even manipulate ash to spread on multiple individuals, which becomes handy for the next step.

Heavy Burdens: If there is any ash amongst an individual(s) Helimun can make the ash much more dense to slow the enemy down, resulting in -2 SPD, and making it much more heavier to deal with. Helimun can even insert ash into an individual’s body, and after doing so, can make the ash dense and harden, making the lungs and every portion of the body able to inhale and process oxygen become nearly impossible to complete.

Healing Wounds: Helimun can absorb ash to regain 2 DEF every 2 posts, making the use of ash to be detrimental in order to keep up with this costly ability

Similar to the Flames of Aeternum, but more costly, in order to keep this ability activated, Helimun must sacrifice 2 DEF every 3 posts, and will deactivate once the DEF runs out

Heat Gun 

A familiar form to someone far, the Heat Gun is an ability Helimun only recently unlocked, and has much to learn. Only two versions of this weapon are available: The standard version, which is able to go 20 feet with a diameter of 5 feet, and the Laser Gun, a more miniature version of the Heat Gun that is able to go 25 feet, but at a diameter of 2.5 feet. If either versions of the gun land on an unarmoured enemy, the blast will penetrate straight through the body, essentially melting the flesh, skin and bones around the point.

The Call of Quoninn (Passive) 

Not a damaging effect, this ability allows Helimun to call Quoninn to his side to help, (the available abilities are seen on Quoninn’s profile).

Special Items

Heart of the Aeterni 

A gem implemented into the heart of Helimun, this gem allows the man to regain +5 DEF every 5 posts. Cannot regenerate past base attribute value.


A custom M1911 pistol that is engraved from the tip of the barrel to the bottom of the pistol grip, this pistol is standard when it comes to ammunition, but the bullets can be infused with Helimun’s fire abilities to make the bullets much more damaging.

(Read Quoninn’s bio for the first half)

With the loss of The Order after months of its reformation, Helimun simply became a wanderer to the country, keeping the insignia of what was once an organization of justice on the grip of his pistol, Maribel. His job, which was once a member of the guild, simply became a bodyguard and a hired gun, who escorted people for a specific fee. This lifestyle ensued, and because of it, the bond between Helimun and Quoninn became distant.

With the destruction of Tiberia as a whole, Helimun found himself awake in the plains of an empty realm, and so he wandered for an extensive period of time, lost, dazed and confused on what happened to the world before. He was lonesome, but the last person left was his other half, Quoninn, who he began to speak as he wandered in efforts to rebuild the connection once lost. The wandering ensued for a period of time, and after the discovery of the first opponent, who decimated him in combat, and left him in an a comatose like state, Helimun and Quoninn began to focus on their new goal: the eradication of their close friends returning from a place long long ago.