AP: 30

Crowns: 54,653

black bg.png

Strength:  3

Speed:  7

Defense:  4

Energy:  16


Name:  Helen DuPont

Age:  21

Species:  Human

Height:  5'10

Appearance:  Refer to pic.

Apparel:  Varies

Hometown:  Moretti

Character Skills

Heart of Gold (Passive) 

-Helen is highly immune, not completely immune, to motion sickness.
-Instead of burning energy for any of her abilities, she exchanges it for her ability. Releasing an ability will give her back the lost energy.
-Increases base defense by +1.

All About the Love (Passive) 

Increases base energy by +1.

Physical Conditioning (Passive) 

Increases base speed by +1.


Exchanging 1 energy, Helen can pull objects towards herself/Everlong, and can pull herself/Everlong towards objects or people. When the latter is active, she boosts her speed by +1. The ability is stackable although the buff isn't, and weight affects it.

Stick it to the Man 

-Helen can place a kiss shaped sticker on a surface or person using the limbs and lips of Everlong's or her body, and the mark can either attract Helen or any marked object to itself. It can be peeled off physically, and it is sticky on both sides. Physical attacks can't destroy the marks, but energy attacks can.
-The stickers are invisible until activated.
-Helen and Everlong both count as one giant sticker.
-Creation of the sticker exchanges 1 energy, activating it to pull at things exchanges 1 energy.
-Multiple stickers can be active at once. Helen is able to feel their locations.
-Additional stickers on one target will increase the strength of the pull by +1. Weight does influence this ability.


-Costs 1 energy to activate, 1 energy is returned upon deactivation
-Allows Helen to and experience the past of a very large area around her with her own senses except touch if she chooses to, at any time. She cannot be harmed by the past, and she cannot affect it.
-Allows Everlong to pull time, causing the past to overlap with the present. This makes it so that everyone in the area will be able to see the past of the local area in live action, like a record tape being played. Each additional sense (hearing, smell, etc) added to the overlapping of time will cost an additional 1 energy to exchange. The past can be rewinded, paused, replayed, skipped, just like a record tape. Ghosts of the past cannot be touched, and any attempts to touch them will fail.
-Allows Helen/Everlong the ability to resist/influence any time abilities at the cost equivalent to that ability (up to a maximum of 5 energy). After 3 posts (including the ability activation), she regains her energy back.
Example: Someone wants to go back in time. Helen can hitchhike a ride on that person's time rewind.


Special Items