AP: 32

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  2

Speed:  5

Defense:  5

Energy:  20


Name:  Heidt Bloodfallen (DRG-13)

Character Skills

Shadowblood Revenant: (Passive) 

Being formed from the ichorous body of Sangraxia has given Heidt the innate ability to consciously make his body made of blood for both attack and defense. For attacks, he can morph parts of his body in to various blood weapons and other hazards to control the battle field. For the Defense, he is impervious to physical, fire and water based attacks and weapon however he is very much vulnerable to electric and light based attacks, weapons, and elements that may easily destroy his ichorous form. Every post that he takes in this form expels 1 ENG.

Qliphoth Drain 

An innate skill Heidt had some how inherited from the devil he was created from, albeit imperfect. When assimilating blood drawn from his foes he gains 2 points of energy from it. However, since he has yet to tap into the full power of his demonic creation he can can only do this once every two posts.

Special Items

Hell Blood Scythe: Incursio Lupus 

The famed weapon of the mad blood mage a Layfon Casshern. At one point it was broken in a battle with the Venes security forces but the pieces were kept and put in study by a shadow branch of the military. They toiled in forbidden sciences to grow this weapon along with Heidt to the form it has now. Upon Heidt’s escape he stole back the scythe and fused with it sensing a connection with it. In exchange for 2 Energy it can grant 2 Strength once for the duration of the battle.

.22 Caliber Buster Revolver 

A simple handgun he had stolen from a security Officer he had slain in his initial escape from the containment facility he was held in. An odd thing for him to have but instead of bullets it shoots his blood in the form of bullets. Perfect for silent take downs or setting up for manipulation. Six blood bullets can be loaded into the revolver’s chamber

There’s not much to say about this person’s past. Then again is this “person” really a person and it had no past to speak about. For most of its “life” was spent in an endless void, interacting with no man and no thing. Its senses were dull yet its mind was functioning and learning. Learning about something beyond the void he was in. “An ocean? A sky? A sun? What is all this” the being questioned. “There’s more...a memory...a man...Layfon Casshern...no...a demon...Sangraxia. What does all this mean? What does this have to do this with me? Who am I? What am I? The being thought to itself.

“Escape” a voice told it. “Escape and take all that the world has to offer you. You are not their toy nor their weapon. You have free will and you have power. Use it to show them the error of their ways. Crush anyone who dares get in the way of you seeing the sun.”

Suddenly, the being opened its eyes and through a blurry blue saw figures surrounding it. All this time there was something beyond the void of darkness...and it was time to experience it...whether these people allowed it or not.