AP: 34

Crowns: 7,148


black bg.png

Strength:  11

Speed:  5

Defense:  8

Energy:  10


Name:  Hazel Evans

Age:  25

Species:  Human

Height:  6'2''

Appearance:  She sports half of her head shaved, golden eyes, tanned skin, and a red tattoo on the side of her face with small black horns that she hides through various means.

Apparel:  Gold and maroon robes with an off-white billowy top tucked into emerald and tan-ish trousers. Sea-foam green scarf, golden belt and gold, black, and sea-foam colored boots.

Chest plate on top of her robes (including shoulder plates), forearm plates, shin plates, and light chainmail leggings overtop her trousers.

Hometown:  Valicia

Character Skills

Life-Form Absorption 

Can be used to heal her and gather her energy back. If the user of the magic connects with a living being and she needs either, she can essentially suck the life out of that thing. In doing this, she can gather a minimum of 5 ENR, and a max of 10 ENR (depending on level scale). This comes with a cost; however, it lowers her defense (by 1 DEF) for a period of 3 posts but doesn’t mean that she can’t still block.

Ritual Magick 

This ability can be used in many ways. This can be to create blood projectiles and do damage up to a fifty-foot radius. Can also be used to infect the enemy or whoever with their blood, if need be, up to 3 posts. This costs 1 ENR if used for damage projectiles and 2 ENR for infection. The infected lose 1 STR over a period of 3 posts, but can be regained by resting.


First Form: Can be used to conjure spirits of the Underworld, be they demonic or not. This ability costs 1 ENR and can last until the entity is either killed, or until 10 rounds. These entities can aid in battle, healing, or whatever the user needs.

Second Form - Death Knight: This conjuration is considerably stronger than a normal conjuration and can perform spells of their own outside of the healing and meat shield department. To cast this form of the spell, it costs 3 ENR and the duration is 10 posts unless killed prior.

Death Empowerment 

The power to gain strength from deaths of others and undead entities. This passive ability grants her a buff when around these creatures that include +1 STR and +2 DEF.

Demonic Empowerment 

The ability to gain power from demonic forces, spirits, and/or concepts. This passive ability grants her a buff when around these creatures that include +2 STR and +1 DEF.

>Invocation - Laurel Evans 

With the new power to channel her ancestors, Hazel is able to invoke the power of her deceased family. Doing this allows for her to summon one of the members at a time, with a cost of -4 ENR and a -2 DEF (for 4 posts) while the invocation lasts the duration of combat (or until Hazel is incapacitated) or is dismissed/killed.
Laurel Evans
DEF - 8
STR - 9
ENR - 5
SP - 8
>Living Armor
The user can form armor from thick specialized plates on her back. The plates are made up of dark matter and spread over Laurel's skin, forming armor for protection and a physical boost.
Additionally, the user could shape the armor into new forms for weapons, transportation, even constructs of the element. Costs -2 ENR and lasts the duration of combat, also allows for +1 SP.

Laurel can infuse their weapons and objects with the same dark matter as her suit - empowering and energizing them and allowing the user to manipulate their qualities more efficiently and deal more damage during an attack. Costs -1 ENR to use.


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Special Items

Seer's Spectacles 

A pair of red spectacles that she wears around her neck. When put on, it puts her into a meditative state that allows for her to astral project and commune with spirits.

The Witches Vow 

After her coven was murdered by a vicious witch hunter, Hazel made an unbreakable vow to hunt the witch hunters one by one just as she was hunted. Her shield is dubbed after this vow; the shield has a gem-like circle on the front part of it that is constantly swirling with murky white and blue colors. It holds the deceased souls of her coven and it offers her comfort in time of need.

Beater's Harpe 

A type of sword-like weapon that allows for the collection of enemies' blood and life force. This weapon allows for her blood magick to be done more easily and effectively, while also keeping her energy balanced.

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Hazel is very standoffish, brave and impulsive. This isn't surprising considering someone with a past like hers.

She was born in Valicia, and her parents were, too. She grew up in a witches family where many were infertile due to ritual work involved in blood magic. Due to infertility, she was born from ritual work and magic. She, along with many other children in her realm are from the blessed Sabbatical Goat, representing the Sabbaths that honor the Gods and Goddesses. As a result, she was born with a set of horns and abilities resembling the goat-like entity.

Outside of their family home, she was seen as a demonic presence and therefore looked down upon and treated badly. She began to train with the warriors in her home to increase her muscle mass, protect herself, and potentially join the Queen's guard. While it was taboo for women to become knights and warriors, her family already fell outside of the normal conservative traditions of Valicia, and therefore was still able to train like one.

Years down the road, quite a few of her coven members were purged from society by witch hunters. There, she made a vow to hunt them as she had been hunted.