AP: 38

Crowns: 10092

black bg.png

Strength:  6

Speed:  9

Defense:  20

Energy:  3


Name:  Haruna Jae Bloom

Age:  Actual age: N/A Age appearance: 23-ish

Species:  N/A

Height:  5,10

Appearance:  A young-woman in appearance, Haruna possesses fairly pale skin with a light-brown hair-color, her eyes are a dark shade of grey and black.

She has a nimble-looking body build, skinny and flexible, but also having a muscular undertone, much like one that has their body built for agility and movement over straight strength.

Apparel:  Haruna loves all sorts of comfy and lazy clothes, from cute panda pajamas, to really short sleeping shorts, she doesn't discriminate between showing skin and not showing skin, as long as she likes it and it is comfortable. (Often lazes in her underwear)

Hometown:  Not Birthed In Tiberia or Solace, technically space is her birth-place.

Character Skills

Spacial Density 

Haruna's Bodily structure, from her bones, to her organs, to her flesh, to her skin, to her appendages are all Built with the density of thick spacial matter, making them extremely Dense and Durable, Held together much like a Gravitational force always collapsing into itself constantly, It is unable to be pulled apart, and is extremely difficult to pierce by normal means, Now while the structure of her body is nearly indestructible by normal physical means, it does not nullify pain or Damage that she can feel.

Gravitational Barrier 

Haruna's physical being is constructed in a mix of Spacial matter that generates a small barrier around it's being that prevents contact with anything from the outside that isn't strong enough to break through the See-through barrier that's strength is equal to a third of Haruna's total defense.

(Note, The barrier is self-regenerating, and has a small Gravitational push outward to anything close enough to touch it, it forms over all her bonded items. Bonded items are what is found on her information page.)

Dimensional State of Mind 

Haruna's physical being is unidentified within the Universe's materials and often times, does not follow the laws of the universe, examples being that she doesn't need to breathe, she does not have a body temperature, when in contact with someone she will feel almost non existent, and her body and spirit are unaffected by things such as 'Mind-control' or 'Electric Signal reading' simply because her body doesn't function on the same physical plain.

Gravity Distortion (Passive) 

A rather odd ability to manipulate one's own Laws of gravity, with this, Haruna can manipulate the force between gravitational force, and lack of gravitational force, Allowing her to accomplish things such as Levitation, Gravity removal, Gravitational weight increase, all of these relating to herself and how she responds to gravitational forces.

Soldier's Training. (lvl 2) 

Haruna was trained in the venesian military for utility, scout, and combat purposes. This training allows Haruna to withstand up to 4x the normal trauma or pain overload that a normal person with her defense would need to receive before being knocked out or beaten to blackout, the training also included things such as bomb neutralization and military tactics. She was mainly trained to be a scout unit above all other functions. (+2 Defense.)

Special Items

Matters Modesty 

Clothing formed from a Flexible and Durable Spacial fiber that is unable to be torn, knitted into a full-clothing set that is able to be altered with Haruna's will, this set is unaffected by temperature or elemental effects, and is unidentifiable within the known Universes materials. (Is fitted to Haruna's physical body.)

The Last Word 

A rather large hand-gun that qualifies as a hand-cannon, it is made with the same spacial matter as her G.B.O.C and possesses the same immunity to normal elemental effects that are outside of natural laws like Gravity, it is known to have it’s own gravitational field that doubles it’s weight constantly if not wielded by a Gravity-Distortion user. Can be called to the hand of a Gravity-Distortion user when at a distance. Range: 100 Yards. Caliber: .47. Cartridge-size: 14. Rounds: Kinetic charged bullets that burn through thin walls and ignite flammable things.


A blade forged out of an unnaturally dense and durable spacial matter that is found in the very center of an inwardly collapsing black hole, making it's materials unidentifiable in the known universe, this specific material is unaffected by elemental effects outside of Natural laws such as Gravity and it is also known to have it's own gravitational field that makes it's weight double repeatedly when not folded in half and not controlled with a Gravity Distortion user. It can be called to the hand of a Gravity Distortion user from any distance. Is designed with precise minuscule Serrations that allow it to pierce and shred through bone with more ease than a normal blade would.
This blade is known to fold in half and fold again into it's handle, the gears to do this show intelligent design, though it is made by no current known cause.
Sword measurements; (When unfolded.)
Blade; 16 Inches.
Hilt: 11 Inches.


A grenade that can be summoned to Haruna's hand for usage, it is a small spherical trinket that when active and thrown, causes a detonation that spreads mini-drones out that seek the enemy or target and explode when nearby, they release Napalm and ignite the target in flames with their small explosions.
(Cooldown: 3 post cooldown.)

The beginning to Haruna's life was one of mystery, born from a black hole somehow collapsing into itself and forming a humanoid, Haruna began life with no birth-place other than space. Time felt like nothing new to this being, so she was floating adrift, thoughtless for a time period that no-one really knows, she was eventually found by a lone space-traveler and he brought her on board. She was able to receive the knowledge this man held through a form of telepathic connection. She shortly after that knocked him unconscious and hijacked his escape pod, from there she traveled to a land known as "Tiberia" where she felt she was drawn to go. There she would have crash-landed in the Venesian wildlife and found herself wandering to a city where she searched for the purpose to her existence, this led to her.. sort of accidentally enrolling into the Venesian militia under Colonel Elesis. When Tiberia would collapse, she would find herself one of the few teleported to Solace, her and her companion, Richard Jae Bloom. An Ex-Venesian soldier that wandered through existence looking for purpose. That is the description that fits Haruna.