AP: 32

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  15

Speed:  12

Defense:  5

Energy:  0


Name:  Grail

Age:  22

Species:  Human

Height:  5,11

Character Skills


an ability to punish true sinners. Strikes with slow but powerful strikes that slowly erode a targets guard until a finishing blow can connect. Grail can make slow attacks in 3 round bursts. At the end of 3 rounds, he either makes a powerful finishing blow, or continues his chain until he runs out of stamina. When he makes a finishing blow, if he does not connect, the blow leaves him open and vulnerable to attack, and he cannot restart or continue his chain for another 3 posts. Each bursts consumes 1 stamina. Every third burst consumes 1 speed and strength instead

Unrelenting Assault: 

Grail has stamina points equal to the max of his strength or speed stat, whichever is higher. Stamina is required to use his abilities, and acts as impromptu energy. He cannot use stamina to block magical effects, and effects that increase stats does not affect his stamina. Instead, he regains 1 stamina every post. Should his stamina decrease because of one of his own abilities effects, he cannot regain full stamina until after battle.


a quick strike that strips a target of any and all defenses. Grail can consume 1 stamina to attack a foe. If the target has a defensive ability activated, like a shield or guard ability, grail causes it to end immediately, or reduce its duration by 1 post, if it has a duration longer than 5 posts. Alternatively if the target has no defensive ability activated, grail can reduce their defense by 1 for 3 posts, that stacks. If an opponents defense becomes less than half its original amount, he can use an execute immediately. He can only remove 1 effect per post. Using this ability for the third time and onward in succession consumes 1 strength and 1 speed instead of stamina reducing a targets defense refreshing the debuff duration.


The final act against a true sinner. Grail gathers his strength into a final strike meant to end the battle immediately, or come close to it. Grail consumes all his stamina at once to power this ability, then strikes with all his force. Should the blow connect, it can deliver enough force to fatally wound or straight out kill (at players behest) enemies. It take a post to charge up, and it leaves him vulnerable afterwards, as well as reducing his max strength, speed, and stamina by half it's current amount for the rest of the battle. The more stamina grail consumes, the stronger the ability is, with no stamina being more like a regular attack, and anything more than 10 stamina being an almost sure killing blow.

Special Items


A flat-tipped sword that is heavy and sharp. Its not used for cutting, and is unbalanced. its only use being decapitating sinners in one swing. Despite its heavy weight it can be swung around fast and packs a heavy punch when it is. In its side is an inscription “When my blade falls, I hope these true sinners find redemption”

Duelist Dagger: 

a dagger used for backup when he cant use his sword. Its a short thin blade used to pierce armor and stab opponents.

Plate armour 

Heavy metal armor that covers the entire body, consisting of full steel plate armor over mail and gambeson. It protects the bodies excluding the articulation and visor area. The armor can deflect most attacks, but can be rent from piercing weapons or bullets.

A former knight, turned executioner by his unamed king. He raised his blades a hundred times a day, and heads rolled a hundred times a day. he was covered in blood by the end of the day. He executed anyone his king told him to. Rebels, enemy soldiers, sometimes even innocent women and children. He had closed his heart to the wails of death he reaped and sowed, and he became his kings number one agent. He was bloody, and almost lost in the same insanity of his king, when a bright light shined down on his kingdom. Within it, he sensed death, but not the sort he dealt with. the death the light gave him was peaceful. he knew that if he were to die now, it would be as himself, not as the kings right hand. thinking he was about to die anyways, he rebelled against the mad king, cutting his and all his advisors heads off, before dropping his sword, falling to his knees, and waiting his peaceful death. But he had sinned for so long, he would not be given redemption so early. he needed more penance. As the light consumed him, so did the sounds of the city disappear, replaced with the buzz and hum of birds and bees. nature! what he thought was eradicated by his king, trees, animals, even flowing water, he could all hear, and he thought he was in heaven. Opening his eyes, he was not dead, but instead transported to a new land. a land without his corrupt king, a land full of life. a land he was happy to be in. He picked up his sword, the sword he had used to cut down everyone his king pointed at. now, with his sword, he cut down only those who truly needed to repent