AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  0

Speed:  10

Defense:  0

Energy:  20


Name:  Gojo Satoru

Age:  27

Species:  Human

Height:  6,3

Appearance:  Satoru is a slim, tall male figure. He has short white hair and light blue, crystal like beautiful eyes. Which hold a mystery. He is often seen with a quirky attitude, which can switch from deadly, to a more cutesy act out of nowhere. However, he is quite confident in battle. He does not wish to confront other humans and sorcerers. Satoru would wish to stay away from such conflict.

Apparel:  He wears a sleek black uniform and a matching blindfold. Sometimes instead of the latter, some old school black glasses.

Hometown:  Japan, speculated: Nara prefecture.

Character Skills

Cursed Energy Manipulation (Passive): 

Satorus perfect Cursed Energy Manipulation enables him to amplify his body to a super human level. He can even combine Positive Cursed Energy with Negative Cursed Energy. A fact nescessary for his >> Limitless << Cursed Technique. Satoru passively generates 2 ENR per post.


Being an inherited ability in the Gojo Family, Satoru manipulates what is known as: "Infinity". This Infinity is a field around Satoru that "slows" things down. When something is going to strike Satoru, the opponent slows down. That someone will never touch Satoru, due to the infinity between them. Satoru is able to decide what does and doesn't touch him. However, this effect of Infinity can be negated by a mechanic. Example would be a sealing or cancelling spells. Cost: 5 ENR | Instant Cast | 5 Post duration | 2 Post Cooldown

Cursed Technique: Blue Infinity 

By manipulating Infinity, Satoru causes impossible situations to be born. A force cast from him that erases space within certain casted, close range. For up to 10 meters, Satoru can swipe his hands with the blue cursed energy hovering around his hands. Wherever he swipes his hands, the mass and space will either be erased or be a central gravity point, where all mass violently pulls itself together. Cost: 5 ENR | Instant Cast

Cursed Technique: Red Infinity 

Being the polar opposite of Blue Infinitys structure, Satoru points with his finger to exert a heavy blast of Cursed Energy. It violently repells mass and force in its path, at the point of impact, it causes an explosion, causing a point of gravity to push everything violently away. Cost: 7 ENR | 2 Post Cooldown

Special Items

The Six Eyes: 

Satorus second inherited ability and "item" are the six eyes.

Satoru is known as the Strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer. He is very well known for taking on multiple special grade curses and even taking those down. Theres a lot of history behind him, his clan and curses. He is the only one to inherit both the special 'Six Eyes' and 'Limitless' cursed techniques. Making him one of the most unstoppable forces. One day, it all collapsed and he ended somewhere foreign. The quirky, open minded young man found himself in new terrain to explore and search for answers.