AP: 48

Crowns: 8750

black bg.png

Strength:  3

Speed:  13

Defense:  0

Energy:  32


Name:  Lineas

Age:  Unknown

Species:  Unknown

Height:  Unknown

Appearance:  Refer to pic

Apparel:  Varies

Hometown:  Ridule

Character Skills

Organ Defilery - Subtle Machinations 

Costs 1 energy. Glass is able to utilize alchemy to change the properties of a given object. Making the object rigid or malleable, soft or hard, hot or cold. He cannot use this technique on objects larger than x meters, x being his remaining energy. If he tries, then only a certain amount of the object will be affected.

Whimsical Subjugation 

Costs 1 energy. Glass is able to take a certain degree of control against inanimate objects allowing him to manipulate the objects, and twist them to his needs. The manipulated object can be used in a variety of ways, from forming a weapon or shield to creating structures.

Give and Take 

Lineas is able to take the energy force of surrounding objects, adding to his energy and giving him a variable buff. When he takes energy from an inanimate object, he regains +1 energy He cannot use this on another person or their belongings. This ability has a 1 turn cooldown.

Summon Household - Oblivion Contract 

Lineas can create a golem for no energy cost, with stats of 3/3/3. When he creates a golem, he can expend energy to increase its stat, +1 for every energy used. He can create 3 golems at a time and they all share the stat increase (if he expends 10 energy they all get +10 for 13 total)

Chaos Staff 

As powerful as it is uncontrollable, this weapon of pure dark energy and chaos can be summoned once every three turns, and rolls a six sided dice. If it is an odd number, attacks a target with a random elemental attack. If it is even, it cloaks Glass in demon fire, damaging both him, his allies, and his enemies in a radius of 5 ft for 2 posts. Elemental attacks (roll a d6):

1: fire
2: ice
3: wind
4: lightning
5: poison
6: non-elemental (bolt of energy that does blunt force)

Cross Intermingle 

Lineas can create artificial ley lines that spiderweb across the battlefield. For 1 energy, he can create the ley lines over a 100 feet radius, with a 1 energy upkeep every post. He can then use his abilities originating from the ley lines instead of himself, and can detect magical entities that are within radius. Lineas may also use the ley lines to alter and disrupt an opponent trying to cast a spell. When a target attempts to use an ability that consumes energy, Lineas can consume the same amount of energy to either negate the attack or take control of it. When he takes control of the spell, he can use it as if he was the owner, determining who is the target of the spell, choosing any options the ability provides, and how long its effects last if possible. The targets energy is lost and is instead used to power the ley lines. If Lineas chooses to negate rather than control, then energy is returned to both of them.

Special Items

Spirit Seal  

A signet seal located on his lower body, on his left torso. The magic circle itself serves no purpose, and not many even know about its existence. However, Glass is able to summon a 3/3/3 demon from it once per battle per day. The demon consumes one energy, and explodes (6 ft radius) when it dies. This seal can detect infernal and hellish magic, as well as sense artifacts infused with magic. He can sense other types of magic as well.


Glass is the current Arch Mage of Ridule, taking the head seat of the Ridule Council. Him, and the rest of the council's origins are shrouded in mystery, but if one were to take a trip and listened to the stories of the old, a myth would appear. one, about a long ago war, a war that threatened the state of the entire world. The Battle with Norgorak. During this war, it was said six heroes led the charge, six who ended the war, and sealed the demons away. What happened to them after though, was lost to the hundred years of history.