AP: 36

Crowns: 40000

black bg.png

Strength:  20

Speed:  10

Defense:  6

Energy:  0


Name:  Garrose Umbra

Age:  19

Species:  Demon, thinks he’s human

Height:  6’ 3”

Appearance:  Garrose is a young man with sharp features, yellow eyes, messy black/brown hair. He has a lean muscular build.

Apparel:  He wears a black, long-sleeved shirt, loose-fitting white cloth pants. And a silver chain with a star on it.

Hometown:  None

Character Skills

Demons Rage 

His emotions can increase either his magical or physical strength to some degree: Anger ups his physical strength but downs his magic attacks, frustration ups his magic strength and downs his physical strength. Malice ups his speed, physical power and downs his magic attacks and defense.

After he reaches a limit of emotional stress from trying not to become said monster that he is and is badly damaged he enters a state of rapid deterioration called “Demons Rage”. It gives him a boost in; physical strength, defense and speed. His attacks become faster and stronger as well as his overall defense and speed are all buffed for a period of time. (+1 SPD STR DEF; 5 TURN) This can be buffered by armor with physical attack reductions. Lasts only a minute or so with a massive stamina drawback. Usually knocks him out but not without its own damages to other people in the vicinity. He can train with this skill to lessen the self harm.


Has the ability to absorb the kinetic energy from things or punches thrown at them and repurposing that energy (and increasing it, if they get hit more than once) for their own attack. This is his special ability!

Demons Roar  

His own fighting style. Combining both Crushing Ki and Hurling Fist for a double technique called Demons Roar. Combining the defensive tactics of Crushing Ki and the offensive force of Hurling fist he is able to do an oppressive attack against his opponents. This is his ability If he were to be in his Demons Rage and to use this technique he is able to pierce armors/shields.

Crushing Ki 

This technique is the style of fighting he uses. First by taking hits to analyze their fighting style and playing defensive. As he learns how and what they aim for he can use this technique to attack pressure points on the person's body to inflict damage. Does not add an ability!

Hurling Fist 

This technique is a style that is about power and physical strength. This style comes after his first technique. Used offensively to strike using what he knows. Does not add an ability!


Has some resistances against physical and magical attacks. Just takes a bit less damage from attacks like punching, and magic spells. Equalization allows him to learn during battle, after 12 replies total he will begin to learn a single move from a person he may be fighting for the duration of the battle. Has to be a physical move or technique, however it does apply to magic spells or magic.

Demon Sense 

Demons sense allows his reflexes to be enhanced as a passive. It allows him to better deflect projectiles or redirect them to another opponent. However it’s pretty inaccurate.


Has a basic resistance to Magic’s and physical attacks. Meaning he takes a bit less damage from punches or fire balls etc. basic elemental attacks whether it be magic or not he has a bit more defense against.

Special Items
Garrose wants to become the monster that everyone fears so that they are forced to unite against him to survive. By doing so, he aspires to end conflict and war and achieve world peace. Absolute Evil. However his human side wants to keep the peace by beating the evil no matter the cost. To end conflict by giving himself to the cause.

Garrose hates the nobles and wealthy, as he believes such people will always win in the end. This is because as a child, he had no friends and the children of the noble and the wealthy families even had fun abusing him both physically and verbally. They forced him into being weak and helpless while everyone else got to be stronger than him because they were abled because of their status and money. One time the parents of these children had beat him up so badly he was unable to move for a couple of days. Garrose had noticed how everyone liked noble children and their parents most but hated him and his kind of people. The poor and underprivileged. After watching his life repeat over and over with the same people belittling him, he grew a distaste of noble families in general and believed that in the end, the majority will always want him dead. However, this mentality also leads him to have a soft spot for victims, even his enemies. Sometimes when fighting he will learn about them, if they have scars etc. He will recall moments when he was bullied in a similar fashion and will stop sometimes. Depending on the situation.

Although Garrose is a monster himself and considered evil by most for what he does, he possesses a sense of morality; he fights others in a way without killing them, but he is okay with others killing each other. He has a soft spot for children as well. He eventually, under this mindset, grew to dislike everyone that had some kind of status. He has demonic urges to kill and slaughter but under the impression he is human he holds those back as it would be inhuman to do so. He however gets influenced to fight those who have nothing to do with his own pain.