AP: 30

black bg.png

Strength:  5

Speed:  20

Defense:  5

Energy:  0


Name:  Garret Matterson

Age:  30 years old

Species:  Human

Height:  5'9

Appearance:  Garret is a light individual who has seen better days in life. His face comprises hazel eyes that stand out from the wrinkles beginning to appear on his face, along with a 5 o’clock shadow for a beard and long black hair slicked back. As for the body, Garret is rather very slim and young for his age, having abs only a young adult would have . His torso also has a series of scratch marks running from top to bottom, acting as brief messages that he has seen the ugliest of multiple days.

Apparel:  Although clothing may vary, Garrett is normally seen with button up shirts with a vest and a cloak, as well as some workmans pants (cowboy denim, etc) and some old dusty rancher boots to helps him walk his ways home. For his head, it may range between a cowboy hat, and a wool cap in colder climates.

Hometown:  Saint Jessup, The Brave West

Character Skills

Resilient Man of the West: 

The lonesome cowboy is not just the fast gunslinger of the Brave West, but durable as well when it comes to a good ol’ fight. During combat, whenever any form of attack lands on Garret, he will earn1 DEF point per post until the duration of the ability affecting him is gone ( EX: 3 post duration= +3 DEF). Once combat is finished, his DEF will reset back to its original number.

Special Items


A modified repeater rifle with extended barrel, improved rifling, a detachable scope and cushioning on the buttstock, this rifle serves to be Garret’s backup weapon for hunting and defense. The bullets in this rifle have been made in a spiral manner, allowing the bullet to drill and penetrate thick metals coming his way, making the Longmire a more dangerous weapon than what the engraved wood rifle appears to the human eye.


The legend itself, filled with a world of mystery, Ol’ Reliable is considered one of the most dangerous pistols ever made, and Garret being one of the greatest men to wield it. This long barrelled 6 shooter, black and engraved with silver and gold trimming, is dangerous because of the unusual quirk it has. This big iron has the capability of changing the rounds--which are also made like the bullets of Longmire-- into 3 stages: Stage 1: Regular rounds, nothing special Stage 2: Hot as Hell!: Bullets are ignited into flames, when penetrating an enemy, they will suffer interlan burn damage along side the results from the bullet drilling into them (- 1 DEF, can stack for a max of -5). Stage 3: Lightnin Rounds!!: Bullets are electrified, when penetrating an enemy, they will be electrocuted inside while suffering the damage the physical bullet does (-1 STR, SPD, DEF, can stack to -5). Stage 2 requires a cooldown of 3 posts before being reignited, and Stage 3 requires a 4 post cooldown before being recharged.


A massive curved Hunting Knife, this weapon is for the more up close and personal encounters when Ol’Reliable can’t get the job done right. This blade is also unique, as the blade holds a poison that, when touched or penetrated into any sort of flesh, will make the enemy feel as if they are being eaten inside out (-2 STR per post for 3 posts).