AP: 34

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  10

Defense:  6

Energy:  8


Name:  Garnot Alleyne

Age:  1647

Species:  Human

Height:  1'87m

Appearance:  Imma be lazy and just say REFER TO THE PICTURE

Apparel:  He typically wears thicker winter fur coats, regardless of the current heat or cold

Hometown:  Askana Wildlands

Character Skills

Mastery of the Body  

The curse has Greatly enhanced Garnot's physical capabilities, not only boasting great resistance to diseases and poisons but improving his strength and speed to inhuman levels. He is also capable of fighting or traveling for a great deal longer than most people as he has greatly enhanced stamina, however not if he is at peak performance the whole time. Furthermore, he has greatly improved Senses, his sense of smell comparable to that of a bloodhound, having perfect eyesight as he's capable of spotting a mouse up to 25m away and capable of hearing someone pulling back a bowstring up to 55m away.
His body is also capable of healing itself faster than most humans, so even though he is capable of surviving wounds that would kill most people it would greatly strain his body and likely remove him from combat.

Minor cuts/scrapes 2 turn.

Mild cuts/wounds 6 turns.

Severe wounds 9 turns.

Limbs 23 turns.

He can also naturally regenerate ENR, at 1 point of ENR per turn

Mastery of the Mind 

Garnot has the capability of communicating and reading people's minds through telepathy. When he has just met someone he is able to communicate to them in a one way fashion and only able to read surface level thoughts within a distance of 10m. When he communicates with someone he knows, or has established previous contact with several times in the past, he can communicate with them up to a distance of 50m, with them being able to talk to him as well this time. For someone he is truly close with, such as a good friend or lover he can communicate and read them from anywhere in the world.
He can also plant a special rune upon a person to read them and communicate to them (if he wishes) from any distance. However the rune shall need to be prepared before hand and only lasts for a short time before it expires without a host (So he can't just carry a shit ton of them around all the time). Furthermore he is capable of detecting magical beings, items and usage, sensing their general location in an area, and having an idea of how much magical potential it holds. He also has minor resistance to telekinetic effects, being able to withstand people’s attempts to pick him up. Reading minds, however, cannot be used to immediately predict moves in combat.

Arms Master 

Garnot is capable of easily summoning personal armor and weapons on a whim. When it comes to weapons he can have up to 15 maximum active at one time, at which point he can telekinetically control them. Initial summoning costs 1 ENR, afterwards each change costs 1 ENR. Now he can add a magical weapon or armor to his arsenal if found and a specific rune engraved upon it, allowing him to call upon it at any time, though Engraving costs 1 ENR.

The Accursed  

When Garnot becomes too angry, loses his grip, becomes mortally wounded or simply allows it, he unleashes the demon within, a personification of his families desires of power and destruction, this transforms him into a burnt, fiery like being, his physical capabilities drastically rises as well as gaining fire immunity and also being able to ignore most physical damage. However, when he goes into his "cursed" form, he risks ultimately damning himself to the abyss and transforming into a Daemon, and also risks becoming berserk, losing himself to the bloodlust he cannot distinguish between friend and foe. Afterwards he becomes quite weak and tired for a period of time. Note that he can revert back at any time. He's unable to turn back at will when he becomes berserk tough. Note when in this form he suffers greatly from holy attacks.

(X2 strength speed and fire magic intensity, previous hit is ignored unless it's a decapitation, doesn't feel pain, 40% reduced physical damage, each physical attack does fire damage, an area of 2m around him is 55°C hot from his flames. These properties have no bearing on Stats, and act as Passives.

flame fan = aoe flame attack whereafter 12th turn he becomes berserk for the rest of the duration, lasts 18 turns, can only be used once per combat.

Furthermore, once used, every 3 turns he needs to roll a d20 dice, if he gets 18 or above then he is either dragged down to hell or transforms into something…. else. When in this form he takes 75% increased damage from light magic attacks (but in turn is immune to dark magic. When he exits this form, he is put out of commision for five turns as his body has to heal his burns and any other external wounds (though this would be easier as they would’ve been cauterised). An additional side effect from his condition, Garnot is notoriously difficult to be read by a telepath, as his ancestors dwell within his own mind. If someone were to try and read his mind they will have to roll a d20 die, if they roll below 17, they end up reading one of the ancestors minds.

And that ain't a pretty sight

He is also capable of surviving in the desert and the cold, the desert and other hot climates because his body is capable of surviving high heat. The cold because his hellish nature… well, keeps him warm. Doesn’t negate ice magic though. Now because of his damned nature, he has a natural affinity for fire magic, pyromancy, as it is otherwise known as. Now besides conventional uses, such as immunity from his own flames allowing him to make literal handheld torches, light up rooms, create distractions via instant arson he can also use it in other more “destructive” uses, such as:

A fireball ( lobs a fireball that travels at 30km/h and explodes for 500°C in a 2m area, after traveling 125m it would completely disperse ), consumes 3 ENR.

A AOE flame attack ( fire bursts from him and engulfs a 3m area around him in 250°C fire, burns for 2 turn ) consumes 6 ENR.

A fire wall ( Can be cast up to 15m away from him, can be a total of 2m wide, 10m long and 5m tall whilst burning at 300 , lasting 4 turns, consumes 4 ENR.

As well as other “creative” applications.

He is quite vulnerable to light/holy magic due to his hellish state (takes 50% increased damage from it), however he generally won't fight those who use holy magic in the first place. Garnot also has several mainacial voices in his head which is his ancestors and the man they wish for him to become. He also has to face the manifestation of all his ancestors in his sleep, (And they're not particularly pleasant) so he always stays awake, having to rely on a special potion to keep him going, and if say an opponent were to cast a sleep spell on him he would fall asleep immediately into a deep dark slumber.

Special Items

2 Nirichin blades 

The weapon typically carried by those within the ranks of the Daemon slaying corps. These particular blades, which belongs to Garnot, glows red and Black respectively. The Nirichin blades are forged from an enchanted ore that was granted to them by Eir's holy legion, being far stronger than normal steel (About 5x) As well as absorbing the sunlight and converting it into holy energy to effectively harm the creatures of the dark, burning their wounds and preventing any healing for the duration of combat, as well as making the nerves of the demonic creature hypersensitive for a short period of time (pain threshold decreased by 5x for 3 turns). However at night, or in the dark, it can only cut an opponent 5 times before running out of energy (Its energy is expelled by direct contact). Each Nirichin Blade Glows differently for each individual, whether it be due to their personality or what type of magic they commonly use. To be quite frank, no one really knows. However, Garnot's blades grow red and black, red often thought to symbolize power and Black thought to symbolize Darkness or tragedy

Garnot Alleyne was a knight who fought in servitude of the lord of the Askana Wildlands, Servius Westwind, who reigned as one of the most tactically genius generals of his time, and Garnot served as his right hand. However him being an amazing general doesn't necessarily make him popular… he had quite a few enemies to say the least. Most of the General's enemies congregated and joined forces to bring him down. For all his military might, Servius could not defeat that many troops with only his garrison men. And they knew it. They first tried to coerce Servius into surrender, but he was too proud a man to do so. Garnot was ordered to help evacuate the civilians and his family via secret tunnel… but someone betrayed them and he and the family were ultimately captured. He was tortured and interrogated, then tortured some more. Then after a week of torture Garnot, Servius and his family were taken to the throne room of Servius's greatest foe. It was evident that the others were tortured as well. This man wanted Servius to suffer, so he made him watch as he slit his child's throat. Deep within a beast, which always resided within him, manifested itself for the first time and Garnot emerged as a hellish fiery being, he destroyed the castle inhabitants. Even the Westwind family. That was over 1000 years ago, and Garnot has discovered much about his curse in this time… He learned that he comes from a cursed bloodline, as all of his ancestors were followers of the dark lord Zhaitan, and we're despicable human beings and they've all eventually become very powerful Deamons after their lifetimes as humans expired, but always ensuring they produce a child before their "ascension" into new power Garnot never knew his parents until he started delving into his family history as he was separated from them as a wee babe, simply growing up in the village of Yorn where he was adopted by an old, retired, but respected Deamon Hunter who used ancient and rather unknown magics involving using physical weaponry, whom he subsequently taught Garnot.

His family being involved in the culture and religion of Zhaitan for many generations, in fact his ancestors were some of the first people to become known as the blinded, those whom still followed him even after his fall from power.

Now he has been the first in centuries to break their tradition, becoming a noble and stoic warrior. Standing against everything they stood for.

Garnot stands and lives as living proof of his parents failure, and they have decided that he has to become one of them, death would be too easy, not to mention he would likely be granted passage to Eir's heavenly kingdom. So they cursed him with immortality, unable to die of old age nor of disease.

His ancestors, after that night, approached him in his dreams, offering him power and glory, in exchange for his soul… But he refused. Every. Single. Time.

Eventually they stopped trying to be diplomatic and became more forceful, haunting him in his dreams and cursing him with nightmare. Unable to deal with this he searched the world for a way to stay awake, but continue to function. He eventually discovered a recipe for a potion that can only be crafted by highly skilled alchemists that gives his body the energizing boost he normally gets from sleep, allowing him to go weeks, sometimes months, without normal sleep.

He has since dedicated his life to defending the innocent, wandering the world helping the weak and downtrodden, and correcting injustices where they occur, he even joined the Daemon Hunting corps to further assist him in his battle against evil .

Yet, even though he was a powerful warrior for good, twas not enough to stop the servants of Zhaitan to bring back their dark lord, returning him to the physical plane to open the gateway to hell for legions of daemons to flood the world and lay waste to the lands, which he formerly created, and later turned against him.

A powerful wizard offered him and a few other people a means of escape, a portal which leads to a new land that offers sanctuary from the hordes or darkness.

Seeing little other choice Garnot and the others agreed to head through the portal, however, once he came through the portal he was thrown into an unknown world with the Wizard nowhere to be seen…..