AP: 30

black bg.png

Strength:  3

Speed:  15

Defense:  3

Energy:  9


Name:  Flare

Age:  18

Species:  Chaos Pheonix

Height:  5' 11"

Appearance:  Has jet black hair, piercing light gray eyes, and a slightly pale skin color. He's slightly built, however can move extremely fast.

Apparel:  Black t-shirt and open black and gray jacket. Usually wears dark gray or black sweat pants. Wears earrings and black sneakers.

Hometown:  Adamantia

Character Skills

Reapers Barrage 

Flare receives a supernatural boost of speed, allowing him to hit his target three times with power and precision. Can be combo'd with Stream Burst. Cooldown is 2 posts.

Stream Burst 

Flare is able to use a burst of speed to execute a 3-hit attack after using Reapers Barrage. 2 ENR points and 2 post cooldown.


Uses Demitri: Tome of Blood to give bloodlust, which increases speed and attack by 3. ENR 5

Death's Whisper 

Chants 3 phrases to give +2 STR. 4 ENR cost.

Special Items

Black Chaos Scythe 

Tall-double edged scythe. Void black in color it is believed to hold the souls of demons and evil spirits.

Demitri- Tome of Blood 

This spellbook has powerful spells which can be cast using blood. It has a thick cover and is as black as the void.

Cybernetic Legs 

Cybernetic legs used to make the body lighter and increase speed and agility. Made of the finest carbon fiber material known in the world.

Cybernetic Eyes 

Is able to see in complete and total darkness. Can also see thermal body signs, used to hunt down targets easier.

Flare was born in Adamantia but was abandoned when he was young. Flare was taken in by famous assassin groups and trained to be an assassin. Upon learning that Flare was a Chaos Pheonix, they made Flare take out more and more assignments, as well as trained him harder than any of the other assassins.