AP: 36

black bg.png

Strength:  8

Speed:  20

Defense:  8

Energy:  0


Name:  Everlong (companion)

Species:  Stand

Height:  5'10"

Character Skills

Soul Bonded (Passive) 

Everlong floats around Helen like some sort of spirit. It is physically unable to move more than 2 meters away from her. It is the physical manifestation of Helen's soul, and thus acts as a 2nd pair of eyes for her as well as uses her energy pool for its abilities. The downside to all of this, however, is that whatever damage it takes is applied to Helen in the same spot as well (ie. Helen loses an arm, it loses the same arm, vice versa). Everlong is summoned/desummoned for free through Helen's body/skin and it phases straight through her. Everlong is a space time follower and will receive abilities as such over time with quests.


Passively gains +1 speed. When activated, Everlong and only Everlong gains a +10 speed boost for 1 post while temporarily disabling the passive speed buff. Has a cooldown of 1 post.

I Fought the Law, the Law Won 

-The most basic summary of this ability is that Everlong and Helen can pull the fabric of space with their own 2 hands. -It can also use this ability to stretch or shrink objects without changing the mass of the objects. A stretched object, however, will have less durability than the original. A shrunken object will be more durable than the original. -This ability works on barriers regardless of the energy stat of the opponent due to the space affecting nature of it. It is highly recommended that Helen does not attempt to use it on a barrier that is protecting an opponent since it would make her extremely vulnerable, since both her hands or Everlong's hands are preoccupied with using the ability. -This ability cannot affect RPers/people including Helen, but it can affect other space abilities such as portals. -Costs 2 energy to modify the fabric of space. Undoing a modification to the fabric of space returns 2 energy.

Special Items