AP: 34

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  0

Speed:  10

Defense:  5

Energy:  19


Name:  Emilia, the Lightbringer

Character Skills

Prisma (Passive) 

Whenever Emilia moves, she creates a narrow trail of sharp and floating magical glass shards, nearly invisible to the naked eye. When they are moved or interacted with, they will shimmer with light. All of Emilia's Prisma can move to speeds equivalent to her maximum energy.


Can be used in conjunction with other abilities. At the cost of 1 energy with 1 post of build up time, Emilia gathers up and concentrates her energy.


Emilia can fire small sharp shards of Prisma from her personal aura and one/post for free. Any larger attacks will require 1 energy. At the cost of 2 energy per post, she unleashes a potentially unending torrent of Prisma that shatters, creating 2 feet radius shrapnel explosions on hit, or can be manually blown up to create 1 foot radius shrapnel explosions. This ability, while powered by energy, deals physical damage equivalent to Emilia’s maximum total energy.
Supercharged: the basic ranged attack becomes a powerful flak cannon, and the torrent of Prisma can cut through concrete like butter while still exploding on hit/manually. The latter means that even one shard of Prisma can explode multiple times. The supercharged effect will last as long as the attack lasts.


Emilia can manipulate all existing Prisma at a cost of 1 energy per post, able to meld it together to create larger structures.
Supercharged: Manipulating existing Prisma will also cause it to replicate, creating trails of glass shards.

Special Items

Carbon Crusader Armor 

A full set of black armor with thin grey runes symmetrically lining every surface. A cross shaped visor covered with a blue-tinted magic barrier with the same durability as the armor serves as the eyepiece. The armor is bulletproof to standard medium caliber rounds, will slightly reduce the impact force of higher caliber rounds up until heavier weaponry come in, which can deliver enough force to bypass the armor’s absorption. Quickly reloads any carried guns. Has the passive ability to render any recordings or visual feedback, magical or nonmagical, of the wearer to be heavily censored with large black and white static bars. This doesn’t apply to regular and unmodified eyesight, but will even apply to anyone wearing glasses.


A riveting and foreign looking 9mm handgun with a rune beveled onto the grip. Can unleash a single and powerful piercing shot with a 3 kilometer effective range, a 3 km/s muzzle velocity, the ability to puncture heavy tank armor, and the added bonus damage of the user’s energy resulting in a lightning ball of explosive energy at the end of the shot. The gun has a 15 round magazine. The weapon’s ability has a 1 post cooldown.


A foreign looking silenced 9mm submachine pistol with a rune beveled next to the chamber. Overloads electronics with its bullets and forces electronic locks to unlock themselves. It...just happens. The gun has a 40 round magazine which it unloads at a rate of 1200 RPM.

The Lightbringer 

A holy script burned into the back of Emilia. Regenerates 1 energy per post.

As the only one with any magic talent in her group of mercenaries, Emilia was jokingly referred to as "The Lightbringer" by her companions, Winter Fox, before that title was slowly embedded into her identity. While she couldn't hold a sword the right way, while she strained herself from trying to do a single pull up, her compatriots could always count on her abilities to catch them from a pinch. In a community where people fought and killed for nothing more than money for family and for themselves, the Lightbringer was one thing they could all count on as their northern star. It was because of this that they started to open up to each other, become a kind of family, something rare among such groups.

The lack of magic among Winter Fox's members would call forth a great catastrophe that would shake Emilia to her very core: mages seeking vengeance for actions past wiped out the group before being felled by the woman. She could not heal the fallen, nor did she have any sort of technology that would allow her to save her companions. And so she began to think to herself: what kind of ideology would prevent a region as technologically advanced from spreading their tech for the greater good? And the more Emilia thought about it, the more maddened she became.