AP: 50

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  15

Speed:  15

Defense:  5

Energy:  15


Name:  Elesis

Age:  21

Species:  Human

Height:  5'6'' / 166 cm

Appearance:  Elesis has straight crimson hair that flows down to her hips, with blunt bangs resting on her forehead, ending just past her brow. Her eyes are crimson, but the light reflected by her irises turns golden, resulting in an iridescent effect. Elesis' skin is fair, smooth and unblemished, her body is light-framed, with a lithe and curvaceous figure. She has fine and smooth facial traits, and a neutral, yet piercing, and frigid look in her eyes. Although Elesis' behavior is mostly aloof and calm, she bears a certain air of hostility that will unsettle the unprepared.

Apparel:  Most of the time, Elesis prefers to wear sleeveless shirts, jeans and boots, although depending on the situation she'll go for a different style. These are two of her most frequently worn outfits:

Favourite Attire: A sleeveless crimson top with thin shoulder straps, a black, thin rope band on her left wrist, and black lower clothing comprised of short denim shorts, tights, and a pair of long, thick leather boots that end five inches above her knees, with a matte and smooth finish, and wide short heels. Occasionally, she will wear a black cotton longcoat ontop of it all.

Black Combat Uniform: The standard-issue black uniform of the Venes military, it is practical and resistant to the elements, composed of a long-sleeved closed jacket with two pockets on the chest area and two at the bottom, fingerless nylon & kevlar gloves, cargo pants, and combat boots. Sometimes, she'll compliment this outfit with a matching military cap. This outfit is always used during military operations.

Hometown:  Venes

Character Skills

Void Rift 

The kriegsmesser tears a rift of darkness that absorbs the strength of up to three enemies within a radius of 3 meters (10 ft), each suffering a debuff of -1 STR. This debuff can stack up to -5 STR, but will be removed after 4 posts unless Elesis continues to use the skill. This ability costs 2 charges and has a cooldown of 1 post. This is a Kriegsmesser Skill.

Rending Blast 

A powerful short range blast of dark energy is released, boasting concussive force great enough to displace 1 ton of mass, and dissolving unenchanted physical objects with ease. Essentially a controlled explosion of the demonic element, this ability shares the same damage properties as Dark Energy Mastery in addition to the aforementioned effects. It has a total range of 3 meters, starting from the crystal on the kriegsmesser's hilt, and costs 1 CHRG per use. This is a Kriegsmesser Skill.

Crimson Boost 

Elesis draws power from her kriegsmesser to gain +10 SPD, and the ability to immediately move in any direction with a maximum distance of three meters. When undertaking such movement, Elesis will levitate an inch above the ground and travel at instantaneous speeds, leaving behind a crimson trail of energy that follows her trajectory. Additionally, this ability will induce inhuman movement speed and reaction times. This skill lasts five posts and consumes a single Charge; it has a cooldown of 3 posts, though Crimson Boost's duration can be doubled for an additional charge. Cooldown will still be applied once time runs out.

Restorative Fervor 

Enabling this ability will restore all of the Crimson Kriegsmesser's charges for a cost of 1 ENR, whilst restoring any wounds suffered in battle in a span of 1 post. This includes lethal injury, provided death is delayed by Living Dead. Passively, Elesis will regenerate +1 ENR per turn once the stat drops below its base value.

Umbral Blink 

The user can teleport to any dark-energy-based objects, such as the Crimson Kriegsmesser or objects created by Dark Energy Mastery, Piercing Bolts, and so on. Teleporting to the Crimson Kriegsmesser costs 1 ENR, but warping to a dark energy object costs nothing, although the user will have invested Energy or Charges in its creation. Any energy object she teleports to will be lost. Crimson Inferno does not classify as dark energy, therefore it cannot be used with this skill. Elesis may also immediately return to the previous spot should the energy object be destroyed in some way or if the teleport is cancelled, this specific action costs 1 ENR.

Ichorous Inferno 

Elesis is capable of summoning and manipulating a form of fire that burns three times hotter than a common flame, although it cannot spread on its own, requiring the user's manipulation to do so. Elesis may also engulf herself in these flames, creating an aura that harms anyone that comes nearby, its size depending on the amount of energy spent in its creation. Summoning crimson flames costs a minimum of 1 ENR, but those found in the environment can be manipulated for no cost. Those struck by a Crimson Inferno attack will have 1 ENR leeched from them, which is instantly given to the user. A total of 5 ENR can be stolen per battle.


Elesis can overcharge her kriegsmesser's blade with extreme amounts of dark energy, allowing her to deliver deadly melee attacks that bear great physical and energy damage. Because of the nature of dark energy, an Overcharged Kriegsmesser will cleave through any physical objects with extreme ease, but it will also penetrate magical defenses/enchantments unless these are exceptionally strong (10 ENR invested in the defensive spell). Striking with the overcharged kriegsmesser will consume 1 ENR per hit, but only if it is successful and has damaged the opponent. When the kriegsmesser is Overcharged, its entire blade will gain an intense crimson glow.

The Demonic Element 

Elesis controls a vile form of energy that consumes and corrupts all life and matter, reducing anything it touches to a tar-like black substance that reeks of blood. This excludes magic-based powers, although the raw strength of her spells is defined by her base ENR + possible buffs ontop of the aforementioned destructive effect. Should anything resist the element's power of consumption, damage will instead deliver as severe burns akin direct plasma exposure. Elesis herself cannot be damaged by the Element, and its usage will immediately bestow a +5 ENR empowerment for 5 posts, with a cooldown of 3. The minimum cost of spells is 1 ENR, which is subject to increase depending on the scale and force of the exertion in question.

Abyssal Corruption 

When this skill is enabled, enemy energy/magic that comes in contact with Elesis' dark energy will be corrupted and turned into more dark energy that she can control. Magical barriers will successfully block attacks if done right, and will slowly be corrupted, taking up to 1 post, but these defenses cannot be taken away once the process of corruption has started. Attacks are instantly corrupted unless 10 or more ENR has been invested, in which case the same rule as magical barriers will apply. This skill costs 1 ENR to enable, lasts 3 posts, and has a cooldown of 4. Note that it doesn't change any rules for how ENR works, and it completely relies on dark energy based attacks or defenses to be effective.

Living Dead 

Elesis’ inner corruption overtakes her body and mind, doing everything in its power to keep her alive and conscious, throwing her into a state of absolute madness and making her impossible to kill through any means unless her head is severed or destroyed, or her body is broken beyond functionality. This skill is triggered as soon as Elesis receives lethal or KO damage. Elesis will still take damage at normal rates. This state of undeath lasts 5 posts and costs all of her current energy. Should she have no energy, all current charges will be spent instead. Should she have neither, this skill will not become active and she will die normally. If her lethal wounds are not healed before time runs out, she will die. If someone else heals her or she does it herself, Elesis will continue to live after time is up, but the effects caused by any previously enabled skills will remain active, and only pacifying skills may be rid of her extremely violent, unreasonable mental state. This skill has no use limit, but it has a cooldown of 4 posts, making her normally killable during the cooldown. In order for it to be usable again, Elesis will need to have enough energy or charges. Every use of this skill after the first one will drain a single point to her Strength or Defense. Should Elesis’ Strength and Defense reach 0, she will fall unconscious, where she may be killed with ease.

The Dog Beneath The Skin 

Elesis' inner corruption manifests in the form of ghostly, semi-transluscent dark gray limbs that can protrude from anywhere on her body for the purpose of defense or offense, but only show up when performing actions with them. They are a total of four limbs: two arms and two legs, all of them exact copies of Elesis'. Their size and shape cannot be changed. These limbs move as fast as her Speed stat and are as powerful as her Strength. They can be used just like their real, physical counterparts, but melee and energy attacks can be blocked or caught, although their force, power and properties will remain the same. The hands themselves do not take damage, but everything else can easily be severed, which causes damage and intense pain. Elesis can only grow them back after a cooldown of 4 posts, with a cost of 1 ENR or 2 Charges. This ability triggers automatically and without cost when Elesis' mental state reaches its lowest, but otherwise it requires 2 ENR or 4 Charges to be activated.

Famished Blood 

During combat, Elesis' blood is contaminated with the same dark power she wields, appearing as a thick black substance. While Crimson Boost is enabled, her blood will deal ENR damage to whatever it comes in contact with, and will behave in the same way as Dark Energy Mastery, though it cannot be manipulated as dark energy by the user. While it does not eat through magic, it'll absorb 1 point from whatever energy it touches, with a limit of +3. Additionally, the magic it touches will be corrupted by Abyssal Corruption if the skill is enabled. Because this ability is dependent on Crimson Boost's activation, it shares a cooldown and cost with it. This skill also comes with its own passive, which makes the user immune to poisons and other toxins as her bloodstream will corrupt and consume it.

Corrupted Attunement 

The user achieves prime, unfiltered connection with the Demonic Element, resulting in greater magical optimization without suffering from permanent side effects. This ability halves the ENR cost of all magicks for a period of 5 posts, with a cooldown of 4. Only even numbers can be invested as ENR, but due to the skill's effect, the user can cast spells with a level of potency she normally couldn't achieve, essentially doubling the power output of her magicks. While the skill is active, maintaining mental stability and focus will become increasingly harder, and pitch black veins will gradually grow along Elesis' skin.

Special Items

The Crimson Kriegsmesser 

A 1.5m, single-edged kriegsmesser made from dark energy and a fragment of Elesis' soul. Vile in appearance and performance, the kriegsmesser is well-balanced and virtually unbreakable, with a resistant yet perfect edge that can easily cut through soft and hard surfaces alike. With its own pool of energy, the Crimson Kriegsmesser alone is capable of performing magical feats at its wielder's will.

The Crimson Kriegsmesser possesses skills of its own, powered by a total of 6 charges (CHRG) instead of the user's ENR. These skills are Void Rift, Rending Blast, Crimson Boost, Overcharge, and Umbral Blink (kriegsmesser only). This sword also deals additional ENR damage when Overcharged, equal to +2 ENR. Only Elesis can wield it, for those who attempt to take it in their grasp will suffer immense, frigid pain throughout their being, along with rapid, lethal corruption and complete mental decay that can lead to death, though this condition can be resisted by those with the right means.

The user may summon the blade at will; should it be broken, it can be summoned again in perfect condition, though all current charges will be lost.

Much blood was shed, and the fallen knight lost the path to her fate. She became blind, but something yet holds her hand.