AP: 30

black bg.png

Strength:  20

Speed:  3

Defense:  4

Energy:  3


Name:  Dremont Markovia

Age:  27

Species:  Human

Height:  6'2

Appearance:  A tall, buffly- built human. Simple looking with short hair and a few scars scattered around his body. Born for combat and not much else.

Apparel:  Sports heavy armor and leather undergarments.

Hometown:  Unknown

Character Skills

Brawlers Rush 

A full force charge fueled by adrenaline. He sprints at and tackles an enemy, Or shoulder bashes them. Once tackled he beats on his target with his bare hands until forced off or interrupted. (Max length of attack is like one full turn) Using this skill causes him to drop his equipped weapon and leave it behind.

Breaching Kick 

A massively powerful kick that can break open Barriers, Doors, or when used against an opponent, breaks their Defense.

Special Items

Short Sword 

Any common place short sword.

Great Axe 

A huge and heavy Axe that he enjoys using against others.

Throwing Axes 

Small belt of throwing Axes.

Dremont was an Orphaned baby, Taken in my a mercenaries guild on chance. He was raised to love combat and fighting, And to kill at a young age. He learned no specific mastery of martial arts, But instead has a mastery of experience. He enjoys fighting, and despises being robbed of that thrill. He has a few weaknesses. Alcohol, Money, And women. As experienced as he is, A woman could assassinate him by easily seducing him. His alcoholism seemingly doesn't affect his combat performance, But greatly damages his thought process and decision making. in short, He makes real bad decisions when hes drunk. Now he wanders the world, taking jobs for what he can get. He has no place to call home, Nor does he loath for one. At least yet.