AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  5

Speed:  10

Defense:  5

Energy:  10


Name:  Daneka

Age:  21

Species:  Human

Height:  4' 5''

Appearance:  Messy dark hair that often has a bit falling into her eyes. A bit grungy though clean. She is slender of build, on the scrawny side from living on the streets but she has the lines of someone who would be plumper and curvier if she were to eat properly.

Apparel:  She is generally wearing jeans, a tanktop, fingerless gloves and a black sweater.

Hometown:  Venes

Character Skills

City Secrets 

You know the secret patterns and flow to cities and can find passages through the urban sprawl that others would miss. When you are not in combat, you (and companions you lead) can travel between any two locations in the city twice as fast as normal.

Sleight of Hand 

The use of fast hand movements to make items seem to vanish, such as a coin or other small item. During combat this can be used to attempt to take an item from the opponent or distract them. For example 1 ENR can be used to pickpocket a dagger clearly visible on their hip and not being used. 2 ENR could be used to get to a dagger covered by a coat or strap. 3 ENR could be used to throw pocket sand in their face. 4 ENR could be used to take the arrows out of an opponents quiver. In non combat situations and for simple tricks like card or coin tricks no ENR is used due to this being a purely Dexterity based skill. If someone is watching closely they have a higher chance of seeing how the Trick is done. Any use of the trick can be seen and stopped simply by keen observation.


Convinces the person you are talking to that what you are saying is true. 1 ENR gives a +1 to the attempt. Any bluff can be detected by many different means depending on the knowledge and skills of the person being bluffed.


Living on the streets is dangerous and the ability to be stealthy is a major key to survival. Without spending any energy Normal sneakyness applies and she is not really trying. Spending 2 ENR gives her more stealth coverage and every 2 ENR she spends additionaly gives her more. This skill like bluff can be gotten around in many ways by the various skills of others. She can be seen by Infrared, night vision, and other Technological means. She is just small and very adept at hiding from the normal senses.

Special Items

Deck of Cards 

This is a completely non magical deck of cards that she carries with her at all times. She uses it to scam people and also just to pass the time. To her it is a priceless and very cherished object but only has value to her.

Daneka was born on the streets. Her mother used to work as a waitress as a private club and then she slept with the wrong man and was fired for it. With nowhere to go and no one to help she fled into the alleys of Venes. Not knowing until later that she was pregnant, unable to go back and not even sure who the Father was she did her best. She gave birth to a pretty girl and named her Daneka Masters. For the next eight years, she raised Daneka as best she could. Then one night Danekas world crashed down around her. With the flash from a pistol, everything ended. Dankea fled the tiny room where she and her Mother had been staying. She fled into the streets to hide. When she came back, her mother was left sprawled in a pool of blood on the floor and everything they owned was gone. Daneka stayed for two days with her Mother until the Landlord came and kicked her out into the streets.