AP: 36

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  16

Speed:  5

Defense:  5

Energy:  10


Name:  Dan Pigman

Age:  30

Species:  Nether Pig

Height:  6'0

Appearance:  Pink and Fabulous. Dan is a strange and unusual creature, specifically for two reasons: He is a pig with humanoid features, and his head is pretty square-ish. These unusual characteristics don't seem to bother Dan in the least, and he takes pride in his pink skin and a rather impressive build. His head is his most defining feature, square in shape with big square eyes filled with green dots for an iris, no visible pupil. Square pig nose and rectangular ears round out the equation, though his facial expressions are just as animated as anyone else's...maybe even more so. Dan is lively and sarcastic, with a sharp wit and 100mph tongue.

Apparel:  Normally Dan can be seen wearing...whatever he wants, to be honest. No one knows where he gets his clothes from or how he stores them, and no one really wants to ask. His armor set is light but strong, a breastplate with a red eyes square head pig in the foreground, the rest covered in gold paint, and shaped to match his pectorals and abdominals. Pauldrons, Faulds, Greaves, and Sabatons follow a similar vein, flashy, yet underneath made of Hoganium, a naturally magically infused metal with frightening prospects.

Hometown:  The Nether

Character Skills

Ham Hands 

One of Dan's passive abilities, Ham Hands gives Dan the dexterity required to utilize his sword faster than his bulk would perhaps allow. The ability does not increase Dan's overall speed, however, it allows him to react at nigh light speed, making his reflexes infinitely faster than a normal pig.

Attention Hog 

Using anywhere between 1 - 10 Energy, Dan flashes various parts of his body during combat, flexing like a boss hog and showing off his pink glory. Enemies who don't look away find themselves entranced (or shocked, tbh) by his magnificent visage, distracted for 2 rounds by such wiggly Piggly glory. Higher energy use means the amount of energy an enemy has to put in to break free of the show. If they want to tho.

Pig Skin 

Dan Pigman is a highly evolved pigman, natural resistances to cold and heat changes mean he can't be affected by basic elemental changes outside of battle. I.e: Dan could fall into lava made of Dragon Fire and Salamander urine and not come out as bacon. In battle, Dan has to use 5 ENR to resist exotic magic, though this does not mean he is not susceptible to kinetic energy.


Given enough time, Dan can heal just about any wound, physical or mental. While his current mental fortitude means he isn't susceptible to fear or persuasion, he can still be harmed by a physical manifestation of telepathic power. For his wounds, he can heal in a relatively short time. Small wounds take mere seconds, heavy wounds take minutes while amputations can take a full day. Even heavier trauma will obviously take longer. During battle, Dan must use the following:

Small wounds (cuts, etc): 0. Energy
Large wounds( deep stabs, internal bleeding): 2 energy
Amputations: 5 Energy

In addition, Dan can use 1 energy per turn to combat constant damaging spells or environments.

Special Items

Pork Sword 

Made of Hoganium, his sword is dense and sharp enough to cut through both physical and astral materials that don't have a magic enhancement to them.

Pig Pen and Pig Tail 

A necklace Dan wears in the shape of a large gaudy square pig head (himself) covered in gold, a small trinket named Pig Tail can be removed from the pendant and placed in a location. For 2 ENR, Dan can transport himself and whoever he wishes back to the location that Pig Tail is at, no more than 3 times a day.

Hoganium Armor 

Light and durable, Hoganium provides superior protection with colors and styles to satisfy even the most selective of Pig. When damaged, the Armor can repair itself like Dan can, though it would take quite a hit to damage the armor itself. Hoganium's chemical makeup, along with its natural magical properties gives Dan a resistance to elemental spells.

Eye Patch 

An eye patch Dan carries to allow him to see through anything that would obscure his vision, such as fog, magical fog, breath fog, water fog, water, darkness, the void, your mom, etc.

A native of the Nether, Dan's entire life can be summed up by two things: Be strong and be fabulous. Dan is both. End of Story.