AP: 36

Crowns: 10000


black bg.png

Strength:  12

Speed:  12

Defense:  12

Energy:  0


Name:  Christophen

Age:  Unknown

Species:  Unknown

Height:  6'4

Appearance:  Christophen now has long hair that just barely touches his shoulders, has beard also returns, trimmed and cleaned to the best of his ability, ultimately returning to a familiar identity that has been long forgotten

Apparel:  Abandoning the royal teal coloured clothing, Christophen has now dons nothing but a set of black pants that has red spiral tribal marks. There seems to be metal contraptions on his feet and lower half of his legs, though for what it is is unknown. As for torso, because of the marks always burning and having a sharp pain for Christophen, the only thing Christophen may wearnis a dusty poncho-esque attire that drapes over his torso and arms, but light enough to avoid giving the man sharp pain. This poncho also has a turtleneck atop, allowing Christophen to hide half his face beneath it.

Hometown:  Off Tiberia, unknown for now.

Character Skills

The Numbing 

Christophen’s body, after the potential from within was unlocked, gave Christophen the gift of regeneration on all levels, flesh wounds and deep cuts taking two turns before complete regeneration/ Torn muscles, dislocated parts and joints and broken bones taking 3 posts, and regeneration of limbs and organs taking 5 posts before completion. The unlocked potential has also given Christophen the factor of being completely immune to any poison or disease based attacks that can kill a person with ease.

8 Gates: The Solar Gun 

With the death of Zelotius and the loss of a connection to the past of the Hybrid World, A plethora of functions Christophen once grew use to has now been completely reverted, the biggest being his main weapon—The Galick Gun— now becoming a more viscous and relentless state, the Solar Gun. Some transformations has been achieved after the creation of this various arsenal. For physical, the orb made is now completely black with a ghostly white aura which can act as a sort of light source for the dark. Ability wise, The Solar Gun now provides a defense around its user in the form of increased pressure. A 5 foot invisible orb is around Christophen when charging it up for any of its uses, and for every 1 foot an enemy enters in this orb, the pressure upon them is doubled (1 foot= x2 pressure, 2 feet= x4 pressure). However, despite these changes, The Solar Gun is a technique Christophen is familiar with, and because of it, is able to utilize it in 3 devastating ways:

8 Gates: Micro Gun:
(-1 DEF) A very small version of the Solar Gun, the Micro Gun can be used with just one finger instantly, not requiring a charge up because of its size. With a distance of just 10 feet, and a diameter being as small as a beam done by a laser pen, When coming into contact with an enemy without armor, the beam will actually pierce completely through without struggle, the result leading to the enter/ exit, muscle, bone and vital organs (if struck with beam) to begin decaying for 2 posts, slowly weakening each layer and effectively making it easier for any opponent to be taken down much easier. If this beam hits an enemy’s armor/weapon, the beam will not pierce, but instead weaken that particular area, rapidly decaying the dexterity and strength of this weapon/ armor that can later be destroyed easier than what the opponent hopes will not happen.

8 Gates: Solar Gun:
(-1 STR, -1 DEF, 3 post cooldown): The standard form of this gun, this form requires two fingers to be made and one post to charge its momentum to its maximum. At a distance of 20 feet and a diameter just 4 feet overall, this somewhat small beam makes up its size for its damage. When coming into contact with the enemy, the beam will actually pierce through flesh and/ or heavy armor and, similar to the Micro Gun, the skin, muscle, bone and vital organ (if hit with this beam) will decay at a slightly faster rate for 3 posts now, making the opponent much more exposed for the killing. If the beam hits a weapon, the same effects as the Micro Gun will occur, with the only difference being the area becoming slightly larger than before.

8 Gates: Omega Gun:
(- 3 STR, -3 DEF, 6 post cooldown)
The ultimate form of this technique and the most costly, the Omega Gun strictly requires the Left Hand of Dantanian to be the hand used in completing this technique, as using the human hand results in Christophen receiving a massive amount of damage to himself. With a great distance of 30 feet and an overwhelming diameter of 35, if a user was to be hit by this form of the gun, their ENTIRE body will rapidly deteriorate and dehydrated from skin all the way to the marrow of bone, taking 3 posts to complete the process. Once this is done, the victim of the blast will become a horribly withered and dehydrated body that will be knocked out of battle due to the destruction of the body. However, in order for the blast to be successful, the Arm demands for a sacrifice to be made, and because of it, Christophen will actually become fatigued for 2 posts before regaining his power.

Solar Slam 

(-2 DEF, 3 post cooldown) The reincarnation of Christophen’s inner self has continued to expand, and rather than slowing opponents down by time, Christophen can now actually pin them down. In a 15 foot radius, Christophen can now manipulate the pressure and gravity of a particular area for others near him in 3 stages, Stage 1 increases the pressure by x2 for the cost of 1 DEF, Stage 2 continues with x4 of the pressure for the cost of 2 DEF , and Stage 3 pushes to x8 of the pressure at the cost of 3 DEF. Stage 1 slows the enemy by -2 SPD for 4 posts, Stage 2 expands to -3 SPD for 3 posts, and Stage 3 expands to - 5 SPD for 2 posts, The 3 stages even conflicts with the use of others’ abilities, meaning that each ability used by an opponent now requires at least one additional post to charge up before being able to use it.

8 Gates: The Opposite of Pain 

On top of The Numbing—Which is able to heal various parts of Christophen— The evolutionized potential has now become something else that may greatly help Christophen during combat. For every time an attack lands on Christophen, he will now receive it in the form of +2 AP points he can deposit into any of his stats. The buff can be interchanged, with a cooldown of 2 posts before he can reuse this streak. Debuffs will still strike him and damage, however, Christophen will now begin to tolerate damage more, as the more hits that land on him, the more he can gain out of the suffering.

8 Gates: The 7 Heavenly Bodies 

(-4 DEF, 4 post cooldown) Christophen sacrifices his gift in order to summon the 7 Heavenly Bodies, a collection of impenetrable black orbs that can be used for a myriad of reasons on both defensive and offensive manners. For offensive purposes, the orb can shoot out multiple large spikes at extremely quick rates that, if able to pierce an enemy, can act as conductors that will suck -1 ENG per post for 3 posts; Christophen can also sacrifice one of the orbs to throw it down and create a sort of black whole that will attract any form of projectile and/or physical attacks to the orb in a 10 foot radius, transforming into a collection of spikes and blasting away any enemies, making them fatigued for 3 posts. On the defensive side, the orbs can come together to create a massive dome or wall that will shield Christophen from any attacks towards him and, if the attack is crippling, will automatically take the damage in substitution for Christophen. Christophen can even utilize a unique attack from the use of these orbs: 8 Gates: Solar Flare: ( Additional -1 DEF, uses ALL orbs, requires +2 posts for cooldown) The orbs will form a circle in front of Christophen and begin to charge up, with one being in the center charging up as well. After charging his attack, Christophen will punch the center orb, and the result comes in the form of all 7 orbs doing a divided blast reminiscent of the Solar Gun in size. If an enemy was to be hit with just one or few of these blasts, a hybrid of electricity and heat will burn and electrocute them, limiting all AP by -2 for . If the opponent was to get hit with all 7, the opponents AP will now decrease by 5 for 5 posts.

8 Gates: Strength Shift 

Christophen Can now shift his strength and increase pressure on specific parts of his body, the cost depending on which stage he focuses on:
Stage 1: Weight and Pressure is increased by x2 for a cost of -1 STR
Stage 2: Weight and Pressure is increased by x4 for a cost of -1 STR and -1 SPD
Stage 3:Weight and Pressure is increased by x6 for a cost of -1 STR, -1 SPD and -1 DEF Stage 4: Weight and Pressure is increased by x8 for a cost of -2 STR, -1 SPD and - 1 DEF ( Lasts for 3 posts)
Another unique Attack can be used from this ability in the form of FURY!. The Ability costs the same as Stage 4. When an opponent gets hit with FURY!, their entire body will be shattered, leaving them ineffective to continue in combat. Similar to the Omega Gun, Christophen will also face punishment, as whichever arm is used in order to complete the attack will also go completely limp for 3 posts, overall needing a 4 post cooldown before able to use the ability overall again.

8 Gates Ultimate: Dantanian the Outer Deity 

Progress with perfecting this ascended form has allowed Christophen to master Gate 1 and ascend to Gate 2, both greatly modifying the attacks Christophen can dish out. In both forms, AP is recovered to its maximum, but remain separate in function:
Gate 1
In this state, Christophen’s AP stats gain +2 and gains buffs to all abilities, meaning that the damage and/or AP points acquired is increased by +1 while cooldown and AP requirement is decreased by -1. The black aura around him now becomes a dome similar to the Solar Gun technique in which for every foot closer to him in the 5 foot radius, SPD is decreased by -2. This state requires 2 AP points of all three STATS to activate, and can last however long he wishes, ultimately requiring a 7 post cooldown before able to access it again.
Gate 2
A form not yet mastered, this form pushes the boundaries of what Christophen can perform. AP Points are now increased by +3 All stats and buffs increased from the previous gates are now doubled, meaning damage and AP gain is +2 while cool down is -2. The Opposite of Pain also makes a major transformation with the use of Gate 2, with Christophen now only taking half of the damage of any ability he is hit with for half of the time. This state demands half of all AP points Christophen has at his disposal, and can only be used for 10 posts, requiring a 20 post cooldown before able to be used again.

Skill 8:

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Skill 9:

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Skill 10:

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Skill 11:

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Skill 20:

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Special Items

Left Hand of Dantanian (The Awakened Demon) 

A “gift” he never asked for, The Left Hand of Dantanian has now evolved into an awakened state, keeping the same demonic appearance as it slept, but now having an open eye on top and a mouth with sharp jagged teeth in the palm. Its density has now become extremely thick, which is now able to deflect and negate any form of weaponry with ease. The hand has even acquired a new ability that improves its reaching: Phantom Grasp. Acting as an enlarged version of the arm, Phantom grasp can act as a nifty tool to reach into difficult areas, grab enemies and negate attacks, it can also suck +1 STR and +1 DEF after scratching, punching or grabbing an enemy, holding it for 2 posts before disappearing and requiring 2 posts before Christophen is able to reuse the arm.

The Revenant Gem 

The death of Zelotius resulted in the destruction of The Essence, breaking it into pieces with no warning. After its destruction, Christophen took the pieces and combined with blackened steel to create the Revenant, a gem that had small crystals imbued into the metal, with the long hilt being wrapped in thick cloth for better grip and cushioning. Because some crystals of The Essence were imbued with the blade, as well as being part of the evolutionized potential, Revenant is actually much more unique compared to the likes of The Essence. For starters, the gem makes itself and its user highly resistant to basic elemental attacks in both physical and magical form not by dispersing, but converting it into a different form called “The Black Elementals,” a much more stronger and denser form of the elemental magic an enemy may throw at Christophen (ability requires 2 post cooldown after used). The gem also improves upon an old ability the previous blade had. If impaled in any location of an opponent’s body when using Dantanian’s Hand, they will become weighed down its massive weight, resulting in a loss of -2 SPD for 3 posts

Rose of Centauria 

A small gold chain with the design and colors of a rose, this piece of jewelry was an heirloom that belonged to his mother a sister, with it comes a small promise that can regenerate +2 DEF every 3 posts, attempting to touch and/or break the chain will cause Christophen to become immediately enraged and enter Gate 2.

Item 4:

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Backstory Life for the Young Kersterin was nothing more than simply a thrill for the young boy who seemed quite ambitious. The purple eyed, 6’4 man, who was raised in a small nomadic tribe that settled in Coldmourne when they were tired without the leader noticing.His father, a 6’6 fighting beast who relied on hand to hand comvat and survival, helped his son learn how the small nomadic portion of this great tribe survived for a long time, allowing Kersterin to develop the skills he beholds now. His training began at the age of 10, by the age of 15, Kersterin was able to hunt and track animals on his own.

​ However, at the age of 18, everythinf changed. Kersterins father was sent to do a job with other members, but failed...costing them all their lives. It was now up to Kersterin to protect his mother, Leianna, and his little sister, Centauria. At the age of 19, Kersterin began working hands on with weaponry and—with a bit of parts purchased, crafted, tested and elbow greased— Created a rather large bolt action rifle and crafted a large amount of ammunition for the gun.

​ Kersterin is now 23, with the war brewing between venes and mirriam, Kesterin sets out to the brave new world in order to find a new home away from what is yet to come, beginning a new journey of untold stories waiting to be told to sweet little Centauria at home.

At least, that's what he believed the story would go, but not anymore.

After speaking with the leader of Mirriam in search of a new home away from Venes, Kersterin returned to his home in Coldmourne to tell of the amazing news, discovering that the two loves of his life were kidnapped by a secretive group called the Cult of the Outer Gods. It took weeks upon weeks of relentless searching and controlling his anger to figure out their location, and after a collection of hints, a series of battles and a sea of emotions, Kersterin finally discovered their whereabouts in a cave somewhere deep in Death Valley, rushing over to where they were with no rest in sight.

Upon his arrival, he noticed the cult leader about to but her his mother and sister, and before he could stop them, he and a plethora of others stabbed, sliced and chopped the two ladies into pieces, making Christophen drown in anger and finally unlock “the potential.” He was unaware of what happened, only waking up in some hospital with faces he never saw before acknowledging that who he has always been was a lie, as his true identity was Christophen, the Eight Deity of the Outer Deities who were rivals of the Outer Gods, and now that they found him, he must train for the threat to come. Dazed, depressed, made, and a series of other emotions, the now reborn Christophen keeps the chain of his sister, and pursues his training with other priests who continue to teach him about the Outer Deities and Outer Gods.

A few months have past, and with the death of Zelotius and what little he knows, Christophen’s journey is uncertain, though he continues to expand his horizon of the ever evolving potential.