AP: 39

Crowns: 19,829

black bg.png

Strength:  11

Speed:  11

Defense:  0

Energy:  17


Name:  Chella

Age:  20

Species:  Arcane construct / Familiar

Height:  7'1"

Appearance:  Due to the very nature of their being, they don't technically have any set or specific appearance of their own. And ontop of that, due to one of the spells they know, their appearance can vary greatly. However. After liberating themselves from their creator, and as a way to celebrate and display their fully realized sense of self, they created an appearance to serve as sort of a default form. To serve as their identity. Everything about this identity was chosen. Their name. Their gender, female. Their voice, soft spoken and smooth though a tad deep for a woman. Their body, a very tall and slender feminine physique with pale skin long straight platinum blonde hair and dark chocolate colored eyes.

Apparel:  Can vary greatly due to one of their spells. However they do have a sort of default outfit that they are fond of and wear more often than anything else. This outfit consists of the following: Red short shorts. Dark brown boots that go up to her mid thighs, and have six inch heels. Dark brown fingerless gloves that go up to her upper arms. Red flowing half robes, with an overlarge hood attached.

Hometown:  ?

Character Skills


A magic spell. When cast it enables her to shape-change and alter any of the following about herself. Her physical form, her voice, her scent, her clothing, and her special items. Any combination of these things can be effected, and any of these things can be altered independently of one another, with a single casting of this spell. When applied to her physical form, she can be changed into any manner of humanoid or inanimate object or domesticated cat. She does not gain the abilities of any humanoid, or cat, who's form she takes. She cant become any inanimate object larger than what one would normally find within a house, though as an inanimate object she can magically see and hear and move around, as silly as that may look. Also when becoming an inanimate object or domesticated cat, her clothing and special items are absorbed into her form. When applied to her voice, her scent, or her clothing, it can be changed into any other of its kind that she can think of. For example one scent into another scent. Though not to any harmful effect. When applied to her special items, they can be changed into clothing or harmless objects. The effects of this spell will last indefinitely until either the spell is cast again or the spell is dismissed. Dismissing the spell, whether it be partially or entirely, is free to do. Technically, dismissing this spell in its entirety is impossible since she doesn't have any actual form of her own, so instead doing so would simply revert her to the 'default' form that she had magically created and chosen for herself. This spell costs 1 energy per casting.


A magic spell. When cast it creates a field of anti gravity and weightlessness around her. While in effect this enables her to traverse upon all solid surfaces, including but not limited to walls and ceilings, as if she were upright. As well as traverse upon all liquid surfaces as if they were solid. The effect of this spell will only last for as long as it is maintained. This spell costs 1 energy per post to maintain.


A magic spell. When cast, she can turn any inanimate object or inanimate and solid part of the environment, that she can either see or touch, into food. Edible food, that is always delicious because its taste and the type of food it is magically alters to suit whatever kind of food she may be thinking of or craving at the moment the spell is cast. And it wont spoil. The objects or environment affected by this spell will not change in appearance though, they will still look like what they originally were, except now easily eaten from. Dismissing the spell will revert what was effected back into what it originally was, minus any parts of it already eaten. The effect of this spell will last indefinitely until either what was effected was eaten in its entirety or the spell is dismissed. Dismissing the spell can be done without cost. Cant effect already living things. Cant effect characters special items. This spell costs 1 energy per five foot radius worth of object or environmental area effected, the area of effect doubling per additional point of energy spent at the time of casting. If what's being effected by the spell had something to do with holding weight or structural integrity, it wont be able to support it as food. Trying to use this spell to create any manner of drink will fail and instead result in jello.


A magic spell. When cast this spell creates a picture of something she can see. The picture can be of an object, a part of the environment, a person, or an attack or ability that someone is doing. Her eyes briefly flash very brightly when she initially casts this spell, and immediately after which a normal looking but magic filled polaroid is created, depicting what she had targeted with the spell. While still filled with the magics of this spell, the magic polaroid can float around her. If the magic polaroid itself is directly attacked, it will be easily destroyed. If a magic polaroid is not used to trigger the rest of this spells effect before the end of the scene or fight in which it is created, the magic will fade from it and it will become a regular polaroid that cant be used for the purposes of this spell anymore, but can still be held onto indefinitely. During the same scene or fight that the magic polaroid was created, it can be triggered. Doing so consumes/destroys the magic polaroid in the process, and creates/manifests, at any point she can see, a copy of what had been depicted in the magic polaroid. In the case of most types of attacks or abilities, a copy of it will carry itself out as she wishes for one post before dissipating. In the case of a person or physical attack, a copy of the person will be created to carry out attacks or actions as she wishes for one post before fading away. Otherwise in general anything that manifests from a magic polaroid as a result of this spell fades away after one post. Any attacks that occur as a result of this spell occur at a power equal to her own base energy stat. There can be multiple magic polaroids of the same thing if applicable. Within combat only one magic polaroid can be created per post, and only one can be triggered per post, though a magic polaroid can be created within the same post that a separate magic polaroid is triggered. Outside of combat, multiple magic polaroids can be created per post. Outside of combat, multiple magic polaroids can be triggered per post if what's being triggered wouldn't start a fight, and also assuming all requisite costs can be paid. This spell costs 1 energy per initial casting, and costs 1 magic polaroid (mp) per triggering of the spells subsequent effect.

Special Items

Exemplar Staff 

A combat staff that was gifted to her by the Exemplar Knights of Greenkeep. This was originally an ordinary weapon, but she, somewhat as an experiment, attempted to imbue the weapon with a spell she had seen the mage that had created her cast on occasion. Her attempt wasn't all that successful. Though as a result of her attempt, this combat staff is able to abruptly shrink or expand to any length between 3 inches and 10 feet, that the one currently holding it is thinking of. This weapon hits with the power of her base strength stat.


A longbow made of silver, that she stole from the mage that had created her. Several magical enchantments were built into its design. The first of which allows for up to three arrows to be fired simultaneously within the same post, either all at the same target or at up to three separate targets in rapid succession. Arrows fired from this longbow can be fired up to a range of 500 feet. This longbow also comes with a quiver that can hold up to 20 arrows at a time. Any arrows that are placed into this quiver or come into contact with this weapon will change into silver and become enchanted no matter what they were previously made of. Any arrows fired from this weapon will hit with the force of her base energy stat. The bowstring will appear when the weapon is in use or disappear when this weapon is not in use. If the weapon is damaged, it will repair itself after the current fight or scene has ended. If all the arrows are used up, she can go purchase more only after the current fight or scene has ended.

Arcana Ward 

A red gem housed in a gold necklace that she wears. Also stolen from the mage that had created her. When worn this essentially turns the wearers skin itself into a form of magical armour, which has a defensive value equal to the wearers base energy stat. A rhythmic red shimmer moves continuously and calmly all across the skin while this is in effect.

Twenty years past she was created by a mage somewhere in Ridule. For any higher or important purpose? No. Her creation was just the result of a fairly common spell that the mage had cast. A magical construct to serve as the mage's familiar. To carry out menial tasks, and do chores, and listen to the mage ramble on, and to be used as an experiment for testing other spells on, and on occasion to do obviously dangerous or stupid things for the sake of the mages amusement or cowardice. Chella had no name. No identity or gender or form to call their own. Being called whatever random name the mage wished on any random day. To take on seemingly any random form the mage needed or wanted on any particular day. Chella had no will or soul or sense of self. Chella was simply the product of a spell, not even a living thing, to be disregarded and paid no mind by all who interacted with the mage, to exist or face oblivion at the snap of the mage's fingers. This was Chella's existence for 15 years.

Five years past, on a day unlike any other, this all changed. Chella saw a dragon in the sky of monstrous proportions. Was this dragon sighting real? Was it a delusion or an illusion? Did anyone else see it? Did the dragon see Chella? Whatever the case may be, the moment that Chella laid eyes upon this supposed dragon, Chella became aware and gained sentience. As time went on, over the course of a year, Chella started to have thoughts all their own, Chella started to have memories of its own existence thus far, eventually started to have dreams and aspirations. Chella increasing became able to pay attention and even study their surroundings and the behaviors of those around them. Eventually Chella came to know fear. The fear that should the mage really catch on to how Chella was changing and becoming, that the mage would snap their fingers and Chella would cease to exist, permanently. The following two years would be spent trying to watch and study and practice some of the mage's magic as well as the magic of other mage's that would visit, as secretly as Chella could. For Chella had come to the conclusion that they urgently needed to escape the mage that created them. And the only way to do that was with with enough magics. Was it truly possible for a familiar to escape the mage that created them, and more importantly to sever the magic bond between caster and spell and be fully free from the mage?

Two years past, Chella would enact their very own declaration of independence. A day that Chella will not speak of, but also celebrates as their birthday every year since. The mage that had created Chella, has not been seen or heard of since that day. Shortly afterwords Chella decided on an identity, a form, a name, and a gender all her own. She would spend some time simply wondering the wilderness of Ridule. Enjoying her newfound freedom and seeing all the sights throughout Ridule that she had only previously heard tell of or read about. Soon enough, Chella heard rumor of a place of 'free knights' called Greenkeep. Which sounded quite alluring to her. After getting lost quite a bit, Chella would eventually find Greenkeep. Where upon seeing her penchant for some magics, the Exemplar Knights let her stay, as long as she did her part to help out around Greenkeep. And in return the knights provided her some martial training as well as space to further practice the bit of magics that she knew. Chella would remain in Greenkeep for nearly two years, until very close to the present day. Chella recently asked for full membership into the order of Exemplar Knights itself. Which the free knights politely turned down. While they found Chella to be sufficiently dedicated, they on the other hand found her not exactly honorable and also kinda odd in her behavior. The free knights informed her that she was welcome to stay and continue to assist Greenkeep's affairs and continue to be assisted by the knights in return, but just not as a knights herself. So Chella departed Greenkeep. Though in the knowledge that she was welcome to return any time.

There was a second reason for her departure from Greenkeep however. Chella had recently started to hear rumor of dragons similar to the one she is convinced that she saw years earlier. The one she feels she owes so much too. Such rumors were often accompanied by word of the newly reformed Order Of The Dragon's Flame. And so Chella was determined to seek them out.