AP: 30

Crowns: 750

black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  5

Defense:  5

Energy:  10


Name:  Ca'tra Jean Briteward

Age:  18

Species:  Human

Height:  5'

Appearance:  Thin toned build, that of a dancer. Rainbow colored hair coming to just past her shoulders. Pale skin dotted with clod tattoos and a rainbow on her upper left bicep.

Apparel:  She wears a pair of tight black leather pants a light blue tank top and a form fitting leather halfcoat. On her back is a pair of crossed shortswords, the hilts wrapped in rainbow wire. On her thing is a dagger with a matching hilt. Laced up black leather boots reach her knees.

Hometown:  Unknown

Character Skills

Step of the Elements 

Ca'tra can add Elemental damage to all the weapons she wields for 1 ENR. Fire/lightning-aspected weapons bestow severe burns upon the victim on contact, in addition to Ca'tra's STR value. ICe causes cold damage and has a chance to slow the target upon a successful hit. The investment of ENR can be increased to raise the power of this skill, allowing the user to create strong flaming gusts or explosions on impact. Or to create Lightning strikes. All flames and light interact with magic, and can be used to block, repel, or destroy incoming spells, depending on the ENR invested in each.

Step of the Wind 

Utilizing advanced mechanisms and balancing systems provided by her armor, Ca'tra can leap great distances and move at inhuman speeds whilst conserving flawless precision, able to reach a maximum displacement distance of 15 ft in near-instantaneous speeds. Enabling these features also bestows +2 SPD, and immunity to fall or velocity damage regardless of the distances covered. This ability has a duration of 4 posts with a cooldown of 2.


Using 2 ENR she can gain +2 to DEF when moving. This lasts for three posts.

Fast Movement 

Using 4 ENR she gains a +2 to SPD for five posts.

Special Items

Mandalorian's Beskar Armor 

A full set of mandalorian armor made of Beskar - a practically unbreakable metal that easily deflects high-caliber projectiles and great temperatures. Its defensive plates cover the wearer's head, upper and lower torso, thighs, calves, shoulders, hands and forearms, leaving the rest such as articulations and joint points unprotected for mobility's sake. The visor's glass is highly resistant, and contains a heads-up display providing information of the wearer's vitals. The armor is painted red, with the emblem of the Crimson Eyes on the left shoulder. Wearing this armor provides a constant +1 DEF.

Blaster Rifle 

A standard-issue blaster rifle with a sling and medium-range scope. Its firing power is equal to a .308 caliber bolt-action rifle, plus its plasma projectiles can penetrate all forms of kevlar and even melt through steel plates of varied thickness.

Mandalorian Warrior's Shortswords 

Two shortswords with rainbow-wire-wrapped hilts and sky-blue sheathes with white clouds. These colorful swords are an uneven pair, as one is shorter than the other. They're sharp as razors and resistant to many forms of stress.

Wrist-mounted Launcher 

Located on the outer side of the wearer's wrist, this launcher can shoot explosive rockets or stealthy piercing bolts at high speeds and near-pinpoint precision. Explosive rockets hold the force of a hand grenade plus incendiary capabilities. Ten projectiles can be held within the wrist-mounted launcher.

She awoke on a hill just outside of town, surrounded by the bodies of men and women in clothing much like hers. Fleeting images in her head of a King and of a betrayal, a Kingdom lost to darkness and a final hope, dashed, destroyed in an ocean of blood. Then, nothing, a dark endless void where nothing happened. A sudden searing light and then sound crashed in on her and it was followed by smells and feeling and she found herself on the Hill.

She made her way down the hill and into Meriam, there she met another of her kind a man named Kal who ran a group called the Crimson Eyes. A Clan that worked for the Sultan of the land. Joining them she fought alongside them to keep them and her new land safe.

All of this came crashing down in the Cataclysm that tore the world apart and dumped her on a new planet.