AP: 30

Crowns: 0

Guild: None

black bg.png

Strength:  0

Speed:  10

Defense:  0

Energy:  20


Name:  Caroline Matheys

Age:  Looks 30, 2489

Species:  Voidling/ elf-vampire

Height:  7'1"

Appearance:  Wavy Dark Brown Hair with Golden Highlights, very high cheekbones, pursed lips, cosmic eyes, marble-smooth extremely dark skin, hourglass-figure and slender.

Apparel:  Billowy, Weightless, Lavender Mulberry Silk Robe (Reference: how Voldemort’s Robes Flowed), Sparkly Black Mulberry Silk Blouse and Palazzo Dhoti Pants, 6” Sparkly Black Heels that have a lavender purple fade from the bottom up, crescent-moon gold and onyx earrings with floating amethyst orbs, an amethyst-gold and onyx ring, and a beaded-bracelet connected with a gold-amethyst bat.

Hometown:  Mora (before it got leveled and rebuilt when she was in her 20s)

Character Skills

Blood Speak 

For the cost of 1 energy per every other turn for (potentially) 10 turns, telepathically communicates with another individual by speaking directly to the blood in their body to send messages/signals to the brain. With her ability to persuade and that alone, she can cause people to go insane by conjuring maddening images or tempting sayings that can persuade the victim to do as she pleases. Can be fought against with enough will-power and or distracting Caroline. Requires eyesight or blood of the victim.

Siphon Blood 

For the cost of 2 energy for 1 turn, consumes the blood from an opponent or surface of blood in the form of streams of flying blood, healing herself for as much Blood as the surface or opponent as bled. Can only be used if an opponent is bleeding.

Iron Maiden 

For the cost of 4 energy for 1 turn, causes the blood that has left a person to cauterize and rapidly stabs the bleed-er similarly to an Iron Maiden torture device. The severity depends on how much blood has left the body. Example: if the person is about to die from too much blood-loss anyways, Caroline can cause immediate death. (not on other role players)

Blood Bend 

For the cost of 1 or 3 energy for 1 turn, manipulates the blood around Caroline, if already left somebody’s body (including her own), and coagulates it to form spikes that she psychically controls. 1 Eng: Blood-Glass (durability: glass). 2 Eng: Blood-Bones (durability: bone). 3 Eng: Blood-Metal (durability: metal).

Special Items

Titanium Finger-claws 

Stealthy, up-close hand-weapons that are not meant for fighting but are extremely useful for discreet, quick murder, blood-letting, or assassination.

Throwing Knives 

Hidden all over her body, these knives help with her ability to cause bleeding from a distance.

Childhood: Born a boy named Seratak, on the planet of Merces to the All Father of Darkness, Wom, and an elven Vampire-Queen named Selene, as a child, Caroline was bathed in the appreciation of other vampires, and her body aged faster than any other children. By age one, she seemed 20 years old. Though, in that time, her power over Hemomancy rapidly grew and became effortless. Though, other nobles of the court found her very existence and disgrace, a cheat to their kind. Thus, they attempted to kill her. Alas, her ability to reach into the minds of others proved efficient in turning them into screaming, mindless bodies that never stopped clawing at their eyes and flesh until they cut their own bodies to death. At the news of this, Selene’s subjects grew fearful and panicked, until the surface dwellers of the city of Mora found out their existence. The War of Day-Walkers and Vampire-Elves: Caroline proved to be the most powerful of her kind, surpassing even the Eldest Vampires in a pursuit to completely annihilate and control the city of Mora. Though, the non-vampires planned around her, and essentially slaughtered her entire kind, leaving her and her mother Selene the last ones left. Caroline, a complete sociopath, slaughtered her own mother in front of the day-walkers and grinned as they stood in absolute confusion. That moment, their guards were down. She channeled her power, and expelled it in a single burst of insanity-inducing images that exploded through their heads and opened a path for her escape. As she ran, a portal opened before her into an Eldritch dimension made of floating islands and dimly-lit tentacles accompanied by nothingness. The Eldritch-Planes: there, she learned and communicated with them for centuries, until she decided to leave this Plane, using her new allies and enhanced powers to start a galaxy-wide conquest of dementia and mania that allowed her to become the ultimate Queen. The Empress of Blood. The Vampire-Empress’s Domain: She controlled vast expanses of land and planets, consumed the power of all sorts of creatures, magical and god-like, until she was able to conjure an entirely new universe via her power and technological advancement amongst her civilization, where she could store her mind, which is now merely connected to her body like a vicariously controlled vessel. Though, after over a thousand years of ruling, she wanted to spice her life up a bit. Her mind had a back-up engine, thus, she saw no reason not to. She transferred much of her powers into that Universe (phylactery-type deal), and sent her body to a random dimension/world/realm to explore and expand her knowledge.