AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  1

Speed:  2

Defense:  1

Energy:  26


Name:  Caroline Matheys

Age:  Looks 30, Actually 2489

Species:  Voidling

Height:  6'1''

Appearance:  Curly raven-black hair, very high cheekbones, pursed lips, cosmic eyes, marble-smooth pale skin, slim and fit.

Apparel:  Blood-red velvet jumpsuit, six-inch black stilettos with a golden heel and sole, black and gold dragon-scale belt, gold and onyx jewelry, and titanium finger-claws on her pointer fingers.

Hometown:  Mora (before it got leveled and rebuilt when she was in her 20s)

Character Skills

Summon Eldritch Helper 

For the cost of 4 energy for 1 turn, summon an eldritch entity that heals Caroline and teammates. The heal effect lasts for 3 posts and heals one wound per post. If no teammates need healing, the Helper uses razor-sharp tentacles for melee enemies, and throws coagulated, diseased blood bombs at enemies if far away.

Tentacle Lash 

For the cost of 2 energy as an instant attack, summon a portal that throws an eldritch, razor-tipped tentacle that lashes at any nearby enemies.

Conjure The Mire 

For the cost of 8 energy as a channeled attack over 2 turns, opens an eldritch portal to an eldritch-beings mouth above any targets that vomits a diseased, bloody, oily surface of tentacles that can block pathways, make opponents weaker, or cause mass mayhem out of fear. (The big evil mouth in the sky) Cannot do anything while channeling.

Summon Mind-Bender 

For the cost of 4 energy, summons an eldritch Mind-Bender that clings to an enemy's head and controls its mind so to fight for Caroline until the Mind-Bender and or enemy (if enemy is killed both are). If being is killed, the enemy is released. Can have up to 3 Mind-Benders active. (Can be used on NPc's freely, but requires consent to be used in pvp)

Special Items

Titanium Finger-Claws 

Two stealthy, up-close weapons that are not meant for fighting but are extremely useful for discreet, quick murder or assassination.

Dragon-Scale Black and Gold Belt 


Born from the All Father of Darkness, Wom (in her respective universe), she grew up in the Authoritarian Ancient City of Mora. As a child, the mages and shaman around her were wary of her because they had never seen such a dark thing since the old days of the Moor Empire. Her powers were adept in her toddler years, but when she got to her teenage years, the Great Old Ones began to visit her. Those beings born after Wom but yet his brothers and sisters. She communed with them, leaving behind her teachings with her elders and focusing on her studies with them. As a result, she used her powers to level the entire city alongside the rebellion, and left through a portal into the abyss to formulate her own cosmic Empire. For years, she grew an Empire throughout galaxies and ruled as the Queen of the Voidlings, who showed mercy to none but her fellow children of Wom. Though, after being at work for centuries, and interacting with her homeland of Trymora one last time to aid the Necromancer, Xala, in his revolution, and never bothered with the planet of Merces again. She had no desire to rule her home-world. Now, she is ready to experience adventure again, for she had not experienced enough as a young woman. She stored her energy into creating a new universe that, should she die, would collect her life force and return her to being (like a Lich with a phylactery). With nothing but her weakened magical abilities, will, clothes, and subtle weapons, she chose a random destination to begin her travels.