AP: 50

Crowns: 223,535

black bg.png

Strength:  0

Speed:  20

Defense:  5

Energy:  25


Name:  Carl Verde

Age:  700 (( looks 15 ))

Species:  Fairy

Height:  5'3"

Appearance:  Fair skin that has a slight glitter-like quality to it when he is in direct sunlight. Short/Medium length brown hair that is always left natural and slightly messy. Sky-blue colored eyes.

Apparel:  A pair of semi-formal shorts that go down to just past his knees, and are in the colors of Venes, with the symbol of Venes that covers the whole length of one of the shorts legs. A pair of grey comfortable and simple sneakers that have zippers instead of laces.

Hometown:  Currently thinks of the Venes capital as his home.

Character Skills

Special Items

Long long ago the elves shared the elemental forest with their sibling species the fairies. The elves and fairies were descended from the same race. One would have to ask the elves for specifics about their relationship with the fairies, assuming their are any records or stories left about that distant time. One day the fairies abruptly left en masse from the elemental forest, and also abruptly disappeared from the pages of Tiberian history. The reason for such an exodus a mystery to all but perhaps the elves. Ever since the Fairies have resided within the Realm Of Dreams.

The Realm of Dreams is a different dimension that overlaps with Tiberia. It is where all dreams come from and return to, and its connected to Tiberia through the collective-unconscious of all living things. In a remote corner of this dimension is a small island where the fairy village and fairy forest are located. Surrounding this island, and making up the vast majority of the dimension itself is the sea of dreams. Only on the surface does it look like an ocean, but diving in means literaly entering into the dreams of Tiberia's denizens, and one can easily get lost and have a hard time returning if they dont know whos dreams they are looking for.

And in that realm have the Fairies remained, effectively isolated from the rest Tiberia and reality itself for what seemed like eons, though thats relative since time within the realm of dreams passes differently then in Tiberia. In all the time since, the only knowledge the fairies have had of the ongoings of Tiberia were through what was depicted in the dreams of Tiberia's denizens, which generally doesnt give the most accurate portrayal of things.

In the present, the Fairies have started to consider a possible return to Tiberia, but before doing so they wanted to have a more accurate and definitive idea of what had become of Tiberia. And so, the Fairies decided that they would send one among them to Tiberia to check things out, as an ambassador of the Fairies, before acting any further. By way of random lottery, Verde was chosen. Verde is a fairy of 700 years, though this is still slightly young from a fairies perspective. He looks 15 or so physically, because fairies barely age in that way. Upon arriving in Tiberia, some of the very first people he had encountered was Veronica Green and her android creation Mr.Green. He had stayed with them in their travels ever since and has been a friend to them for some time now (wip). The name 'Carl' was a nickname that was added to his name to make his name seem more 'normal' or to fit in more, as it seemed like the majority of denizens of Tiberia have two or more names nowadays. In general he's tried to keep the fact that he is a fairy as much under wraps as possible, just as a safety precaution for his people, though of course Veronica knows the truth.

Currently, Verde is also the new president of Venes. Prior to this, during the election process Mr.Green had been serving as his decoy as a measure of protection due to the political situation with Mirriam. And while Mr.Green had been acting as decoy president, Verde had been acting as a low level staff member of the presidential administration. Prior to that, Verde had been an employee of GreenTech.