AP: 30

Crowns: 0


black bg.png

Strength:  5

Speed:  5

Defense:  10

Energy:  10


Name:  Camille Lyndon

Age:  23

Species:  Undead (Vampire)

Height:  5'5''

Appearance:  Snowy skin, white hair, and golden eyes. Tall and slender with graceful features.

Apparel:  A gold and green dress with matching robes. Gold jewelry also adorns her outfit, adding to the regal look she wears. She shows a striking resemblance to Queen Alessia IV in features.

Hometown:  Adamantia

Character Skills

Emerald Flower 

Thorns protrude from her body in various places and with various sizes and deal damage to enemies while generating lost ENR for her to use. This ability costs 1 ENR but can be gained back after sapping it from her enemies - the stolen ENR caps at 10 ENR and has a cooldown of 2 posts but a duration of 3.

"May the world be embraced with blood."


This ability allows for a speed buff of +2 SP with a duration of 6 posts and a cooldown cap of 4 posts. For every post she delays in using the ability, while it's active, there is a damage increase followed by a cooldown increase. Emerald flowers bloom from her feet and she can use them to 'skate' around surfaces. This is followed by her throwing an emerald blast that does damage and stuns the enemy for 1 post when she uses the ability. Once the ability is used, the speed buff disappears as well.

"Night falls, yet love stays still."

Curse of Blood 

When the ability is cast, Camille sends an emerald blast at the enemy that does damage and links any other targets together within a 40 foot radius. This ability slows the enemy for the duration of one post and any damage done to the enemy hero will also have been done to linked targets for a duration of 4 posts.

"The curse of blood stretches far and wide!"

Life Pact - passive 

Camille automatically gains +1 DEF at the beginning of combat. Upon Camille's first connected hit, she will steal -1 DEF from her opponent that stacks onto her defense, which gives her a total of +2 DEF.

Skill 5:

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Special Items

Acrimonious Soigne 

A hybrid weapon that is comprised of 3 daggers and a triangular shaped yo-yo. The knives are able to bend (and straighten) in order to form a curved shuriken.

Desire's Huzun 

A hybrid weapon that begins with an Odachi sword. The sword blade splits at the seams and swivels to reveal a fan with blade-tips. On one side of the sheathe, there is a smaller fan connected that is used as a traditional hand-held fan.

Litost Arch 

A hybrid weapon that is a double-ended javelin in standard form. When bent in the middle, the javelin blades inward and bow ends swing out from the opposite side, forming a recurve bow. The string can be pulled from one end and attached to the opposite end.

Lover's Bracer 

Generally worn when using Litost Arch. On the inside of the bracer, there is a mechanism box that allows for spring-loaded arrows to be pushed from an opening and into the hand of the wearer. The spring-loaded arrows are condensed to the size of a quarter, allowing for more arrows to be loaded into the box as opposed to a normal quiver. There is also removable cartridge with tubing on the inside of the bracer, but is currently not in use.

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Many years ago, Camille was born to the Lyndon family in Adamantia. She was the only daughter of Marquis Earl and loved by all of her family and most of her area due to her kind nature. Though, which her status within the hierarchy, she was bound to become a political tool for her father, aiming to consolidate power by betrothing her to another family in power.

None of the aristocrats suited Camille - she found no interest in them, and refused to bow to mediocrity. However, her father had already made up his mind. She was to be married to Baron Tawil, a step down in her social status, but the Tawil's were a good family.

On one of her many boring dates with the Baron at the opera house, she came across a peculiar man under the guise of the name 'Cecil'. Cecil was the southern empire's top opera singer, and for good reason, too. Camille soon became a dedicated fan of Cecil, and would soon capture Cecil's attention as well, despite the Baron courting her.

Soon, Camille would be invited to private showings of Cecil's talent, and he would sing songs that he composed specially for her. As time went on, it was soon evident that Cecil shared many traits with a blood demon species - white skin despite the lack of makeup, cold to the touch, red eyes...Despite his species, Camille could sense his desire for a normal life and a deep love soon blossomed between the two of them.

Cecil and Camille would date amongst the moonlight for hours - she often lost sleep due to her nightly endeavors, but she continued to do so because her love for Cecil grew with each visit. Soon, Cecil would visit her outside of the opera house and leave roses upon her windowsill for her to find in the morning.

Camille propositioned her father so that she could potentially marry Cecil, but instead was forbade to do so, and her father had the opera house shut down. Marquis Earl imprisoned Camille and forced to her to marry Baron Tawil in an attempt to make Camille forget about Cecil. Instead, she lamented for days about her lost love.

After the opera house was shut down, Cecil wrote to Camille explaining his species origin and his love for her, and left it on her windowsill with a rose. Within the letter, it also stated that he was leaving.

She took her love and buried it in a different way; a sharp dagger was used to slit her wrists during the dawn light.

"Stars at night... end at night."

Camille awoke in Cecil's arms - as cold as him, and with pale skin that resembled the moonlight. Cecil had never fully abandoned her, he had returned and revived her with his blood, effectively washed away her human life. After that night, the people of Adamantia never saw Cecil and Camille again - they vanished and left behind an epic love story that was told over and over again.

After her transformation took place, it was revealed that Cecil's full name was Cecilion Ravenswood, Duke of Castle Nightingale located in the lush outskirts of Portoblanco. With her death, her marriage to Baron Tawil was wiped from records, and she married Cecilion; becoming Duchess Carmille Ravenswood of Castle Nightingale.