AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  8

Speed:  6

Defense:  6

Energy:  10


Name:  Breanna

Age:  23

Species:  Siren

Height:  5'4''

Character Skills


Reinforcement allows her to analyze the structural composition of an object, and increase its effectiveness, such as making it more durable or its shape more practical, or return it to its original state. she can also use it to improve her or anyone's body's physical capabilities, such as her eyesight, allowing her to see as far as four kilometers away. (1 en)


Completely copies everything regarding the creation and existence of the objects. only effectively able to reproduce swords, other weapons, and armor, but this specialty allows her to faithfully reproduce even legendary weapons. She is capable of reproducing any sword that she has seen, one energy cost for weapons. Three energy for armor.


Has to see the weapons as how their form as final product actually are with her own eyes to reproduce them, as even the blueprint wouldn't work. She maps what she sees in her head rather it be organic or non. But she has to be in line of sight of the person/object and has to do it in order to reinforce objects/people. As well this allows her to have a viewing radius of about 50 meters of herself.Within her viewing radius, she can determine and retain information about a location's infrastructure in precise measurements and retain the information at an inhuman rate. She can also use this to pin point the current location of any living being that on the area she traced.

Siren's Love 

She has the song of a mermaid that can put men in a trance. This song has a range of 20 feet and lasts for 2 posts. Whilst in this trance, the victim finds themselves much slower than they were before for 2 posts (-2 SPD, +1 post buildup for all skills). After the song is complete, she will be unable to sing for 4 posts.

Special Items


A simple leather book that is tied to her hip along with her pen. Anything written in it would only be read by those that Bre aloud to read.

Amethyst chocker 

A purple stone that sealed with a rune on it that sealed away the siren voice. She can used the stone powers to seal things that need to be sealed

Her story she might tell. If you can bet her in a game of tag.