AP: 32

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  10

Speed:  10

Defense:  6

Energy:  6


Name:  Black

Age:  25

Species:  Human

Height:  6'3 / 192 cm

Appearance:  His appearance was almost interchangeable with Silvers. His personality is completely different though. He's more confident, quiet and collected. A rival to Silver, possessing more knowledge and power. He can be very sadistic, not knowing when to stop. Black also likes to show his superiority. Especially when it comes to Silver.

Apparel:  He wears long black clothes (as Omega Armor) as his overall apparel. Some of it can be seen in the picture added. His bare body is not scarred nor is covered with black runes, such as Silvers. He's buffer than Silver.

Character Skills

Trick Teleportation 

One locked on to a target in his mind, he reacts to the hatred, anger, disgust and overall mood with the target. Teleporting anywhere near or farthest away from the target in the blink of an eye. His reaction time can depend on the power of the emotion of his enemy. This can be used to travel distances away and towards a target. This costs 1 point of Energy. Although at maximum range (depending on the situation) it can cost up to 5 Energy. The minimum cooldown of Trick Teleport is 1 second. Maximum is 2 posts. Depending on the range traveled.

Runic Knowledge 

The same concept applies to him as it would to Silvers runes including defenses. Although Blacks Runes are quite more powerful. Also posessing way more runes than Silver. Including, Healing, Sealing, Anti Debuff, Cleanse, Time, Demon, Death. However he does not posess the Chaos nor the Ultima Rune. It costs 1 Energy to cast a rune on to himself or to an ally. Healing can, obviously heal wounds. Sealing, seals away evil forces such as, for example, Demons. Anti Debuff. Removes any buff from a target. Once. Cleanse. Removes any abnormalities from the target. Once. Time, slowing down the time for only himself for 5 seconds. By circa 60%. Demon. A rune he cannot give to others. It's infused in his weapon, able to change at his own will. Death, empowering a rune, to become an area of effect rune. Although, when used with Time, he increases the duration. When using Death, it increases the cost of the rune by 2. Alternatively, Death can be used to Supercharge a rune for a single target. Himself or an ally. Which increases the cost by 3. (Fire + Death Supercharge = 4 cost. If he casts an Area of Effect rune, it would be : Fire+ Death Area of Effect = 3 cost. Both versions are only active for a single hit.)

Omega Guard (Passive) 

Trained since he was 5 years old, he perfected his reaction timing to under a milisecond. Responding to any attack to block it perfectly. However, extreme heavy attacks or heavier attacks in quick succession are very difficult to block. Power is stored in his gauntlets, expensing black flames that can be used to Parry an attack, with a powerful blow including a Trick Teleport. The more he blocked before, the insaner the damage output is.

Omega Armor Regeneration (Passive) 

Being able to passively regenerate Energy in quick succession. When teleporting, he restores 1 point of Energy. After using a rune, he can reset the teleport to restore 2 ENR.

Special Items

Legendary Demon Sword Ba'al 

The sword embedded with a legendary rune, Ba'al can transform into any weapon that the user demands. The demon rune took a whole year of practice to conquer. The normal Sword being a long greatsword. Which is unbreakable. The range of the blade can't go beyond 3 meters. He can summon it out of nowhere, as it is bound to his very soul. The demon sword passively generates an element of his choosing, combined with a rune. Preferable lightning or ice. After striking a target, he regains one Energy.

Runic Ring Set Gamma 

Two rings, embedded with space and materia, or rather known as matter. Legendary forgotten runes that no one in hundreds of years possessed. Grants the wearer more efficient abilities to cast runes. Has a 33% chance to negate all energy cost. Also granting the wearer +5 Energy.

Omega Armor Suit 

His light "armor" is quite durable, plus its shock and heat resistant. His gloves are able to absorb and store power.

Runic Ring Set Zetta 

Ancient Runes, a rune even he cannot decipher, found after a long fought battle against an alchemist. The second is the Dragon Rune. Black thinks that these runes are even older than the Space and Materia runes. Grants the wearer higher physical traits, as well as insight into the emotions of another. Grants the wearer +1 strength passively.

He came from the same village, country, land, continent, world. From Silver. Meeting as they were little. Black was always someone Silver looked up to, he was better in every way possible. Although it was obvious as Black was 6 years older, they accepted each other as "rivals". Black was always very rough with Silver, as they fought he wasn't very injured, Silver got the beatings. It was always difficult for him to express emotions, but he does like quiet times with people that he can trust and aren't extremely weaker than him. After a long battle in a desert, he found himself inside a river after the world collapsed. His real name, being a mystery even to Silver.