AP: 50

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  0

Speed:  20

Defense:  0

Energy:  30


Name:  Ayleth Corviser

Age:  24

Species:  Hylan-Human Crossbreed

Height:  5'6'' / 168 cm

Appearance:  Ayleth's most notorious feature are her vibrant turquoise blue eyes, oft hosting a happy and distracted look. She has a thick and somewhat untamed wheat blonde mane that flows down past her shoulders, stopping near the center of her back. Her skin is light and notably unblemished, with a soft complexion and discernible tinge of beige. She is medium-framed, with well-pronounced curves and agile make. Her facial features are fair and ethereal, with an expression denoting she frequently finds herself trapped within deep and entertaining thoughts.

Apparel:  Her favorite outfit consists of a dark leather vest with polished steel reinforcements, and a round, aquamarine blue gem at the neck. Leather bracers with steel reinforcements cover her forearms, from her wrists to a few inches past the elbows, ending with triangular tips that near the shoulders. A small and slightly torn cloak hangs from her neck, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, held in place by a detailed silver brooch in the shape of a fish. Ayleth carries a dark leather satchel, and wears a belt around her hips with a supple case that safely keeps her grimoire. Her lower clothing consists of dark brown high-cut shorts, and sturdy dark leather thigh-high boots with steel accents, matching the reinforced but sleek style of the vest. A hand's length of her thighs is left exposed in the gap between shorts and boots. Ayleth will always be seen with a feather sticking out above her right ear, resting in her hair. The feather is pale beige in hue, fading to brown towards the tip. Lastly, she wears a reddish wooden pendant with the shape of a triangle with sharp points and rounded sides.

Hometown:  Cartan Highlands, Republic of Carta

Character Skills


An extremely versatile spell powered by Etherium, which is an energetic and unaspected element that can be shaped to the user's will. Forma is an arcane technique that uses Etherium to summon physical objects, which appear as pale-gold, glowing shapes that bear the feeling and weight of glass, but have vastly superior hardness, and a constant, noticeable warmth on the surface. A variety of objects can be created for multiple purposes, primarily utilized in combat. Razor-sharp blades, pointy spikes, or near-unbreakable shields are a few examples, and the size of each shape is proportional to the energy invested. 1 ENR is enough to summon a basketball-sized orb.

Forma II 

This ability allows Ayleth to create immense but simple Forma shapes at low Energy costs. A van-sized shape costs 1 ENR, which is subject to increase when larger objects are created. Only simple geometrical shapes can be created with this skill, such as spikes, flat surfaces, spheres, and so on, limiting its use to offense, defense, and simple utility, at grand scales. Large shapes are much less maneuverable and precise, and take greater physical exertion to manipulate. They do not last more than a single post unless extra ENR is invested in keeping them (1 per turn), and cannot be moulded into complex things such as systems with moving parts.


The user can create 6 x 3 ft portals anywhere within their field of view. Up to six portals can be active at the same time, all interconnected or restricted by channels as the user wills it. Portals can be arranged in any way and be created anywhere as long as it's within the user's field of view, unless the portals are arranged in symmetrical patterns. The portals cannot be created within 2 meters from an opponent, and a slight current of wind will be felt when one is summoned nearby. The first pair of portals is free of ENR cost, but every portal after that has a cost of 1. Anything can be transported through the portals, excluding whatever exceeds their size. Portals can be willingly closed or moved around to the user's needs.


An ability that allows the user to quickly and gradually bleed the energy of moving objects, eventually forcing them to reach a terminal speed of zero, if desired. This effect can be countered if an object accelerates enough to make up for the gradual decrease in speed while the spell is active. This skill costs 1 ENR per each time an object is subjected to the spell.


A state of 'hyper-magical-attunement' where the user may push her abilities past the limits for a certain time. While Infinium is active, some skills will be temporarily upgraded. Infinium lasts indefinitely, but making use of the upgrades costs 1 extra point of Energy. Should the user run out of Energy, the skill's effect will end, and it can only be re-enabled after a cooldown of 4 posts. The upgrades listed below may only be used while Infinium is active.

>Forma Infinium: Forma shapes can be created instantly, regardless of their size and complexity, drawn from a magical sigil that may appear on the user's hands or whatever spot they choose, be it on themselves or the environment. This results in the ability to attack in bursts or create defenses instantly, leading up to greater efficiency and speed in combat.

ā€‹ >Infinium Gravitas: Gravitas' effect can be inverted, allowing the user to speed up moving objects. It also allows the user to change their direction, though only once.

ā€‹ >Ostium Infinium: Allows the user to dash 2 meters in any direction with great speed. 1 ENR cost, 2 post cooldown.

Etherium Soulstream (Passive) 

Ayleth's lifeforce and magicks are fuelled by Etherium, a type of energy found anywhere in the universe. In order to perform magic, Ayleth absorbs power from the environment, rather than drawing from an internal mana pool. She gains +2 ENR per post once the stat has dropped below its current max value, and cannot be affected by boons or ailments caused by ENR-based abilities. Ayleth's magicks are weak to any forms of corruption, and she must invest twice as much power to match them; if there is a high concentration of corruption in the environment, Ayleth will lose -2 ENR per post, but she will only lose -1 while Infinium is enabled. Solid crystals of energy will protrude from her body as she loses ENR; should she run out, she will be overtaken by the crystals and die on the spot.

Panagrammation (Passive) 

Ayleth's soulstream can instantly absorb and employ the properties of any type of magic or energy that she or her spells are directly exposed to. Her magic becomes aspected as a result, dealing ENR damage determined by her base stat's value and keeping whatever effect the absorbed properties have. Essentially allowing it to enchant herself, this ability lasts indefinitely and changes the appearance of her spells depending on the type of magic absorbed. The effects of this skill can be removed at will, and her magic must be unaspected to become enchanted.

Ultima (Godrend Art) 

A controlled magical phenomenon that extracts the Etherium found within five kilometers of reality itself, before transforming it into colossal amounts of unaspected magical energy. All accumulated power is compressed into a baseball-sized orb, that is subsequently fired upon an enemy with immeasurable kinetic energy. The power of this projectile is such that a deafening shockwave will be released, followed by a blinding flash of light that grows in size with each second, until it swallows the entire area in a harmless, luminescent explosion. Ultima's sheer energy will decompose a target's physical and spiritual integrity, reducing their existence to photons and radioactive particles; this includes magical shields and defenses, intangible beings, and even disembodied or non-interacting elements within the universe. The user can choose to detonate the orb instead, releasing catastrophic amounts of energy into the environment, which results in an omnidirectional, outwards burst that consumes all non-magical matter or energy, turning into light. When enabled, the Etherium extraction process appears as a visual distortion in the form of a transparent layer being peeled from the surrounding area, in a visible cylindrical pattern, before crumbling as a highly luminous envelope that forms the aforementioned orb. Ultima has a 15 ENR to cast, a has a charge time of 4 posts, and a cooldown of 6. Once the ability has been cast and the extraction cycle begins, Ayleth is unable to stop it herself, though it will cease if she is killed or her ENR is severed.

Quadravincula (Godrend Art) 

Drawing immense power from the environment, the user creates up to four gargantuan chains of unaspected energy that move at the target's base speed, latching onto them if unavoided, completely immobilizing the victim if it's an NPC or Event Character, otherwise providing a per-chain debuff that removes 1 SPD per post for 4 posts. A debuff of 2 ENR per post, for the same duration, will be added if all four chains have reached their target. The chains can be blocked by anything that prevents contact with the target, not counting clothing or armor. When all four chains have latched onto the enemy, a gigantic spear of unaspected power can be summoned and cast, traveling at near-instantaneous speeds that're comparable to five times the speed of sound, and penetrating all magical and physical barriers. This ability also affects incorporeal, amorphous, or intangible beings and objects, and only one chain is required to make them susceptible to the rest of Ayleth's spells. Quadravincula costs 1 ENR per chain, plus 10 ENR should the spear be successfully created and cast. Chains have a duration of 4 posts and a cooldown of 1, though all four can be summoned at the same time. Once cast, the spear has a cooldown of 6 posts.

Segmentum (Godrend Art) 

An energy surge of colossal power rapidly slashes through the fibers of reality itself, splitting space-time in a kilometer-long-crevice that releases a downwards blast of wind bearing tremendous force due to the immense potency required to power the spell. The slash has a width of one meter, leaving behind a space-time gap matching its length and breadth, but can be pulled further apart like tearing seams in fabric, opening up to the user's will. Anything in the way of the slash will be sliced with quarkic precision and driven apart by the remaining gap. As it cuts reality in its designated area, the slash has limitless forward range, though it can be avoided by staying outside of its area, or behind the slash itself. The resulting windblast is powerful enough to drive trees into the ground, but it can be resisted with the right defenses, and does not affect the caster. As a side effect, time itself will be severed and skipped forward by one hour, affecting everything within an area of 2km. This ability costs 10 ENR to use, and has a cooldown of 4 posts.

Pherica (Godrend Art) 

Advanced spatial manipulation results in the creation of six warped space-time spheres that expel 50 cm needles with the velocity of Higgs Boson particles. These projectiles of superluminal velocity bear colossal amounts of energy - more than enough to pierce through the atomic links found in matter or energy, both tangible or intangible. Although the needles reach their target instantaneously, there is a half-second delay between the spheres' creation and the casting of these projectiles. All six spheres can be placed anywhere, but will fire at the same time and point, regardless of their position, and disappear once they've converged. Casting this ability requires 5 ENR; should at least one of the needles strike their target, the ability's cost will be subtracted to the next skill that spends a minimum of 10 ENR. Build-up spells like Ultima will instead have their charge requirement removed, and Quadravincula's spear can be launched without the chains, allowing the user to instantly cast them. Pherica has a cooldown of 4 posts.


The user's body is fully melded with Etherium, transforming its innards into a construct of tangible energy. All biological properties of the human body, both physical and chemical, are replaced by a constant energetic flow that interacts with the environment as an inert solid, removing the needs and limits of human physiology. In this state, Ayleth cannot bleed or suffer from damaged organs, broken bones, and biological ailments such as illness or toxicity. She can also re-attach severed limbs, and regain control of them after 2 posts. With Adamia enabled, the enchantress will survive within inhospitable environmental conditions and effects, such as extreme temperatures, excessive gravity, spatial vacuums, and other surroundings never meant to hold life, energy, or matter. Barring these boons, Ayleth can still be normally damaged by magical or physical attacks, and the inner energy of her vessel may be destroyed or corrupted. As they are required to maintain sentience and self-awareness, the brain and the heart remain unchanged within this new physiology, making her head and chest susceptible targets for immediate fatal damage. This ability does not remove the user's weaknesses stated in 'Etherium Soulstream.' Entering the state of adamia has an initial cost of 5 ENR; it can be sustained indefinitely, although 1 ENR will be removed every for 4 turns it remains active. Should the user's Energy reach 0, the ability will be automatically disabled.

Divusbane (Passive) 

The user can easily recast any Godrend Art following a successful strike with the aforementioned ability type. The effects of this passive vary depending on the Godrend Art in question:

>Ultima: The spell can be cast without its charge-up requirement.

>Quadravincula: The spear can be launched without the chains.

>Segmentum: ENR cost is halved.

>Pherica: Needles can be fired separately and at different points.

Divusbane's effect does not apply consecutively. All conditions are reset after the second use of a Godrend Art.


With ample knowledge in the application of magical enchantments, Ayleth is capable of bestowing special effects upon any normal, nonmagical objects, providing them with the properties of whatever element is chosen out of four basics (fire, ice, lightning, holy) with a base power of 5 ENR. Outside of battle, permanent enchantments can be applied for a cost of 2,500 Crowns, which are transferred from the client to the user. In battle, Ayleth can apply the properties of magick absorbed through Panagrammation to a non-enchanted object for a cost of 1 ENR per object. Their effect ends if Panagrammation is disabled.

Special Items

Mentor's Grimoire 

An old grimoire with a cover of worn leather. From spells of all sorts to skillfully-made drawings, the contents of its pages vary wildly. Besides serving a self-clearing notebook and database of spells, it can detect and identify magicks, provided they're written on the pages.

The Calliope Eagle chases the horizon.