AP: 25

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  0

Speed:  5

Defense:  10

Energy:  10


Name:  Autumn “Sugar” Matterson

Age:  7

Species:  Human

Height:  4'1

Appearance:  Dark Skinned with Light brown hair and rosy cheeks,Sugar always has bright hazel eyes to look about her surroundings like the curious little sweetheart she is. Sugar is also very shy and has an adorable high pitched she finds ugly when she speaks.

Apparel:  Sugar always likes wearing her light blue dress (stopping just above the knees) with her lucky charm bracelet on her left wrist. She is also seen to wear part of her hair up with a bowtie to keep it in.

Hometown:  Leas Derren (Off-Realm)

Character Skills

Matter Manipulation 

Sugar has awakened an odd set of powers from within. At the cost of 1 ENG, Sugar can attract bits and pieces of her surroundings (be it natural or man-made), and use it to her will in various ways. From creating a wall that is 5 feet high and 5 feet wide to sharp knife-like objects she can dart to her enemies, Sugar continues to learn how to utilize more advanced methods of this Telekinetic gift.

Armour Creation 

Sugar’s First Advanced Telekinetic Creation. At the cost of 1 ENG and 1 DEF, any matter picked up by Matter Manipulation can be applied to one targeted user for assistance in combat. When applied to an ally, materials picked up by and covered by Sugar is now a flexible suit that grants the wearer a bonus of +2 to DEF and STR for 3 posts. Using this advancement forces Sugar to Go into a 3 post cooldown before she may use this ability again.

Special Items

Lauriat’s Ivory Knife 

A small knife made out of authentic ivory bone and carved with a big wolf, a baby wolf, and a bear cub, this weapon was made from Lauriat’s craft for her first Christmas with her father and considers this to be the greatest treasure she has ever found, using it very little times unless her situation is dire.

Autumn “Sugar” Matterson was born to a single mother who was fully devoted to witchcraft and dark magic. She never knew her father in her life, as her mother said that he simply disappeared and never loved her since her creation, ultimately making her grow up with the fact that she was never loved by any father figure in her brief life. To her mother, Sugar was nothing more than a mere test subject for her witchcraft creations, as she was the unfortunate victim to poisonous potions, horrific rituals that gives her nightmares to this day, all forms of abuse, and a lack of a childhood. After the age of 6, Sugar had enough of the torment. Taking what little valuables she had in her life, Sugar escaped her home at the dead of night, taking her chances in the streets of Leas Derren than staying with her abusive mother.

It was some 6 months after her run away from her mother, and being the starved, depraved child she was, Lauriat’s discovery of her from his lonesome ventures and search for a new life was one of the greatest miracles, in her words, “the biggest world ever gave” to her. Lauriat took her immediately to get her better from her illness, and under his wing after her story. Now, Sugar considers Lauriat her father and follows his pace through thick and thin.