AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  11

Speed:  9

Defense:  10

Energy:  0


Name:  Aurora Irides Zoey

Age:  ???

Species:  Demon

Height:  5,8 without suit. 6,2 with suit.

Appearance:  Aurora is rarely ever seen without her combat suit on, but for those who get a look at the face behind the mask, they will find easily toned violet eyes and a white hair line that exhibits a lavender hue.

Apparel:  Apparel consist of her combat outfit and her underwear, she never really leaves the suit therefore she has no need for a wardrobe.

Hometown:  Ridule.

Character Skills

Marauder Skeleton 

The Marauder’s skeleton was one of a dense material, over his years of combat, his body evolved to strengthen his already tough demonic skeleton to something that could be compared to twice the durability of reinforced steel, this skeleton was also pumped with demonic energy that made it light to not restrict the marauder’s agility or movements. Aurora inherited this trait.

Demonic Hide 

The Marauder’s flesh and cell structure was one of unusual pattern that made his body thick and tough, his normal skin couldn’t be pierced by normal steel blades and his skin wouldn’t break open easily, it also made his flesh and cell structure thick enough to be tough to cut through even if it was pierced, the blades or things that manage to cut into him often got stuck after being stuck inside of him.

This flesh enhancement also translated to his organs, making inner damage just as hard as outer damage. This trait was inherited by Aurora, though she did not acquire his level of muscle mass or sheer size.

Demonic Senses 

The Marauder was a combat demon, a war monger, and a straight savage when on the battlefield, after years and decades and even centuries of fighting, The Marauder’s demonic senses evolved to be more enhanced.
His sight adapted to see at lengthy ranges and in clear detail. His hearing was upgraded to hear a pin drop within a large radius of himself.
His sense of smell, enhanced to the level of what would be an effective tracking tool.
And finally, his peripheral feelings, the unconscious part of the normal brain that can feel things or people that get close enough to be felt without making physical contact, this sense was upgraded to a full 2 feet around his body.
These enhancements were inherited by Aurora when he infused his spirit within her.

Demonic Physicality 

The Marauder was an exceptional brawler with the strength to rip and tear his enemies apart with his literal bare hands, he was known to bend steel and break bones with his demonic physical strength, and combined with his physical speed he was able to catch even the slipperiest of enemies that tried to escape him. This strength and speed was inherited to Aurora.

Special Items
A heavily armored combat suit made specifically for Aurora from the Marauder’s arsenal that he has in an interdimensional pocket, the left arm extends a thick wrist-blade, it’s serrated edges meant to tear through bone.

This suit has three layers to it.
1- The skin-tight light layer that is like a layer of memory foam that can make physical blows slightly less effective, is made with demonic threads that prevent it from ripping easily.
2- The thick black bodysuit that goes over the first layer is made with layers of demonic threads and demonic hydes, making it unable to be pierced with normal bladed weapons or torn with normal forces.
3-The Demonic steel armor plating part of the suit covers most of the outside of the suit, it’s metals are comparable to Tungsten metals reinforced with Iron, while relatively thin in size, it offers powerful protection and is mechanized to provide enhanced mechanical strength and has impact compensation gel lining along it’s insides to protect any wires from being damaged by physical shocks, both when falling from great heights, and from powerful physical blows.

The entire suit can be repaired by being bathed in blood.

Armored Praetor Helmet 

A thick combat helmet made from the same materials as the third layer of Aurora’s combat armor, it’s glass is lined with The Marauder’s blood which makes it as hard to crack as The Marauder’s skin is to break, this helmet is slightly mechanized and has a powerful light that ignites along the glass plate and shoots outward like a high-powered flashlight, it can blind at close range. (If broken, can be repaired by being soaked in blood.)

Praetor Heavy Rifle 

A heavy rifle made for high clip size and piercing rounds over a speedy firing rate, firing 12.77MM rounds at 90 rounds per minute, it’s bullet design is more suited to anti-vehicle than infantry, which makes it all the more dangerous when used against a singular target. It is made from the same material as the Praetor third layer armor, if broken it can be restored by being soaked in blood.
Range: 792M.
Clip Size: 120 rounds per clip.

Praetor Dual Handguns 

Two handguns made from the same material as the Praetor armor’s third layer to the suit, if broken they can be restored by being soaked in blood. These handguns are designed with their own demonic energy core that allow them to shoot bolts of demonic energy that are made to pierce armor and stick into it, when two bolts collide, they can explode causing a small explosion. These handguns can also be charged to fire explosive rounds, but take one post to charge the explosive round to fire.
Range: 350M.
Clip Size: Demonic rechargeable Energy. 8 charges. Charged shots take 4 Charges on their own, they are required to vent to be reload their charges.

A soldier, that is what Zoey wanted to be growing up, not a princess like the other little girls that she met along the way, no she had a dream to not be the damsel in distress but to be the hero who saves the damsel in distress and beats the bad guys. Somewhere along the way, her spirit went quiet and her once warm chest beat with a cold vibration of revenge, at some point during her career as a vensian military soldier, she was infected by an unknown life-form.

Or to her it was unknown. It was a demon that had died in battle, not by her hand but by one of the demon slayers of Tiberia, unluckily for Aurora the mark of said demon found it’s way to her, either by sentient will or by fate itself.

And once infected, she could never go back to the human life she once lived, because it would revive in her spirit and make her a new form of soldier, one with the power of a Demon and the training of a Soldier.

Most of her story was lost when Tiberia’s cataclysm begun, she herself was sealed in a tomb that the Marauder (Her demon.) sealed her in so she could be safely sent to another planet through teleportation, and on Solace is where she would land.