AP: 30

Crowns: 0

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Strength:  10

Speed:  5

Defense:  15

Energy:  0


Name:  Artyom Danilovitch

Age:  28

Species:  Human

Height:  6'0''

Appearance:  When removing the bulky armor and prototype exoskeleton, Artyom is quite lanky and skinny due to malnourishment from his time surviving on what little there was in his broken society. For facial features, Artyom is pale white, with ginger hair and hazel eyes while lacking a beard which results in him looking young for how old he is.

Apparel:  Artyom’s time in the metro’s has taught him one essential key to surviving alone: always wear thick layers of clothing. atop a wool long sleeve and bulletproof vest capable of stopping medium caliber rounds, the thick military coat and heavy duty cargo pants have metal plates along the chest, legs and arms to protect vital points in movement. Atop of this layer is the Yakov K, a prototype exosuit only few in the metros have, and a tool that helped him survive the worst predicaments across his time in the metros. Finally, he wears a large poncho above all to hide as much of his gear as possible. As for his head, he normally wears a storm hood beneath his helmet, which is equipped with a flashlight on the side, for additional warmth and comfort, while wearing a gas mask to protect his face. Minor Features: He wears heavy duty steel point toes, military gloves, and has a tomahawk im his coat as a close quarters weapon

Hometown:  B-Line Metro, Nü Moscow

Character Skills
Special Items

Yakov K Mk. 1 Prototype: ‘Stroitel’stvo’ 

A prototype built and preserved sometime before the Nü War, this piece of ancient technology is actually an exoskeleton built to help with men in the constitution field. It attaches to the spine and stretches down to the fingers and feet, The ‘Stroitel’stvo’ boosts Artyom’s strength by +1, and allows him to break and carry up to 1 ton. Unarmed attacks (punches, grabs kicks, etc.) are considerably more effective. This exosuit also comes with magnetic tips that can stick on to any surface when activated, with exceptions being glass and organic tissue.

Voynoy (The War Torn) 

Artyom’s most reliable weapon through his time, this modified AK-47 (built with a long barrel, 45 7.62 rounds Magazine, Folding Stock,Foregrip, 1 Mw laser and a detachable red-dot sight and some wrapping around the handguard to provide cushion) became Artyom’s only friend, bringing him through the worst of predicaments like ‘Stroitel’stvo.’ A total of 5 magazines are the pouches of the military vest.

The Survival Pack 

A large pack that is the third piece, Artyom’s backpack includes the following items: A bullet-cased lighter, a small hand-pumped generator, an additional 10 magazines for Voynoy, minor medical gear (small morphine syringes, painkillers, bandages), a suppressed Glock 16 with 3 13 round magazines, 5 small homemade bombs, and a small kukri knife.


There’s nothing more lonelier than being around others.

Artyom Danilovitch, the second generation born into the life of the Metro’s, the cramped and nearly impossible living maze that resided deep in the frozen earth that was Nü Russia. His mother, Ilona, was born and raised in Russia, while his father, Yakob, was actually from the east, somewhere beyond in a place once called Sweden, which most likely no longer existed because of the results of The War. They may have been poor, but Artyom’s parents did as best as they could to give Artyom a makeshift childhood with whatever they could find, as one of the three capitals the family lived in, Saint Petrov, was condensed, and poverty was what reigned as king for the majority of the populist who worked in this neutral territory. However, even with their best efforts to help, Artyom still suffered from his childhood.

Artyom suffered most when it came to his social life. In his elementary years, kids commonly called him ‘Longtyom’ and ‘Skintyom’ for how underfed he was from poverty, Intermediate class was slightly worse, as the small numbers expanded into large groups, and the bullying became so severe, Artyom became accustomed to fist fighting the others every other day, and losing all of them. All basic social skills were lost, and Artyom became a loner by the end. Optional Years were much in the same, with the only positive being the chance to to his field of work: Survival and Crafts, and meeting some friends to begin again.

Time has passed from this point, where at the age of 20, Artyom is not a Corporal in the Rangers Squadron after excelling beyond expectations in Optional Years—earning him a recommendation from his Teacher—and volunteering in efforts to earn bullets for his family to use to live a better life. For the next three years, Artyom would have a steady life being a patrolling trooper for the city, a messenger for other Metro’s, and a repairman with his close knit group of friends: Dmitiri, Raskolnikov, Poblano, and Ledimir, earning a decent living to upgrade his family from poverty to middle class, and provide more healthier conditions to their difficult lives, but it would be at the age of 25 during the First Tunnel War, in which Artyom and his crew recovered important information to the Ranger headquarters from the Blak Line and provided support during the Defense of the Horde and Operation Heartpoint—as well as other crucial plans—in which Artyom and his mates would find improvements in life.

The efforts of ending the First Tunnel War allowed Artyom to become Recon Captain for the Rangers, unfortunately having to move out to D5, for his job, whil continuing to send home bullets for Ma and Pa.

It’s been three years since the war, and after surviving horrible outcomes and losing 3 of his 4 best friends, one sad night at camp during a recon mission in unknown territory resulted in Artyom awaking to a foreign city, far, far away from home.