AP: 44

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  14

Speed:  10

Defense:  20

Energy:  0


Name:  Anri Albescu

Age:  128

Species:  Human

Height:  5’7

Apparel:  Varies over time. The tastes go from regal vintage to worn-out clothes for better camouflage.

Hometown:  Native from Moretti

Character Skills

Deadman's Rigmarole 

Upon touching someone, be it with her weapon or any of her limbs, Henrietta can steal their Energy or Strength by 2 points. Upon doing so, she is able to heal any non-lethal wounds she has suffered, restore her stamina, and cure any poison-related ailments. This skill also allows her to heal lethal wounds if she has stored at least 5 ENR. It can heal allies with energy transfers.

Rumination Despair 

Despite a natural lack of energy, Albescu possesses the ability to summon a protective aura that surrounds her body, taking one post to charge. While active, it will absorb physical or energy attacks depending on which hits first, and only from users or spells with a lower STR/ENG investment than her DEF base, though it can be staggered via multiple hits. She can then either choose to reflect a single ability back at its user should she be hit by it equal to X rounds, where X is the origin’s STR/ENG investment, or absorb it to gain said investment and transform it into ENG. Attacks can be stored and stacked for future usage. After the resolution of all attacks, Rumination Despair has a cooldown of 2 posts.


For the cost of 1 ENG, the user can exchange places with someone on the battlefield that she has previously touched. Should she have no energy in stock, she is able to conjure a seal that can be placed on the opponent after one post of charging.

Fatale Siren 

After a granted wish in one of her adventures, Anri obtained the ability to naturally transform into a mermaid at will. She cannot be drowned but rather breathe underwater, and use her voice to set enchantments on people. When singing, the notes will bounce back and forth in a radius of 10 meters around her, making those who hear it lose will power and feed her own; often, this is used to obey her commands (outside of battle). This causes a penalty of -2 DEF for each target who stepped in the area as she consumes those points for herself. This song lasts for five posts and has a cooldown of two. The points will return to normal once the song is over.

Special Items

Alabaster Trident 

A stolen project from Mccue’s Laboratory. This weapon can contract its base and be portable to every place, with a maximum length of 2 meters (6’5 ft). It has great resistance to the toughest hits and absorbs energy (+1) from other attacks with a lower stat (energy or strength) than her DEF. The three sharp blades hold valuable sapphires with the power of bending the water states: liquid, gas, and solid. In its structure, there is a built-in system with 10 charges of power usage. This trident can create and bend walls, tidal waves, and simple attacks; the stronger the ability, the more charges are needed to spend. Furthermore, the user can supply more of these in exchange for energy, where 1 ENG equals 5 charges.

Metallic Wristbands 

Metallic Wristbands The nexus between trident and user. Enhanced to travel between worlds outside of battle. These wristbands act like magnets, calling the Trident and pulling it back to the owner no matter the distance. They are equipped with a grappling hook that can be launched accompanied with a steel rope, providing a quick method to escalate and reach different surfaces or catch nearby enemies.


A rifle with a trumpet-shaped barrel inspired in the traditional weapons of pirates. Programmed to exchange and transform energy through its crystals, shoot it at will. With a cost of 1 ENG, it can be charged for 6 compressed shots of energy shards, or blast one powerful beam capable of disintegrating the toughest matter and flesh.

High Delirium 

Albescu depends on medicine and serum to delay her sickness, but in battle, she needs more of them. Contained in a portable device on her back that produces syringe shots, Albescu carries this drug with her to enlighten her senses, producing hyperactivity. Provides +5 ENG per shot. Two syringes are provided at the beginning of a battle, if she runs out of it, it will require two posts to create another one, maximum of carriage is two at the same time in battle. Cannot consume another syringe until the first one is done.

Born and raised on an island by merchants, Anri developed an endearing love for the ocean and never-ending adventures as a member of pirate crews. Unfortunately, a sickness took the best of her, surrendering her to partake in a non-consensual deal of a foreign soul, and possessing her body like a ghost for a century.
After being released from the curse, she got lost in an interdimensional rift that threw her in another dimension. With this knowledge, she searched these anomalies to get away from troubles and erase her existence from other worlds.