AP: 50

Crowns: 7500

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Strength:  20

Speed:  20

Defense:  10

Energy:  0


Name:  Alysson Saddler

Age:  23

Species:  Human

Height:  5'8'' / 172 cm

Appearance:  Alysson has dark green eyes and buttery blonde hair oft gathered into fluffy ponytails that flow down past her shoulders. She has a light skintone with subtle color, smooth, with few imperfections from the sun. Her body is medium-framed, curvaceous, fit and toned, and her youthful visage holds fine and feminine features usually accompanied by a resting bitch face. It's not difficult to notice her military background, given her straight posture and well-disciplined body language.

Apparel:  She always wears the elegant yet practical uniform of the Witch Hunters of Drevia, composed of a dark blue suit-style long coat, beneath which she wears a leather harness with a waistbag and holsters. Under the harness and coat, she has a thick, gray woolen shirt with a white cotton neck; snugly-fitting black cargo pants and sturdy boots comprise her lower clothes.

Hometown:  Republic of Drevia, Capital City (Off-World)

Character Skills

Tempered Anatomy (Passive/Active) 

As an electromechanically modified human, Alysson is the bearer of the Imperator System - a series of augmentations to her physiology in the form of core structure, strength, movement speed, and central nervous system processes. Her ribcage, spine, and all other bones in her torso are made of solid, nearly unbreakable metal alloy, providing benefits similar to those of a steel plate cuirass. A series of articulated, flawlessly and tightly-overlapping steel plates runs along the center of her back, over her spine, with a width of 2 inches. Minute hydraullic pistons have been added to most of her articulations, as well as key support points of her skeletal structure, resulting in extremely resistant joints that provide faster movements and supreme structure and strength. The Imperator System can temporarily overcharge Alysson's hydraullic systems, resulting in greater responsiveness and sensitivity to nervous stimuli, and increased movement speed. (+2 SPD, 3 posts duration, 4 posts cooldown). Because of the Imperator System and these reinforcements in her body, Alysson is extremely heavy, weighing 500 lbs or 225 kg.

Predator's Reflexes (Passive/Active) 

Alysson's augmented nervous system allows her to process data at speeds equal to that of light itself, resulting in instantaneous reaction times, adaptability to random or sequential movements, and immediate understanding of combat scenarios, also removing the effects of feints, as she cannot flinch or be easily distracted given the removal of unvoluntary reactions. Her muscle memory bears great efficiency as well, allowing her to master movement patterns and stances after the first attempt, meaning she can perform feats that would require great skill and practice, without effort. Additionally, when this skill is activated, Alysson's central nervous system is temporarily driven beyond its limits, allowing her to perform every action in 1 turn with extreme reflexes and precision, as if the world around her moved in slow motion. Activation of this skill has a cooldown of 3 posts.

Electrical Overcharge 

The Imperator Mk. II can be overcharged with high electrical currents, resulting in a crimson field of electric arcs coursing along the tail. With this skill enabled, the Imperator deals 65 mA of electrical damage to anyone who comes in contact with it, which also results in energy bursts powerful enough to knock back objects weighing up to 80 kg. Additionally, should Alysson strike with the energy field enabled, bolts of electricity will be released in the direction of any enemies within an area of 5 meters, provided they are conductive. Enemies subjected to this electrical power will be stunned and have their actions interrupted for a single move. This skill also allows the Imperator to take no damage from Energy-based attacks as the energy field acts as a shield, allowing Alysson to deflect spells so long as they are within a 3 x 3 ft area and their force and momentum is countered with a swing. Blocking ENR-based attacks may also release electrical bolts towards the enemy. The energy field will lose its power after 3 strikes, and must be charged for 4 posts before it can be used again. Electrical Overcharge can only be used 5 times per battle.

Biological Battery 

The Imperator is capable of generating electrical currents with a minimum tension of 5 V and a maximum of 220 V. While there isn't enough amperage to damage living beings, it can be used to power electronics and provide energy to anything conductive.

Biomechanical Puppet 

The Imperator System is capable of overtaking the human body should it cease to function, for all hydraulic joints and mechanical upgrades within are connected to the artificial nervous system. Such upgrades have also resulted in a longer post-mortem life for the brain, where it continues to function three times longer than a normal human being's. Should Alysson be killed by a lethal injury or lose consciousness, the Imperator System and her subconscious will begin acting on their own, taking control of Alysson's limp, lifeless body as if it were a mindless machine or a puppet, driven by an unstoppable killing instinct. Alysson may continue fighting after death, although she will be unable to make rational choices, come up with strategies, or think about anything besides fighting and obliterating her opponent through violence and brute force, there is a high chance she will be unable to discern friend or foe, and she will not respond to any communication attempts. In this state, Alysson cannot be stopped by poisonous or toxic substances that would negatively affect a human being, although she may still take physical damage from them, especially if they directly attack her brain. This skill provides no other benefits, cannot be upgraded, and will remain active for the rest of the fight. Alysson will take damage at normal rates. The user may still be permanently stopped if her body is crippled beyond use, or if her spine or brain are destroyed, as they are the main processors of the Imperator System. Once this skill has activated, Alysson cannot be pulled from this state or revived. Death is a certainty; if she is not stopped, her brain will cease to functon on its own.

Special Items


A six-shot, double action, gas-sealed revolver rifle chambered in .416 Rigby, with a length of 120 cm and a 25 cm steel bayonet. Its blued frame is heavy and extremely sturdy, contrasting with its finely-grained wooden furniture. The trigger is fairly sensitive with the hammer at full cock, possessing very little creep before the action kicks in, which provides excellent accuracy. Faith is moon-clipped, and has an automatic extractor that acts when the cylinder fully deploys to the side. It quickly ejects the clip, allowing the user to reload at record speeds. Six moon clips are held on the outside of her waistbag, found on the left side of her hip.


A six-shot, double-action, top break revolver chambered in .45 long. It's 12 inches in total length, made of solid blued steel, with a wooden handle and brass rivets and accents. This revolver can be easily reloaded with the aid of full moon clips. The pistol is carried in a holster attached to Alysson's harness, concealed beneath her longcoat, under her arm.

Imperator System Mk. III  

This augmentation improves the functionality and integrity of the human body by replacing the spine, ribcage, and multiple other bones and structural points with metallic pieces to support the placement of an additional, mechanical limb to be freely controlled by the user. Said attachment comes in the form of a weaponized tail with variable length and unparalleled strength; paired with a total central nervous system replacement that enhances the user's adaptability and response time, the Imperator System turns man into a perfect combat machine.

The Imperator has a total length of eight meters; its minimum thickness is of four inches in diameter, increasing to six at the mace head's most massive point. This tail is composed of reinforced vertebrae between which are independently-moving joints that can twist, bend, or rotate the limb as the user wills. Their joint strength allows the Imperator to output thousands upon thousands of kg/f - enough strength to easily launch an object weighing up to 1.5 tons.

The mace is flanged, with multiple sharp sides and points, and a 20 cm square cross-sectioned needle designed for penetration. The head boasts an overall weight of 13kg, allowing devastating momentum on a full-length swing. Additionally, the needle can be used to inject a carefully-engineered venom meant to disrupt the magicks of a living being.

The Imperator provides a passive +5 STR. Its magick-inhibiting venom comes into effect nigh-instantly when in contact with a victim's blood, but has a duration of 1 post, and can be healed or cleansed. Three rounds are required before the venom can be excreted again.

Ballistic Facemask 

This resistant lightweight mask protects the wearer from physical trauma and noxious breathable particles. It can withstand impact energies of up to 1,679 J - equivalent to a 5.56mm round - and filter non-corrosive gaseous substances. Additionally, the mask possesses an internal supply of breathable tranquilizing solution, which can be released by turning a small valve. This non-addictive substance prevents the wearer from giving in to despair during difficult situations, thus keeping the Imperator System from overriding emotional functions.

Wrist-mounted Crossbow 

A tiny but highly potent mechanical crossbow mounted under her left wrist. It can hold a single bolt and requires the user to reload after firing, though it's fairly quick since it automatically tenses its string. The crossbow can retract and hide under her sleeve easily, and is surprisingly lightweight. It can use four different types of bolts that Alysson is equipped with.

Normal Bolt: A sharp bolt made of carbon fiber. It is the lightest and has greater velocity than the otheres. This bolt can easily pierce through flesh, bone, and light layers of armor.

Sleep Bolt: A bolt with a small vial containing a potent sleep serum that is injected on a victim upon piercing through their flesh. Fired on unsuspecting enemies, the effect will be instantaneous and they will be knocked out, suffering no damage. In combat, it'll take 2 posts for the serum to take effect, but this bolt can only be used on NPC's.

Explosive Bolt: A heavy bolt that explodes with the power of a hand grenade. Its damage is mostly incendiary and concussive, as it expells no fragments.

EMP Bolt: A bolt that delivers a powerful electromagnetic discharge upon striking its target. It can disable digital or electrical things with a single shot or shock enemies, interrupting their current action.


A set of two high-quality 14 cm (5.5'') karambit knives. They are held within sheathes on the sides of her torso, which are strapped to the aforementioned leather harness.

Custom-made Motorcycle 

A big and heavy, yet rather fast diesel-powered motorcycle with a twelve-in-line cylinder engine. It has a system that allows forces the engine to run on six cylinders for optimal fuel consumption, at the cost of speed. The motorcycle also comes with saddle bags that can store various goods, as well as a helmet for the user's safety. It can reach a top speed of 350 km/h in just five seconds.

Portable Shield Tech 

Copying the technology similar sulker tech but Mordecai has reengineered this device to deploy a shield that encompasses the user in green overshield, protecting the wearer from projectiles and melee weapons. absorbing at least 5 str or energy worth damage before requiring recharge of 2 posts. since the device is small, it can be used in various different objects to suit the user.

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