AP: 30

Crowns: 0

black bg.png

Strength:  0

Speed:  5

Defense:  5

Energy:  20


Name:  Alexander Galvus

Age:  16

Species:  Human

Height:  "5,6"

Appearance:  Alexander is a short and skinny teen. His messy black hair always gets in his face but is too short to tie back.

Apparel:  Alexander wears a button up shirt under his blue coat. The shirt is always tucked into his black pants that are held up by a leather belt. around his feet are boots that are made of copper. Cloth gloves protect his hands from the outside world.

Hometown:  Stone's Fall

Character Skills


The user can cause any number of objects within 20 feet to no longer be affected by gravity. If an object is a living creature, then the user must make physical contact with it before the effect takes place. The objects continues to levitate so long as the user is within 20 feet of them. Cost:1 ENR per object Duration:1 round if the object is living. If the object isn't living, the effect lasts until it leaves the area of effect."


The user causes an object to be frozen in time. Living creatures cannot be affected by this skill. The object keeps its momentum and can gain more if hit, but it does not move until the stasis wears off. Cost:2 ENR Duration:1 round Cool-down: 2 rounds


The user causes an object or creature they make physical contact with to be pushed away from them. The object or creature is shoved back 5 x ENR used feet. If this ability is used on something that is held in place or significantly heavier than the user, the user is flung away instead.


The user causes and object or creature they make physical contact with to become magnetic. Any metal object that is not being worn or carried within 20 feet of the target becomes attracted to the target. If there is a metal object that is held in place or significantly heavier than the target, the target moves towards it. Energy Cost: 2 Duration:1 round Cool-down: 2 rounds

Special Items

Jet boots 

This item allows the user to fly temporarily. While the boots are active, the user gains 5 speed. (In movement only.)

Fire gauntlet 

This item shoots a blast off fire from the palm that extends out 5 x ENR used feet. Any objects caught in the blast ignite into flames.

Portable hole 

This item is a five foot diameter circle of cloth. Placing this flat against an object thinner than ten feet causes a hole to appear in the object. The portable hole can be removed from either side and has a limited number of uses per day Uses: 3

Adamantine dagger 

This dagger can cut through almost any object cleanly when active. However when inactive it is a normal dagger Cost:1 ENR per turn active.

Stone's Fall is a small mining town located at the base of the mountain. The world Alexander is from is in the early industrial era. Magic is common and most people are born with inherent abilities. Whatever you aren't born with, you can learn through diligent study and practice. Alexander lives with his father and mother. His father is a copper smith, but ever since the industrial revolution started, he has been running out of work. Seeing this he started to invent machines combining his magic and skills as a copper smith. Once Alexander turned 12, he started to learn his father's trade. For the past four years he has been making inventions and trying to help his father keep his business afloat.