AP: 30

Crowns: 0


black bg.png

Strength:  5

Speed:  14

Defense:  4

Energy:  7


Name:  Akisame Kobayashi, "Fleeting Sight"

Age:  45, but physically looks 22

Species:  Humanoid Tanuki

Height:  5'5"

Appearance:  See character image.

Apparel:  Wears a coat, under clothes, pants, belt, scarf, and boots.


Character Skills


Being rather self explanatory, Akisame is able to shapeshift into anything of roughly equal size, whether that be another person or an object.

Illusory Magic 

Akisame is able to create visual and audial illusions that can effect multiple or just one person. This ability has a minimum cost of 1 ENR, subject to increase depending on illusion amount and intensity.


Akisame is able to create invisible barriers that can range from a wall to a sugarglass-like armor on her clothes. 1 ENR per barrier.

Autumn Leaves 

Akisame turns into a walking mass of leaves, phasing through attacks or, at the very least, mitigating its effects. Combined with invisible barriers, Akisame is able to turn into flame retardant leaves. Note: If you were somehow able to separate the leaves from the main mass, it would be likely be almost like removing parts of someone’s body. 1 ENR per use.


This ability in and of itself is teleportation, but it has a few applications.

Shukuchi, Technique 1 - Akisame disappears in a flash of maple leaves, and re-appears shortly after in the chosen location. 1 post cooldown.

Shukuchi, Technique 2 - Akisame raises her tanto into the air, and a cruel bell sounds in the air. Slashing her dagger at the air, Akisame teleports in front of her target while the slash is still being swung, allowing for a hit to be put in. Only works for 5 turns (including the enemy's), and once predicted can be blocked.

Shukuchi, Technique 3 [Maim] - Akisame tosses her Tanto in the air and grabs it, performing a horizontal slash with a crimson red trail behind it- upon hit, the target is slashed multiple times and Akisame is teleported behind the target.


When dead or otherwise incapacitated, Akisame is brought back from the brink, a red ball forming where she was lying- knocking back and igniting anything within a 5 foot vicinity. Resurrection heals all physical injuries, and agility is activated when resurrection takes place, but Akisame still has the same amount of energy she had shortly before she was killed.

Shadow rush 

Has two variants. See below. Aerial shadow rush - Only able to be used after using a grapple on a surface, person, or hitting their grounded shadow rush. When using the aerial version of shadow rush, Akisame is sent downwards quickly, dealing damage to those in her path. Grounded shadow rush - Using shadow rush when on the ground will result in Akisame dashing toward her enemy at a high speed with her Tanto infront of her. Hitting an enemy sends her flying into the air, allowing for another attack with the aerial shadow rush.

Skill 8:

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Special Items

Grapple hook w/ mana enhanced winch 

Being enhanced with mana, the ascension winch is incredibly fast- allowing for people it is latched onto to be pulled up into the air with her.

Item 2:

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Item 3:

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Danzaburou-Danuki, being a trickster yokai, shapeshifted into a human man. He met a young woman, and after a few months, had sex with her- the trickster god leaving her shortly after. After 9 months, she gave birth to Akisame- the half human, half tanuki demigod.

When she was around 30, her village was assessed by one of the Shogun’s men due to an incoming invasion- for whatever reason, the man decided that the village was not worth defending. It was a massacre, with only her and a handful of others escaping- however, during her escape, she had her arm cut off by one of the invading troops.

Beyond this, she worked as a one-armed rice farmer- envying the days where she would be like her father, playing simple pranks on the local townsfolk.

When she turned 35, a mysterious figure approached her, giving her an offer: work for them, and they would give her the information on the man who decided that the village was not worth protecting. This vague offer lured her into a contract with them, and she was given a robotic prosthetic arm.

She went on to murder the man who had given up the village- however, at the cost of revenge, she had been lured into a no-pay contract with an assassination organization.

Begrudgingly she went on to work for the organization for 10 years- snuffing out so many lives… and for what?

Though, there was a silver lining- she was brought into the world of Solace, essentially cutting her off from the organization. This is where her story really begins.