AP: 42

Crowns: 2248

black bg.png

Strength:  0

Speed:  7

Defense:  5

Energy:  30


Name:  Adeline Lennox

Age:  17

Species:  Human (?)

Height:  5'0

Appearance:  Short and petite, Adeline is anything but an imposing figure. A cute face and blue eyes that can travel the entirety of that shade spectrum lie partially hidden behind shoulder length platinum hair. Though partially obscured, her eyesight does not seem to be affected at all. Adeline is still relatively young, and though she lacks experience she more than makes up for it with a terrifying ability and willingness to learn. Her demeanor is generally neutral and not overly boisterous, but she has a good heart and can get flustered easily if embarrassed.

Apparel:  Operational: The standard-issue black uniform of the Venesian military, it is practical and resistant to the elements, composed of a long-sleeved closed jacket with two pockets on the chest area and two at the bottom, cargo pants and boots.

Formal(Military): Venesian uniform, Mage Division markings. A black coat with a white button down T-shirt and black tie (Which Adeline always fails to follow, instead putting her own ties on.) And a black skirt ending a few inches above the knee. Generally goes with short black heels and hose, and a black trench coat may be used during inclement weather.

Favorite: A black dress with corset buckles in the front and long straps that cross in the back. Underneath is a white long sleeve button up shirt with a poofy neckline bow tie, black stockings and comfy shoes.

Hometown:  Ridule

Character Skills

Nihila - [Variable ENR] 

A boundless energy pulled from the fabric of space/time itself, Nihila appears as a black void surrounded by a dark red outline. This dark matter is instinctually known to Adeline and her kind as Nihila. Adeline pulls and forms this energy into simple shapes such as spikes, spheres and crescents. Nihila naturally is devoid of friction and is not affected by gravity, giving Adeline the ability to throw the energy as far as her eye can see. Matter touching the cutting edge of a shape is severed instantly, without regard to size, material or density. -1 ENR to summon a sphere 30cm in circumference, which can then be formed into whatever simple shape she desires. Defenses must exceed the ENR input of her attack.


[Variable ENR] Adeline's control over her power is more instinct than ability at the moment, Ozma coming into being as a reflex rather than a utilized ability. When Adeline is in imminent danger from any direction, Ozma will activate and utilize Nihila to create a shield of energy. This barrier can only be utilized once per post, and the input inside combat can be used up to 15ENR to block multiple types of attacks. Since Nihila can not be consumed or eroded, any magic of this type will be bonded with and dispelled out of existence as long as the ENR strength of the barrier is greater than that of the attack.


[-2 ENR] Adeline focuses Nihila into a circle with a 4 meter circumference and a depth if 30cm. She can press and mold this circle onto any inorganic compound of any size that does not exceed prior specifications. Once the circle is placed, Adeline bonds Nihila with the material and subtracts it from existence, creating a hole of empty space where the material once was. An added effect is that air suddenly swoops in to fill the vacuum left, and anyone caught within 3 meters of Subtra's activation will be sucked forward at an alarming speed. The circle can be manipulated to many sizes and angles, but circumference and depth adjust according to each other; the deeper the circle, the smaller the circumference and vice-versa.


[Passive] Adeline's connection to Nihila, coupled with Nihila making up an estimated 70% of matter in the universe gives her not only a boundless source of energy, but the saturation of this energy allows Adeline to passively draw energy in from her environment for her use. +2 ENR per post.

Special Items


A sentient concentration of Nihila that allows Adeline to read, speak and comprehend any language she comes across, now matter how exotic or otherworldly. Any effects of speaking a language with curses or malicious power behind it is nullified and will not affect her. Any comrades around do not have the same protections, however. Rosetta is located somewhere inside Adeline's head.


A small blue cube 5cm in size as its normal form, Grantham functions as an information source. Normally kept in the form of a smart phone, this artefact allows Adeline to pull forth information about countless subjects due to its nature as a Nihila artefact. Since Nihila permeates the fabric of reality, Grantham does not need an internet connection to find information, and can even call cell phones and other communication devices even if they have no network connection. Grantham does have a mind of his own, but rarely speaks or moves.


A necklace worn by Adeline in the shape of a key, Motus allows Adeline to travel to any place she has previously been to, no matter where she is in time and space. Can only be utilized three times a day for one round trip a piece.


A bracelet worn on Adeline's right arm. Ozma activates when the external environment is unsuited to Adeline's survival. Underwater, inside of a star, the vacuum of space, Adeline is fully protected from environmental hazards inside of Ozma's shell. If used during combat, Ozma requires 15 ENR to summon, and lasts for 2 posts.