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Strength:  0

Speed:  0

Defense:  0

Energy:  0



Character Skills


Syndicate can exude fumes from his body. most noticably his mouth, but he can produce them from his bare skin as well. the fumes are flammable and tinted green, barely visible. The gas is capable of picking up objects and choking living targets, however, is extremely slow when moving large clouds, alternatively smaller wisps move faster. Also, the gas has a powerful stench, allowing anyone to detect the gas a few seconds before it strikes. THe stench causes those in it to feel as if they are surrounded by corpses. he can cause he gas to take up an area, creating a 10 by 10 by 5 cube that makes it hard to breathe for anyone in the cube for 1 energy, or create individual columns of gas that have no cost. Syndicate is immune to the stench and choking abilities of his gas

Sacred Lotus 

For one post, Syn can increase his Strength or energy stat so that it is even with his speed stat. The changes are instantaneous and can be used to give a devastating blow or quickly block an energy attack. The ability can be used once per combat.


By pointing and melding with the shadows, Syn can teleport short distances, disappearing in the dark and appearing as a blur in the light. For one energy, he can teleport to a spot of his choosing that collides with an object that is within sight(meaning he cant teleport in the middle of the air). When Syn starts in the area of a shadow or ends in the area of a shadow larger than himself, the teleportation is instant. In areas that lack said shadows, he moves at his base speed in a straight line, but appears as a blur that makes it difficult to track or hit him.

Spider Lily 

Syn was reanimated as a corpse with extreme magic. He can no longer permanent die and gains several benefits to being undead. Biological harm that includes disease, pressure points, nervous system etc does not affect him, nor does he need food, water, or air to survive. Because of being reanimated, Syn's body does not have organs, so he is incredibly light, which also means he can fight no matter how badly his body gets beaten up. He does, however, have a magic circle over where his heart would be. Striking at the heart can momentarily stun him, and attacking with holy magic can erase his body.

Bird of Paradise 

The heat of battle only sharpens his instincts, allowing him to move faster every second he's in danger. During combat, Syn gains a passive +1 buff to his speed for every post he remains within 5 feet of at least one opponent. The buff stacks up to 5 times and lasts as long as he stays within 5 feet of an enemy or until he gets hit with an attack, in which case the counter resets to 0.

Night Blooming Cereus 

A two part ability that lets him disappear in the middle of combat. Out of Sight triggers when Syn leaves target field of view(fov). He cloaks himself in shadows and becomes incredibly difficult to detect, invisible and silent. If there are multiple targets, he must be out of fov for all targets.. If he is the only combatant against many, then the second part triggers without an energy cost. Out of Mind can happen any time he exits fov and becomes cloaked in shadows. He can choose to exit stealth to teleport and make a sneak attack against all affected enemies, starting with the closest and ending with the farthest. Out of Sight lasts for 4 posts, or until his is discovered, and Out of Mind consumes 2 energy +1 for every enemy combatant involved.

Special Items

Morning Glory 

A rough set of bandages covers Syns entire body, which doubles as defense and offense. Defensively, the bandages make it tougher for physical weapons to harm his body as long as they are wrapped around him, but are vulnerable to fire and attacks when used offensively. The bandages can be shot out, to a max of 20 feet, ensnaring foes that it comes into contact with, or trapping a 10 by 10 area that binds anything that comes into contact. In this form, the bandages are susceptible to attacks, and to much tearing will cause then to become unusable. The bandages can also be freely controlled to grab things or whipped to attack, even be manipulated to form extra appendages. The bandages can form either two extra pairs of arms, or one larger set of arms. The bandages in this form are resistant to attack since they are condensed together, but cannot be used defensively until retracted back to Syn.


An inorganic life form that can morph into different articles of clothing. It appears as a large bulge that can extend out of its current form, biting at anything within 5 feet of Syn. It may also assume a combat form in the shape of a heavy muscular and lightweight body, featuring a torso, arms, and an useless head. In combat form, it possesses the stats 15 strength and 15 speed with zero defense and energy. Both the bulge and its combat form can appear anywhere on Syn that it covers as clothing, and is unaffected by debugging effects that target only Syn, but share buffs Syn receive from himself or outside sources.


Clockwork cogs that float around Syns body and can produce green flames similar to Greek fire. The cogs present two different modes. In skyline mode, the cogs fly near syn's ankles, letting him hover over vertical and horizontal surfaces, as well as float for a couple seconds in the air. The cogs are wreathed in fire, and can be used to augment kicks, setting targets on fire and slicing with the discs. In landline mode, The cogs hover around the back of Syn's palms, and cannot produce fire. Instead they can be used as a buckler like shield or thrown out like a frisbee, cutting through soft objects and slamming into targets. The cogs won't get stuck however, and will continue to spin even if lodged into an opponent, potentially dealing more damage if it isnt removed