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Operative "Panic" was born as Jean Guerriere Johansson to an average family living in the southern regions of Tiberia, up in the snowy mountains below Venes. She was an ill-mannered child whose parents were confounded, always trying to think of ways to raise her properly. Every other day or so, Jean would throw massive tantrums, usually ending in a torn up living room or bedroom, often times even threatening her family with a kitchen knife. Other times, she'd feel as though there was something wrong with her, and that it would be better off if nobody had to take care of her. With great concern, Jean's parents tried to nurture their child by bringing home a cat, which was quickly killed during one of Jean's episodes. Attempts to keep Jean in check escalated until she was brought to a psychiatrist and diagnosed with an odd case of bipolar disorder, as usually, people with bipolar disorder don't act that strongly on any aggressive thoughts they have. Immediately, Jean was subscribed different arrays of medication in the hopes that her mental illness could be repressed. Eventually, the symptoms did subside, and her family could breathe freely. One day, when Jean was 17 years old and just days away from her 18th birthday, she woke up from her sleep to realize that she had just smashed the living room television apart, and came across her mother, crying to herself in the bathtub. Jean's father wasn't home since he was on a business trip, and so Mrs. Johansson and her daughter were all alone in their home to sort out the matter. See, sometimes, mental disorders don't come from nowhere; Jean's mother was bipolar herself, and it was likely that her illness was passed on to her offspring. Therefore, what came out of the meeting in the bathroom was a one sided fight which ended up with Jean being drowned in the bathtub. Her instincts kicked in, and she managed to claw her way out of getting brain damaged. Her mother cried again, and when her dad came home, they insisted on sending Jean to the army to see if it would fix her. Whose fault was it? One could very easily argue that Jean's mother had no excuse to resort to violence, which is completely true. However, Mrs. Johansson never asked to have a daughter like this, and she had to take care of herself with her own illness as well. Eventually, all the stress with taking care of Jean built up, and it pushed her to the extreme. Despite what Jean believes today, her mother never intended for Jean to get truly hurt. Unfortunately, even after Jean joined the army at the age of 18, her psychological condition became largely worse after her relapse and fight with her mother. Whenever she went through another manic episode, she would feel as if she was drowning in black fluid. Whenever she fell into a depressive episode, she found it harder and harder for herself to not take her own life. "It wouldn't matter if I wasn't here anymore," she'd think to herself. "It would feel right if I wasn't here right now." For better or for worse, she was assigned to a sector of military police which dealt in the subjugation of major criminals. It was there where she established a new identity, eventually naming herself as "Panic" and living the life of someone who killed for the greater good. She even had a helmet customized to shoot oxygen into her face to help alleviate the sensory hallucinations of drowning that she experienced - she almost never removed this piece of equipment from her body - and she had a prototype augmentation injected into her system, allowing her to become absolutely invisible in order to sneak up on her targets more easily. Her peers took notice of her severely deteriorating mental health and eventually, she was taken out of service in order to be treated for her disorders. This would have an extremely negative effect on Panic as she was taken out of the environment which kept her on the edge of stability, and eventually led to the murder of her own doctor during a particularly terrible manic episode. As she fled from the squadron she was once a part of, Panic would get picked up by the Black Diamond, who got wind of the situation in the military, before being placed in Helen Fueller's unit for a particular reason: due to Fueller's abilities, Panic's episodes could be temporarily controlled, turning her from a liability into a slightly unstable asset. To this day, she works for Fueller out of loyalty as well as the comfort of finally being able to experience a more normal life. Thanks to the Black Diamond's connections, Panic's ties to Venes' military have been wiped away.